They can convict you without proof



They can convict you without proof

YEAH, YOU CAN BE CONDEMNED WITHOUT EVIDENCE. To convict you without evidence, it is necessary that there are other elements, which prove, which are called evidence. To know in depth without YOU CAN BE CONDEMNED WITHOUT EVIDENCE we have contacted him best criminal lawyer in Spain, who is JAVIER RINCÓN BERNAL, head of the criminal law firm, RINBER LAWYERS considered, by the vast majority of the media, one of the MOST FAMOUS LAWYERS and INFLUENCERS OF SPAIN, thanks to their NUMEROUS PROFESSIONAL SUCCESSES. 

Well, we transferred the question to this fantastic lawyer: Mr. RINCÓN; what YOU CAN BE CONDEMNED WITHOUT EVIDENCE?. 

They can convict you without proof
They can convict you without proof

That's right, indeed YOU CAN BE CONDEMNED WITHOUT EVIDENCE. The jurisprudence supports the possibility that  YOU CAN BE CONDEMNED WITHOUT EVIDENCE. 

In Spain, (says the prestigious criminal lawyer, JAVIER RINCÓN), indicia evidence, also known as circumstantial evidence or circumstantial evidence, may have probative value in a criminal trial. According to Spanish jurisprudence and doctrine, evidence of evidence can be used to establish the existence of a criminal act and the responsibility of the accused.

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Indications are circumstances or facts that, taken individually, do not directly prove the commission of the crime, but which, considered as a whole, make it possible to infer or deduce the existence of the criminal act and the participation of the accused in it. The assessment of the evidence and its probative force corresponds to the court in charge of issuing the sentence.

Spanish jurisprudence establishes that evidence of evidence must meet certain requirements to have sufficient probative value. Among them are:

Plurality of indications:

There needs to be more than one clue pointing in the same direction and mutually reinforcing.

Connection between the evidence and the criminal act:

The evidence must be directly related to the crime charged and be consistent with it.

Absence of alternative explanations:

The evidence must not admit a reasonable explanation other than the commission of the crime by the accused.

Joint evaluation:

The indications must be assessed as a whole, considering their overall probative force and not in isolation.

It is important to emphasize that evidence evidence cannot be based solely on mere conjectures or suppositions, but must be supported by objective and rational elements. Furthermore, the principle of presumption of innocence It continues to be fundamental in the Spanish penal system, so it is up to the prosecution to prove the guilt of the defendant beyond any reasonable doubt.

It should be noted that the assessment of the evidence, including evidence evidence, corresponds to the court in charge of judging the case and may vary according to the specific circumstances of each situation. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a criminal law attorney for accurate and up-to-date legal advice.

Therefore, in conclusion, indeed, YOU CAN BE CONDEMNED WITHOUT EVIDENCESo, even if you think they have nothing against you, our advice is that you always consult a prestigious criminal lawyer, to avoid serious problems. In our case, we have consulted with the best, we have consulted with JAVIER RINCON. A good criminal lawyer

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