Judicial Summons as Investigated


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Judicial Summons as Investigated

Have you received a court summons as being investigated?. Take it seriously. It is not nonsense, rather the opposite. Do you have a police summons as being investigated?. Serious matter too. The first thing you have to look for is a good lawyer specializing in the judicial statement as investigated.

IN this article, we are going to answer those questions that we have advanced to you, from the hand of those considered as THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN 2,021They are JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, (directors of RINBER ABOGADOS PENALISTAS). We are going to transfer these issues to them, along with some others such as: What is being investigated?What happens if I don't show up for a court summons?What is a court summons?, among other concepts that we are interested in knowing. 

Have you received a court summons as being investigated?. What should you do?. 

In the first place, and most importantly, JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, (directors of RINBER ABOGADOS PENALISTAS) categorically affirm, is to contact a criminal lawyers firm. Not just any office. A law firm specializing in criminal law. 


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Do not forget that THE BEST DEFENSE STRATEGY against a COURT SUMMONS AS INVESTIGATED, starts from the moment that this court summons.  

We, (the Rincón Brothers tell us), have a 24-HOUR SERVICE in our criminal law firm to attend to all these types of legal consultations free of charge. Other law firms, little by little, have been incorporating this type of service to help people in those first moments of uncertainty, because when one receives a court summons as investigatedIt is normal for nerves to surface. 

We, as specialists in criminal law, always advise that you go to a lawyer specialized in the specific matter. If it's about divorces, to divorces, and if it's criminal, then to us, (between laughs), or to any other partner who dominates criminal matters. 

Judicial Summons as Investigated

Apart from the previous route, (court summons as investigated), to receive this judicial communication, there is another one that we are going to explain to you below for your peace of mind, …

Do you have a police summons as being investigated?.

Sometimes the judicial summons is carried out through the state security forces and bodies. For whatever reasons, it has not been possible to notify this summons by the postal services or by what is known as SCAC, (common service for communication acts), and it is the police who are in charge of notifying this resolution personally. 

In any case, you have finally received a court summons as being investigated, and you should follow the advice that we have expressed in the previous question, “Have you received a court summons as being investigated?.”.

What is the police summons as denounced?.

This is essentially the same question that was posed to us in the previous question, but with a notable difference that is obvious, just read both statements. The difference is the condition in which it has to appear. One thing is the police summons as investigated and a different one is the condition regarding the police summons as denounced.

Normally when a person is summoned by the police as a defendant, it is about being involved in a trial for a minor crime, and that summons, normally, is usually to appear at the judicial headquarters, on a specific day and time for the holding of a trial criminal offense for a minor crime, while as we mentioned previously, when the judicial summons is as investigated, the procedure is usually found more at the beginning of it, and normally that summons is to appear before the Judge to declare as an investigator, on some specific facts, but that there is still enough left for the trial to be held for the corresponding crime. 

What is the court summons as aggrieved party?

The condition of aggrieved is held by any person who has suffered a grievance or damage due to the commission of a crime, on his person or on his property. We believe that, perhaps, with an example, this is clearer. For example: We are victims of a vandal who capriciously set our vehicle on fire.

The condition of injured party will allow us to enter this criminal proceeding, as a private accusation / injured party, and claim, not only the exercise of criminal action against that person, but also that that person be forced to compensate us for the economic value of the vehicle that we have lost. 

What is the declaration of being investigated in previous proceedings?

When it is suspected, or it is certain that a specific person has committed a crime, a criminal proceeding is opened, which has a technical name called, preliminary investigations. To understand each other, it is a folder that will be filled in with all the documents and evidence that is obtained. The "presumed" perpetrator of the facts, once he is identified, has the status of being investigated, which is what he is called, from there comes the statement that is proposed to us: statement of the person investigated in previous proceedings

What is a criminal court summons?

The criminal judicial summons, is the way in which the court communicates with people, (whether investigated, witness, injured, expert, etc..), at the headquarters of a judicial proceeding, of a criminal nature. 

What is being heard in terms of being investigated?

Given the possible, probable or certain identification of a person, as the author of a crime, the investigating judge has the capacity / obligation to send for him to be heard in investigated concept. Essentially that person is going or is ddirected by the public force, in the presence of the Investigating Judge to clarify what happened in relation to some specific facts.  

Once we have resolved the above issues related to the COURT SUMMONS AS INVESTIGATED, we want to thank the famous criminal lawyers, JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, (directors of RINBER ABOGADOS), for the invaluable help they have given us to be able to carry out this document. Thank you thousand lawyers 

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