The Best Criminal Lawyers in Spain in 2023


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How to Find a Good Criminal Lawyer

Looking for the best criminal lawyers in Spain?, That's done!!. He knows how to say it badly, but year after year, this, the news that designates the best criminal lawyers in Spain, becomes the most important, most read and most demanded news by our almost 10,000 monthly readers.

There are many anecdotes that we could tell in relation to this article, (the most, we reserve them), but we could say that there are many law firms and criminal lawyers, who would "kill" for us to include them in our list, but, we owe ourselves to our professional rigor, and we objectively designate those who we believe make up the "crown" of criminal law in our country. Without further ado, below we are going to present you with the ranking of the best criminal law firms in Spain.

It is true that the year 2,022 began very strangely for everyone, despite the pandemic, and after it, normalcy has returned, (more or less), Now that we have started 2,023, the covid continues with us, but we all have to move on. However, it is true that despite the forced stop in the first quarter of 2020, the rest of the year has flowed with "a certain normality".

In any case, the crime rate, after the confinement, and until this first quarter of 2023, is skyrocketing according to the data that we handle in our newsroom. There are many people who, as a consequence of the effects of the pandemic, and the crisis that has been developing since the end of last year, are making crime their way of bringing bread home. So hard and so clear at the same time.

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One more year, lawyers and specialized criminal law firms will be the protagonists of many appointments with Justice. For this reason, we show you a list of the best Criminal Lawyers in Spain, with some of the most prestigious legal professionals in Spain.

The Best Criminal Lawyers in Spain in 2023

It is true that you can find other newspapers that establish some lists, (more or less similar to the present one), but, we who live the day to day of the courts and tribunals, in many cases, RECORDER IN HAND, we do not feel pressured by large law firms so that we can position their lawyers or not. We reward the lawyers who seem to be the best, without further ado. Here is our list...

The Best Criminal Lawyers in Spain in 2023

The Best Criminal Lawyers in Spain in 2022
The Best Criminal Lawyers in Spain in 2023

javier rinconRinber Lawyers

javier rincon

The Rincón brothers, Manuel and Javier, run the firm Rinber Abogados, and both have been present in some of the most high-profile criminal cases in the country. recognized as the best criminal lawyer in Spain.

Among its milestones are several cases related to the Malaysian case of Marbella, matters related to plots of money laundering, defense of famous people, such as Little Nicolás and the well-known case of the Military Pack in the Bobadilla barracks (Málaga).

The media recognition of this office is also due in part to its television appearances, with collaborations in programs such as Espejo Público, Las Mañanas on TVE or La Hora on 101TV in Malaga. In the web Criminal Lawyers24 we can consult some of his appearances on television.

Manuel RinconRinber Lawyers

Manuel Rincon

The Rincón brothers, Manuel and Javier, run the firm Rinber Abogados, and both have been present in some of the most high-profile criminal cases in the country. Both Javier and Manuel Rincón are required for the criminal defense of matters throughout the country.

Thoroughbred criminal lawyers, they are experts in the processing of resources before the most important instances of the country, supreme and constitutional court as well as higher instances, such as the European court of human rights.

In love with legal filigree and services to others. Always available in their professional office, in fact, sometimes they are the ones who directly answer the phone and resolve telephone queries free of charge and without obligation. They have a "legal boutique", or as they consider themselves, "artisans of the law".

They never refer the matter to anyone, if they accept their cause, they take it and defend it themselves. According to numerous publications, both Javier and Manuel Rincón are at the forefront, at the forefront of the best criminal lawyers in Spain. Their media successes endorse them.

Bastida-Romero & Sepulveda

bastide rosemary

Another prominent firm in the criminal law branch is Bastida-Romero & Sepúlveda. This team is specialized in two categories, labor and criminal law. In the workplace, the most outstanding figure is Manuel Garcia Ruiz, while in the criminal sphere, the defense of the cases is the responsibility of Margarita Romero Crespo.

Bastida-Romero & Sepúlveda is made up of a team of four lawyers in which there is room for all branches of Law. This office is one of those that has experienced the most growth in recent years in Seville.

José Antonio Choclan Montalvo – Choclan Law Firm


José Antonio Choclán Montalvo is a founding partner of Bufete Choclán, one of the most prestigious legal advice and criminal defense centers in Spain. Specialized in Economic Criminal Law, His publications, monographs and articles are a reference in Criminal matters, which has helped him to be one of the members of the Editorial Board of Specialized Law Magazines of the Madrid Bar Association.

During his career he has led the defenses of recognized figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo either Jose Mourinho. Choclán Montalvo is also an Investigating Judge and Hearing Magistrate and Doctor of Law from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Firm Founder Choclan Montalvo, one of the most prestigious legal studies of advice and criminal defense, Investigating Judge and Hearing Magistrate. Doctor of Law from the Autonomous University of Madrid and teacher in various Postgraduate Courses.

Specialized in Economic Criminal Law, his publications, monographs, comments and articles for more than two decades of practice, are a benchmark in Criminal Matters, recognition for which he has come to establish himself as one of the members of the Editorial Board of Specialized Magazines such as otheryes, the magazine of the Madrid Bar Association.

Different personalities from the sports world have trusted him, such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Mourinho, among others.

Ignacio Ayala-Oliva-Ayala

Ignacio Ayala

Ignacio Ayala is a classic every year among the best criminal lawyers. The Best Lawyers publication, the oldest and most respected in the legal profession, includes this professional practically every year among the figures that best practice this branch of Law.

Ayala is Doctor in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid and one of the most experienced scholars of the penal-tax branch. His office in Madrid is one of the most demanded in the capital. During his career he has defended well-known representatives of Spanish politics such as Pablo Casado in the Master Case either Rodrigo Rato in the Bankia Case.

Ayala – Oliva has been the firm selected by Best Lawyers as the best among those dedicated to Criminal Law. among the other firms distinguished with the Best Lawyer awardSome are as well known as Quatrecasas, Uria Menénedez, Garrigues or Pérez-Llorca, among others.

Fermín Morales Prats – Morales Criminal Lawyers

Fermin Morales Prats

Morales Criminal Lawyers is a firm formed in 1997 by the Professor of Criminal Law Fermín Morales Prats. This professional has been included for years among the 40 Spanish lawyers recognized on the Best Lawyers list.

The cabinet focuses on the defense and representation of natural and legal persons in criminal proceedings and preventive criminal law in the business field. Morales Prats is one of the best lawyers in his specialty in Barcelona and has received the medal from the Bar Association of his city in recognition of his personal and professional career.

Raúl Pardo Geijo – Pardo Geijo Lawyers

Raul Pardo Geijo

Raúl Pardo Geijo is a young lawyer who collects merits. He has been awarded by internationally renowned institutions such as Advisory Excellence, Leaders in Law, The Lawyer Network or Global Law Experts.

This professional is in turn the son of José Pardo Geijo, another great criminal lawyer in Spain. Raúl Pardo Geijo has acted as defender of politicians involved in the Púnica, Costa Cartago, Nueva Condomina or Rotondas cases, who have starred in many hours in the media in recent years.

Carlos Dominguez Luis

Carlos Dominguez Luis

Managing Partner of Business & Law, the first law firm specialized in Spain in the comprehensive management of business problems.

Graduated in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid, with a Master's Degree in Leadership in Public Management from IESE Business School-Universidad de Navarra.

In 2002 he joined the State Lawyers Corps. He has served in the State Attorney's Office in Ourense, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the Ministry of Health and Consumption, in the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid and in the Supreme Court.

He is the author of numerous articles in legal journals and specialized monographs, mainly in Administrative Law and judicial organization.

In addition, Corresponding Academician of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation, professor of the Master's Degree in Law at the Francisco de Vitoria University and regular collaborator in the media.

Juan Gonzalo Ospina

Juan Gonzalo Ospina

The founding partner of Ospina Lawyers He has been valued as one of the best criminal lawyers in Spain in 2018 by critics and his own clients.

Graduated in law and political science from ICADE, he practiced for a few years in Malaga at the Martínez Echeverría law firm. In 2013 he became the president of the Association of Young Lawyers of Madrid and in January 2018 he was appointed the youngest Deputy of the Governing Board of the Madrid Bar Association.

Among his success stories, he highlights his recent appeal to the Supreme Court, acquittals in numerous tax crimes; successes achieved in extradition proceedings, or its specialization in economics such as acquittals in fraud processes, safeguarding at all times the presumption of innocence of your clients.

A regular contributor to different Mediaset, Atresmedia and Intereconomía television programs, he has published numerous articles on criminal law and is the author of the well-known manual on personal development and office management 'El Abogado Líder'

Carlos Aguilar

As a partner at CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo, he has extensive experience in criminal, civil, commercial and constitutional law, with numerous arbitration and forensic proceedings before Provincial Courts, National Court, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court.

He has a degree in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid and has directed the design and implementation of compliance in various financial institutions, listed companies and state companies.

In recent years, his professional activity has focused especially on economic criminal law, with prominent clients such as Miguel Blesa.

It is true that throughout our country, there are many more lawyers than those that we propose in this list, from the outset we apologize to those lawyers who may have been left out of our list of the best criminal lawyers in Spain, perhaps not all of them are there. that they should be there, as the Spanish proverb says, but if all those who should be there are there, for prestige, for being influential lawyers, since, certainly, with their presence the trials are not won, but what is clear is that they are lawyers that they do not pass indifferent in a courtroom, in a trial or in a statement, and that is very important.

Ranking of the best Criminal Lawyers in Spain 2023

We hope that our list for the year 2023 seemed attractive to you. From the writing of the legal information, we congratulate those designated and for the rest, we wish them the best and a lot of effort so that next year they can be included in our list. . 

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