When do you need a criminal lawyer?


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The person facing a complaint or investigation for crimes serious is when you need a criminal lawyer. This legal professional is responsible for advising and assisting people facing criminal accusations. 

The criminal lawyer has the function of defending to any of the parties involved in a criminal proceeding. This professional may need it to accuse someone of having committed a crime or to defend you if you are accused of having committed a crime.

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When do you need a criminal lawyer?

Why request the services of a criminal lawyer?

The services of a criminal lawyer You should request them if you face charges classified by law as serious crimes. Some people also request their services when they face charges for minor crimes because it gives them greater security. 

These professionals are trained to advise people facing criminal charges. They help them understand what crimes they are accused of and determine what is the best strategy for the defense or accusation.

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To obtain good results in a criminal procedure it is necessary to hire the services of a legal professional. specialized in criminal law. This provides them with advice and represents them throughout the entire judicial process, and also defends their interests and rights. 

Criminal lawyers work on the defense of any of the parties involved in a criminal procedure. All people facing criminal charges or need to pursue criminal action should contact a criminal defense attorney with experience in the field. judicial system

Role of the criminal lawyer

The role of the criminal lawyer when hired by a person who has committed a crime or has been accused of committing it is to demonstrate innocence. To do this you must prepare all the arguments and information necessary to prove that person's innocence before a judge.

When the person is guilty, this professional must ensure that he receives the right sanction or penalty.

The role of the criminal lawyer when hired by the victim of a crime is to provide advice. To determine if it is necessary to initiate a legal process and file a complaint. 

What are the crimes that a criminal lawyer deals with?

In the branch of criminal law there are different types of crimes, which a lawyer specialized in the area can defend. If you are a victim or accused of one of the following crimes, you should seek the advice of a criminal lawyer:

Economic crimes

These types of crimes include theft, damage, scam, falsehoods, theft, work crimes. 

Against road safety

These types of crimes are those related to vehicles such as reckless driving, driving without a license. Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, speeding, among others.

Crime against people

In this type of crime there are different infractions, including threats, coercion, breaking and entering, injuries, insults, slander.

Corporate and business crimes

These are the infractions that are committed within the business environment, such as tax offense, unfair administration. There is also the money laundering, crimes against intellectual and industrial property, among others.

Crimes against sexual liberty and indemnity

In this type of crimes, the sexual freedom of persons, such as rape, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, child pornography, among many others.

Crimes against public administration

 These are infractions that are committed against the administration, among them are: concealment, breach, electoral crime, false testimony, false complaint.

Safety and public health

These crimes are related to attacking the public health of a society, such as resistance to authority and drug traffic.

Traffic accidents

Criminal lawyers can participate in the claim of a compensation for material and personal damages caused in a traffic accident.

Reckless crimes

These crimes are caused due to conduct or reckless action, usually arise from negligence or omission of duty.

What characteristics should a criminal lawyer have?

When you need the services of a criminal lawyer Whether for an accusation or for the defense, it must meet certain characteristics. This professional must have good knowledge of the Constitution, criminal law and criminal procedures.

But it must also have the honesty and bravery enough to advise their clients in making difficult decisions. You have to be deeply realistic, as accurate as possible in your forecasts so that your client can make the most favorable decision. 

The lawyer must have sufficient time to dedicate to investigating the facts and evidence related to the crime where his client is an accused or victim. These professionals have skills to face the mission of defend the rights and interests of citizens and organizations. 

He good criminal lawyer always always acts under the code of ethics of the profession and in accordance with its moral principles. This is with the intention that their practice is fully developed for the well-being of their clients.

What services does a criminal lawyer offer?

He criminal lawyer makes a series of services available to its clients, among them are the following: 

Advice to establish defense strategies

This professional provides advice to help you decide which are the best defense strategies and if it is possible to negotiate with the Public Prosecutor's Office. 

Present an adequate defense

When there is no guilty plea, the case will most likely go to trial. For this situation, the criminal lawyer must present the accused's version of the events that occurred to the jury and the court.

During the judicial procedure, the lawyer must know the laws perfectly and regulations that regulate the process. But you must also know how to interpret the law and how to apply it in the case at hand. 

Appeal to the sentence

The possibility of appeal sanctions or penalties imposed, this requires a deep knowledge of the appeals processes. But criminal lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to begin the appeal process. 

Comprehensive advice and personalized attention 

These professionals offer this service to their clients because they handle confidential information and they understand that each case is different. The cases require in-depth analysis to design appropriate defense strategies.

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