Who are the most influential Lawyers in Spain



Who are the most influential Lawyers in Spain

Next we are going to give you, “our relationship” to know, WHO ARE THE MOST INFLUENTIAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN. Maybe if you do an internet search you can find a different list of WHO ARE THE MOST INFLUENTIAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN, but our list will surely be more useful to you. And it will be more useful to you, since perhaps you are looking for advice on “how to choose a good criminal lawyer” or civil lawyer, and therefore, you are not interested in knowing whether this and that lawyer presides over a prestigious American law firm based in Madrid or if, on the contrary, another of the most influential lawyers in Spain has left a prestigious board of directors. You really want to know how to choose a good lawyer, TRUE?. Well, that's where we are.

Who are the most influential Lawyers in Spain
Who are the most influential Lawyers in Spain

For us the most influential lawyers in Spain, are the ones who win trials against all odds. Those who are there, “in the ointment” of the trials. Those who top the rankings of the best lawyers in Spain. Those are, WHO ARE THE MOST INFLUENTIAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN

Today we are going to focus on two specific specialties, perhaps the most in demand by the general public, which are: family law and criminal law. Within the first specialty, (family and divorce), the ZARRALUQUI firm stands out, while for the second specialty, criminal law, JAVIER and Manuel Rincon Bernal, directors of RINBER ABOGADOS, are nationally prominent. These examples that we present to you, yes THEY ARE THE MOST INFLUENTIAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN. These do make the difference between losing or winning a trial.

Then, logically, without discrediting anyone, we can actually refer to WHO ARE THE MOST INFLUENTIAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN, from a point of view, let's say political, social, economic. At the business, company, etc. level. But this reality, these lawyers, are far from what a citizen searches for on the internet. 

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Ranking of the most influential Lawyers in Spain

The ranking of these lawyers, allow us, far from the robe and the courts, but who, effectively, in the aspects referred to above, can be considered as THE MOST INFLUENTIAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN, we could find: 

1- Fernando Vives.

He has presided over Garrigues since 2009. Specialized in the capital markets and financial services industry. 

2- Luis de Carlos.

He has been managing partner of Uría Menéndez since November 2005, a law firm where he has worked since 1983. 

3- Emilio Cuatrecasas.

Specialized in complex transactions, Gonçalves Pereira presides over the Cuatrecasas firm. 

4- Javier Cremades.

President of Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo. 

5- Manuel Pizarro,

President of Baker & McKenzie. 

6- Miquel Roca.

After almost 20 years in politics, in 1996 he founded the Roca Junyent firm, specialized in legal advice. 

7- Gonzalo Ulloa.

President of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo. 

8- Pedro Pérez-Llorca,

Managing partner of Pérez-Llorca. 

9- Julián Martínez Simancas.

Secretary of the Board of Iberdrola. 

10- Javier García de Enterría,

Partner at Clifford Chance.

This is what we stated before. If you have a legal problem, none of the above is the lawyer profile that you. You need, unless you have a matter involving many millions of euros, and the same portfolio to cover their professional fees. A real outrage. 


If what you need is one of THE MOST INFLUENTIAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN, the first thing you have to do is search by specialty. We have given you two examples, (Family, which would be the Zarraluqui office) and (criminal, where without a doubt, they stand out as the best criminal lawyers in Spain, JAVIER AND MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL), directors of rinber Abogados. But you have to search for your specific specialty. 

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