What is gender violence?


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gender violence is any conduct that threatens or physically or psychologically harms a sex other than the aggressor. We already forget the traditional point of only representing it as attacks by men towards women, it also represents vice versa, however, the main factor is aggression towards women.

Gender-based violence is a sensitive issue in which clear decisions must be made that take effect under the assistance of a gender violence lawyer. The laws on these situations generate fair decisions for any individual without discrimination based on their sex. In Spain, by 2018 there were almost 200,000 complaints of gender violence per year. 

This happens despite the existence of a law that regulates and penalizes crimes of gender violence, called Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence. 

What summarizes the comprehensive protection measures against gender violence?

This law considers these crimes as a clear manifestation of discrimination, imposing inequality and a sense of power of men over the female sex. It should be noted that the violence could be physical or psychological, as threats to the normal freedoms of a human being.

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Although there is no specific reason to explain why, but without taking into account facts such as: Sexual assaults, or murders of children of the marriage, thousands of women have been murdered since 2003, 2 years after the creation of these measures. However, this wave of violence has had a low in the last decade.

What is gender violence?
What is gender violence?

Is gender violence combated in Spain through the laws?

Yes, the truth has been shown that it is not an issue that goes unnoticed. The amount of debate and enactment of laws is highly admirable. A point in favor for the fight against discrimination.

As of 2015, the word gender has been included as a reason for discrimination in the organic law, modifying the domestic violence and gender to more people who deserve support in this regard. It is made very clear in this law that it will not be necessary for the victim makes a complaint to execute the full weight of these measures on the aggressor. This is supposed to have been created by many instances of silence in the past.

Everything possible is being done in Spanish justice to have everything in balance for not be used maliciously. At this time, no type of infraction regarding gender and/or domestic violence is forgiven.

Where can I report gender violence in Spain?

It is simpler and more accessible than many would think. The truth, almost 70% of the cases of impunity are due to the silence of the victim. 

Despite the unconditional support given to victims of gender violence, not to ignore abuses should be enacted, especially in front of the legal organisms that will defend you.

On the page of the Spanish Civil Guard, you can get assistance on when and how to act in each of the cases of gender violence. Its numbers and the steps to follow are clear and explicit.

Please do not promote silence, it is instructed that you must call the number of the civil guard, communicate it and present the formal complaint in the dependencies. If you need the assistance of a lawyer expert in gender violence in Spain, you are in the right place. 

What are the most common crimes in gender violence?

Crimes can vary depending on their nature, be it physical, privacy, or psychological aggression.

Regarding privacy

This is a very common occurrence. For example, when compromising information, multimedia content, sensitive photos, among other things, is extracted and shared. 

The person who commits this act can be sentenced from three months to a year, as well as fines to compensate the damages.

With respect to threats

Let's do it in order, let's go first for psychological violence, threats: This law clearly states that if someone threatens his wife, spouse, or any woman who is affectively linked to him, he could be imprisoned for up to 1 year. How also, he could culminate his sentence with community work.

With respect to injuries

When we talk about minor injuries, any person who assaults a woman could have a sentence of up to 1 year. Penalties may vary depending on the level of injury, as well as whether a minor is present or if there is damage to any property. 

With respect to coercion

Whoever coerces whoever was his wife or spouse could carry a penalty of six months to a year. All these penalties explained in the three paragraphs, may also be increased if the crime has been committed at the victim's home, the common home, without repeating the minors explained a few lines above.

Regarding the torture

Any person who performs any act of violence, or torture, whether physical or mental, on his wife or any individual related to her at home, whether he is a minor or a disabled person, family member, convenient (among others), may have a sentence of at least 6 months to three years. 

These penalties could vary depending on the seriousness of the crime, the circumstances, the witnesses and the place, as well as all the crimes that include these measures against gender violence.

We can note that there is a wide variety that is covering classic situations such as harassment, disclosure of sensitive photos, threats, beatings and even torture.

Gender violence at work

We have left this topic last, but it is not the least important. We can note that workplace gender violence is the lowest discriminatory abuse of power that can exist. It starts with emotional abuse and can end in serious problems like bullying, bullying, physical assaults and other problems.

For those people who are victims, we recommend that evidence or witnesses be collected in the work area to support your reasons for making a complaint.

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