What are the most common crimes in Spain?


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What are the Most Common Crimes in Spain?

Crime exists in every country, but in Spain What exactly are the crimes more common? According to each survey that we look at, we can find differences between all the crimes that occur in Spanish territory.

In order to help prevent future crimes and to prove that the authorities are doing their job, the most important thing is to know about those crimes. Thus, having a broad perspective and being able to make the corresponding complaints in case you know about a criminal activity.

In this article we will tell you in detail each one of them. the most common crimes you can find in Spain. So stay until the end of this article that promises to give you all the information you want and need to know for your day to day.

What are the most common crimes in Spain?
What are the most common crimes in Spain?

The most common crimes in Spain

When we talk about crimes, perhaps much more serious crimes like homicide come to mind. But we can safely say that although unfortunately there are cases, They are not the most common in the Spanish community.

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But that does not mean that there are other crimes with which the authorities have constantly had to deal. According to government statistics provided by the Ministry of the Interior in Spain, we can highlight that the crime rate has been declining.

Which makes the Spanish very happy, but knowing that there is a long way to go to completely eradicate the evil of crime. Por 10 years in a row the crime rate has decreased and it has to be kept exactly that way until it is eradicated.

Among the most common crimes in Spain We can highlight the cases of theft, which are quite common in the territory. This also followed damage to property or objects which are usual crimes in Spain.

The thing is in terms of crime, in Spain they are more common crimes that attack objects and not so much against people. Which, despite the fact that it is unfortunate, has been considered a great step towards ending terrible crimes.

Other common crimes are trafficking or possession of harmful chemical substances also known as drugs. It is then that below this we can find some homicides that each year are reduced and the culprits are brought to justice.

The cities where more crimes occur in Spain

Usually the most common crimes in Spain They can be seen in certain cities as well as in the most dangerous neighborhoods. Therefore, it is necessary to disclose the information and thus prevent foreseeable crimes from occurring.

It is not only to reveal where exactly the most common crimes occur, but to analyze this information in detail. This is always linked to internal factors that exist in certain regions.

We will be able to qualify the cities based on the infraction committed, Since not all cities are the same crimes. Each crime is usual in a specific territory if we then compare it with another.

By this we mean that if in a the most common crime is theft in another city it could be drug trafficking. Another aspect that can influence these more common crimes is that they are normally carried out against tourists.

Taking this as a preamble we can talk about the map prepared by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior. Who affirms that the cities where crimes are more common They are in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Malaga.

How to prevent habitual crimes in Spain?

Achieving successful prevention of habitual crimes is the main function that the State has for its citizens. Note that we use the word state and not government, because fighting crime is a matter for all members of society.

Yeah, the biggest burden of preventing these common crimes is always on the authorities governmental. But if you see something that threatens someone's physical integrity or that they are stripped of their belongings, you must be part of the solution, not the problem.

Only by making the corresponding reports can we get to a place where these habitual crimes become less common. But prevention also exists in different ways, removing crime is at the same time offering opportunities.

By this we mean that the State has a great responsibility in providing education and strengthening it. The progress that Spain has experienced in terms of education is the greatest resource that one has to avoid delinquency as a normal activity.

Changes in the sensitivity and education of people will help to eliminate these habitual crimes. In addition to passing on to society being of benefit, creating more professional stability in the Spanish territory.

Prevention is one of the most useful methods that the government has to eradicate crime from the root. This instilling the true Spanish citizen principles along with having firm authorities that punish crime.

Comparisons between the most common crimes.

As we mentioned before, each region must be studied as a separate case, since the crimes are changing. Measures that work perfectly in one may not work as well in other regions.

You must also remember that the laws have also been strengthened with penalties that actually prevent people from committing the crime. This as an effort by State institutions to do their part against the most common crimes in Spain.

Fostering home values It is also essential to prevent future criminals from being created who threaten public peace. Similarly, it has gotten the youngsters on good feet not only in terms of education but in recreational activities.

Whether it is art or sport, promoting this type of activity is always It will mean that in the future the usual crimes currently disappear. But the first thing that needs to be done is for all of Spanish society to take the definitive step to eradicate crime.

This will only be achieved after the union of people as well as the correct formation of the youth of tomorrow.

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