Legislation on Marijuana in Spain


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The Dope It is one of the most consumed illegal drugs in Spain, according to a survey carried out by the Ministry of Health. This represents up to 35% of the entire population Spain, who claimed to have used marijuana at some point.

He penal Code punishes as a crime the illegal possession, cultivation and trafficking of this despite its popularity. It also establishes the article 368 of the penal code Activities that promote drug use are penalized by law.

Depending on the type of drug, whether it is serious for health or not, will impose the penalty depending on this.

Legislation on Marijuana in Spain
Legislation on Marijuana in Spain

Legal limits of Marijuana in the regulations in Spain

Unlike many drugs that can be very harmful to health, the dope it is otherwise. It has a component called Tetrahydrocannabinol which can last within the body for up to 7 days.

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Then, once this time has passed, the body barely manages to eliminate the 50% of this component inside the body. The cannabis regulation It can be different depending on the country and seeing what criteria of use it has.

It can be possessed for a medicinal use, for scientific use or even for exclusively personal recreational use. There are different examples where the amount of possession of it is limited or where it can be completely legal its consumption.

In the case of Spain, it is possible to own up to 100 grams of marijuana for personal and private consumption only. He penal Code establishes that the consumption, possession and cultivation of it is not a crime as long as it is personal

This as long as it is for only the personal consumption and it does not end up being destined for its traffic. Otherwise, you can be severely punished and punished by law when considered as drug traffic.

Likewise, it is also considered a serious crime to be consumed in a public space, the transfer or others. Likewise, the elaboration of a illicit planting and cultivation in open spaces or highly visible to the general public.

It is considered equally serious tolerance of illegal consumption of this or traffic in public premises and establishments. Likewise, the lack of diligence to prevent it, which can lead to different infractions depending on your level of lack.

It then leads to a drug seizure offense and a fine ranging from €600 up to €30,000

The Legalization and Use of Marijuana

At different times and places in the world, marijuana has been used with therapeutic purposes for very specific diseases. Being used in patients with different conditions such as cancer, emerging medicines authorized that are derivatives of marijuana.

Being case of sativex, which is a drug for oral consumption prescribed for people with multiple sclerosis. Placing the approval of marijuana according to the CIS with the 84% in favor of its legalization.

But this approval is only under therapeutic purposes, while a 47% approves its full legalization for own consumption. Being a proposal rejected by different foundations such as the Project Man Foundation, considering its accessibility as favoring its consumption.

following a study where it was observed that the legalization of marijuana in different parts of the world. achieve influence the population of younger adolescents who have the perception that it is less harmful to health.

Arising then given this perception that the consumption of this has increased in recent years in young populations. Comparing then different areas where it was highly legalized where it was more perceptible risk of its consumption by adolescents. 

Thus Marijuana since ancient times has been used to treat different diseases this thanks to its supposed therapeutic properties. Thus being developed in recent years as a means to treat patients affected by different specific diseases effectively.

being so consumption possible of marijuana as long as it is under the limits established by Spanish law. surging private consumer associations which are composed mostly of people of legal age who must meet the necessary requirements.

The Legal Future of Marijuana in Spain

Currently there are various political parties and movements with the will to establish the therapeutic use of marijuana. Taking care exclusively of patient needs that require cannabis for medicinal use to treat different specific diseases.

From another parliamentary perspective, there is a division where some seek their regularization in recreational and market use. Thus stipulating a legal regulations depending on the sales method, its managed distribution and its free production. 

being used as reference to Canada which was one of the first G20 countries to legalize marijuana freely. There is progress in legality as for marijuana in Spain, with the recognition of its therapeutic properties.

Being a progress thanks to the recognition of the United Nations of its therapeutic properties. Being removed from the list of 1961 drug convention where substances harmful to the body are present.

Arises then the need for a mostly concise legislation that manages to cover the different consumer communities of cannabis in Spain. As well as the establishment of legal parameters necessary for their consumption legally for each community in the country. 

The Present Risks of Marijuana Legalization

Thus, there are various benefits that can be obtained from the legalization of this, it also supposes a challenge in other fields. There are different people who resort to its consumption for some personal situation who should not be taken to illegality.

Different foundations express where they hope that in Spain the step of being able to legalize the cannabis use legally. But under caution in order not to repeat the same mistakes as tobacco and encourage uncontrolled consumption.

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