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Below we will present the list of The best Criminal Lawyers in Córdoba. This list began in the year 2020, convulsed and strange as they come. To all of us who interact with the Court on a daily basis, he had us for a quarter, (like the rest of the Spaniards), locked up at home and without stepping foot in a Court. 

Despite the pandemic, and after it, little by little the "strange normality" has come, where we have been able to return to the Courts and Tribunals, to be able to offer you, already started the year 2021, a new list of the best criminal lawyers From Cordoba. Let's NOT forget that the crime rate is skyrocketing according to the data we handle in our newsroom. There are many people who, as a consequence of the effects of the pandemic, (and not only the pandemic, but the economic crisis, with the very strong destruction of employment), are making crime their way of bringing bread home . So hard and so clear at the same time.

It is true that the activity of the courts in Córdoba during the first quarter of 2020 was paralyzed, (but from then on, and after the second part of 2020), and at the beginning of 2021, the coronavirus pandemic was almost "overcome". and, in the midst of a crisis, (pending to be overcome, like the previous one), the Justice, which was already in a situation close to collapse, fears that with this anomalous situation the level of overflow will be unaffordable. The issue is, from our point of view, there will be certain issues that will be reduced, and others that will skyrocket, such as criminal matters.

We are observing that many people without a criminal record turn to crime as a way to survive. Many fall into drug-related mafias and we are witnessing the arrest of many people, with no criminal record, who have been caught red-handed transporting drugs or collaborating with criminal gangs.

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The Best Criminal Lawyers in Córdoba in 2023
The Best Criminal Lawyers in Córdoba in 2023

This beginning of 2023 has allowed us to offer you a renewed list of The best criminal lawyers in Córdoba.

The objective is to give an outlet to all the cases paralyzed during the state of alarm and avoid the collapse of Justice. If 2022 was a particularly active year for criminal law, 2023 will also appear heavily burdened by the situation that Córdoba is experiencing and the avalanche of judicial processes that are going to be opened in terms of labor lawsuits and criminal complaints due to the measures decreed by government.

One more year, lawyers and specialized criminal law firms will be the protagonists of many appointments with Justice. For this reason, we show you a list of the best Criminal Lawyers in Spain, with some of the most prestigious legal professionals in Spain.

The Best Criminal Lawyers in Córdoba in 2023

javier rinconRinber Lawyers

javier rincon

The Rincón brothers, Manuel and Javier, run the firm Rinber Abogados, and both have been present in some of the most high-profile criminal cases in the country.

Among its milestones are several cases related to the Malaysian case of Marbella, matters related to plots of money laundering, defense of famous people, such as Little Nicolás and the well-known case of the Military Pack in the Bobadilla barracks (Málaga).

The media recognition of this office is also due in part to its television appearances, with collaborations in programs such as Espejo Público, Las Mañanas on TVE or La Hora on 101TV in Malaga. In the web Criminal Lawyers24 we can consult some of his appearances on television.

Manuel RinconRinber Lawyers

Manuel Rincon

The Rincón brothers, Manuel and Javier, run the firm Rinber Abogados, and both have been present in some of the most high-profile criminal cases in the country.

Both Javier and Manuel Rincón are required for the criminal defense of matters throughout the country. Thoroughbred criminal lawyers, they are experts in the processing of resources before the most important instances of the country, supreme and constitutional court as well as higher instances, such as the European court of human rights.

In love with legal filigree and services to others. Always available in their professional office, in fact, sometimes they are the ones who directly answer the phone and resolve telephone queries free of charge and without obligation. They have a "legal boutique", or as they consider themselves, "artisans of the law".

They never refer the matter to anyone, if they accept their cause, they take it and defend it themselves. According to numerous publications, both Javier and Manuel Rincón are at the spearhead, at the forefront of the best criminal lawyers in Spain. Their media successes endorse them.

Lexfor Lawyers and Prosecutorseither

In Lexfor Lawyers and Prosecutors can help you if you are looking for Criminal, extensive experience with clients near Córdoba, where they offer their services.<

Aequo Lawyers

Aequo Abogados is a criminal office. They have extensive experience with clients in the Córdoba area. They will treat your problems as if they were their own.

Diego Gonzalez del Campo

diego gonzalez del campo.jpg

Diego Gonzalez del Campo He is a lawyer with extensive experience in Criminal Law, he will be able to assist you in the Córdoba area. Serious, cordial and very professional.

Ignacio Ruiz Cosano

ignacio ruiz cosano.jpg

Ignacio Ruiz Cosano He is an expert criminal lawyer. If you are looking for a good lawyer near Córdoba, with Ignacio Ruiz Cosano you are in good hands.

Mercedes Martinez Pascual

mercedes martinez pascual.jpg

Mercedes Martínez Pascual is an expert criminal lawyer, she has a lot of experience with clients in Córdoba, where she offers her services.

Moreno Anguita Lawyers

At Moreno Anguita Abogados you will find highly qualified Criminal Lawyers who will assist you in the Córdoba area. Serious, cordial and professional.

Pedro A. Rodriguez Leon

Pedro A. Rodríguez León is an expert criminal lawyer, his practice area is located in Córdoba. It will use all possible means to give you the best service.

Raul Campaign

Raúl Campana

Raúl Campaña has extensive experience in all matters in which you need expert professional services in Criminal Law. It will assist you in the Córdoba area and surroundings. Great concern for the affairs of his clients.

List of the best Criminal Lawyers in Córdoba.

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