What do we do

The blog LEGAL INFORMATION is a space with varied legal themes related to the different criminal spheres of the legal sector, where articles related to criminal law are exposed and developed, both in its private and business aspects, as well as areas of law of new information technologies . For these purposes, we have the legal advice of top-level Criminal Lawyers so that the published evaluations are top-level.

The blog articles come from the Lawyers who selflessly contribute their assessment regardless of their professional activity, from the most absolute anonymity, they actively collaborate with the development of the blog LEGAL INFORMATION.

Our professionals remain attentive to the reality that surrounds us, to the Jurisprudence and its evolutions, however small they may be. Adapting immediately to changes, with the sole objective of achieving effective criminal information for our readers and followers.

LEGAL INFORMATION is a public criminal legal information service with its own identity represented by our values and principles that apply to the articles posted on the blog.

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We have a wide network of collaborating lawyers in all Spain.

Our diversification in the human group of the highest level that makes us up, allows us to offer our readers and followers comprehensive and perfectly coordinated criminal information for any alleged criminal offense, and for all legal matters within the criminal sphere.

Guaranteed the independence of LEGAL INFORMATION, our situation allows us to work in a coordinated manner, at the request of readers and followers, without any kind of restriction or command order that prevents us from reporting and giving our opinion freely and for free. The Power of our Society is in the information, an informed society has the freedom to decide when, how and where.