The 3 keys if you are accused of scam on Wallapop.


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Wallapop, one of the most recent virtual stores on the market, where you can find everything, and when we talk about everything we also have to talk about scams and the occasional crime, but come on, what happens if they accuse you of scam on wallapop.

Virtual stores are a perfect source for scammers, therefore, you must take everything into account when making a purchase or sale. Wallapop was founded in 2013, therefore, it is a bit new, compared to others like Amazon, which was created in 1994.

The 3 keys if you are accused of scam on Wallapop.
The 3 keys if they accuse you of scam on wallapop.

There are many doubts regarding this crime, therefore, today we will give you the 3 keys if you are accused of scam on wallapop.

3 keys if they accuse you of scam on wallapop

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We have 3 keys to handle this whole situation in a simpler way, these are:

What are the reporting channels? scam on wallapop scam on wallapop?

This is the first thing we must take into account, since the complaint, like any virtual store, will go to the page first. The person who makes the complaint will be reporting everything to the page, this to try to solve the situation or to be able to reach your data in case of a criminal situation. 

To contact Wallapop, the complainant can do so directly through the page, through the Twitter account or at the email addresses that are either 

It is important to know how to communicate, since you must also have the power to report the situation to the page. Not always the complaint really proceeds or there are simply cases in which you are not guilty of anything and that is good to clarify. 

When contacting you, always leave a backup of that, as it will be important if the case goes to trial. 

Now, what happens if the complaint reaches the police? The first thing in these cases is to open an investigation process, in which witnesses will be taken and everything that is proof of the alleged fraud for which you have been sued. 

There is the possibility of being identified or not, however, for this there is a period of time that is 3 days, in which, if the police do not identify you, they will not take the case to court. Although it seems easy, it is not, because the plaintiff can make the complaint before the court and a case will be opened. 

What are the decisions that the court can make in response to the complaint of scam on wallapop?

The answers from the judges are clear, firstly, if they identified you, but they consider that it is not a scam on wallapop, they will be closing the case. Many times the plaintiff is dissatisfied, since it considers that you should be sanctioned. 

However, if they do not identify you, they will close the case provisionally. Last but not least, if the scam proceeds, they will continue the judicial file. 

How do I know if my case is really a scam on wallapop?

By the year 2020, more than 16,000 cyber fraud processes were registered in Spain and guess what, it is a figure that continues to increase considerably, but what are the most recurring situations of scam on wallapop?

This is a good question, among the clearest examples of scams we have:


This is a payment platform that scammers use a lot, since if you get a good prey, you can get to keep the money or the product. Now, this scam consists of sending you a notification called "Ask for money" In this, the most normal thing is that you think that they will send you the money. 

However, this confusing phrase, despite the fact that it makes you think that you will receive, rather you will be sending money to another account. Being this a scam so simple, but that requires people who do not handle telephone equipment or computers very well, it is the order of the day in Wallapop. 

Payment by DHL

This is quite a problem, since the scam on wallapop It is given for the purchase of a product, but now or you can only lose your product, but also the money on your card. 

How does this work? Simple, the person makes an alleged payment after they have your email, posing as DHL. In this email, the scammer asks for all your information, including the card information on the front and back. 

Now, once you have this data, without the need for plastic you can buy or spend your money without a problem. 

Paypal and your choice of friends and family, who are not so friends.

This payment platform has excellent seller protection, however, as they say, "He who invents the game invents the trap" And boy, do scammers have a wit for this.

Now this scam in Wallapop It consists of the victim sending the payment for the product through PayPal, but the scammer will ask you to send it to friends and family, so as not to enter commissions and spend more money. 

What the victim does not know is that if you make the payment there, PayPal's protection is disabled, since if you consider it your friend, there should be no possibility of fraud. Thus, in a simple way you lose your money and your product. 

What will happen if it is really considered a crime?

To understand this a bit, the fraud must be premeditated and with treachery so that it can be considered a crime. However, the sentence will go hand in hand with the amount defrauded. 

If it is less than €400, you may have a fine ranging from 1 month to 3 months maximum. 

if the scam on wallapop is greater than €400, you have to take into account the possibility of jail, which ranges from 6 months to 3 years. 

Normally, if it is less than €400, it is a minor crime, so the implications will be less, however, thanks to these 3 keys we know that you will not be sued and that you will not fall for scams on Wallapop

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