Where Can I Find a Good Lawyer?


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Suddenly, a legal problem arises. The burdens and questions arrive such as, Where can I find a good lawyer?, How can I identify a good lawyer?, How can I choose a good lawyer?, How can I find a good lawyer?, How to recognize a good lawyer?, What qualities should a good lawyer have?, What does a good lawyer have to have? they assault our heads. Don't worry, we are going to give you the guidelines to get a good lawyer. 

We are going to transfer the previous questions to two of the BEST CRIMINALS IN THE COUNTRY, Javier and Manuel Rincón Bernal, directors of RINBER LAWYERS

Where Can I Find a Good Lawyer

Where can I find a good lawyer? 

The Internet is a good place to find a good lawyer and also to research the choice of that lawyer. Google does not deceive and allows us to obtain a lot of information about it. The first thing you can do to find a good lawyer is to search by specialty. If the issue that concerns you is civil, you should seek an attorney who is an expert in civil law. If it is criminal, look for a criminal lawyer.

Once you have carried out a search in that sense, you should look for what is called a “micro specialization”, for example, the RINCÓN brothers, criminal lawyers, directors of RINBER ABOGADOS, tell us, it is not the same as looking for an expert family lawyer. in divorces that a criminal lawyer specializing in the filing of a appeal before the supreme court.

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Notice how, we have already gone, more and more specific; From looking for a lawyer, we have gone on to look for a criminal lawyer, to finally try to find a criminal lawyer specializing in resources of cassation before the supreme court. The cause changes a lot. Despite the above, the RINCÓN brothers tell us, once the lawyer is found, it is reasonable to seek his comments on the matter and a personal interview, at least by telephone. 

How can I identify a good lawyer? 

You can see the good lawyer coming. The good lawyer does not accept just any case. The good lawyer does not handle all types of matters. The good lawyer only handles matters that he knows about, and that he knows he will win. The good lawyer is not reckless, and if he has to take away the desire to litigate, he will take it away. The good lawyer knows perfectly well where the limits are and does not need to consult questions, of which he says he is a specialist. Find out before visiting each lawyer, before meeting with him. 

How can I choose a good lawyer?

Looking for very specific qualities in it. First of all, it is about finding a specialist in the specific subject you need. Covering all subjects is impossible. Not difficult. Impossible. Our interviewees today, the RINCON brothers, are specialists in criminal law, and they tell us that they dedicate many hours to the specific study of this specific subject, to always be up to date.

It is impossible to master more than one subject, with solvency. There is also someone who is a bit of a “nit master, knows everything and understands nothing,” as the Spanish proverb says. Therefore, specialization is essential.  

Where Can I Find a Good Lawyer

How can I find a good lawyer?

The Internet is a world of possibilities when it comes to finding the lawyer we need for our specific case. The best advice we can give you to answer this question is to tell you to look for a lawyer who is a specialist, specifically, in the matter you need.

For example, not all criminal lawyers are specialists in processing an appeal to the supreme court, nor are all civil lawyers specialists in family law. Each lawyer “should” be specialized in specific areas of law, in order to be able to provide quality service to their clients. This is why we insist on finding the specialist in the specific subject you are looking for.  

How to recognize a good lawyer? 

You can see a good lawyer. You can see him from afar.  

What qualities should a good lawyer have? 

Knowledge of the law. Study. Persistence. Thirst for victory. Capacity to overcome. These are the qualities that these great criminal lawyers consider, which must be what a good lawyer must have. 

What does a good lawyer have to have?

A good lawyer has to have an amalgamation of elements to become a successful professional. It is not a single quality, but the conjunction of several of them. First of all, you must love your profession. Everyone who loves their profession ends up doing well in it. This is basic. Then he must have a desire to know more about the law, and an insatiable thirst for victory. These are the essential elements that a good lawyer must have in the opinion of the Rincón brothers. 


The lawyer's good reputation is built day by day. Every year. Case by case. Client to client. According to MANUEL RINCÓN, criminal lawyer, even in some cases, where things have not gone as well as we expected, good work, having given “everything” in the defense of the matter, is rewarded and recognized by the client. . JAVIER RINCÓN, director of RINBER ABOGADOS, states that even in these cases, he has received congratulations from the client, because he has been aware that we have given the 120% of our effort, but of course, there are external elements that one cannot handle.

In the end, the essence is to give your all and if things don't work out (they didn't have to work out), to be left with the feeling of having fulfilled your duty. We are, (MANUEL and JAVIER RINCÓN say), very LUCKY, because of the GOOD FAME, which we have thanks to our clients. Only and as proof of the above, you have to go to the FACEBOOK page or the GOOGLE page, to see the incredible amount of positive comments that these brothers have from clients who are grateful for the work done. They are national leaders as criminal lawyers. 

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