Lawyers who are Specialists in Criminal Law


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“The specialty, in the search for the best lawyer it is the first step to achieve judicial success”; says JAVIER RINCÓN BERNAL, considered by the majority, the best criminal lawyer in Spain, along with his brother and partner MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, who rivals him in the previous vitola, although both flee from stereotypes like that.  

When launching into the search for the lawyer to whom to entrust our matter, the search for a specialist in criminal law is basic. Not every lawyer is valid for any matter, just as a lawyer specializing in criminal law is not valid for processing an inheritance. It's obvious. 


From RINBER ABOGADOS, a specialist firm in the field, its directors are going to give us some insights into this legal branch, sometimes a bit unknown to the general public. 

Lawyers who are Specialists in Criminal Law


Today we count on two criminal lawyers to clarify the specialty in criminal law who will give us the keys to it, and what "micro specializations" we can find within this branch of criminal law. 

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As criminal law lawyers, MANUEL and JAVIER RINCÓN, (Directors of RINBER LAWYERS), they tell us that, indeed, more and more frequently, (in all branches of law), they are segmenting them, giving rise to certain specializations within specializations, (sometimes in a slightly exaggerated way). . 

Within criminal law, we can find some “micro specializations”. We have found some specialties that are too specific, such as being a specialist in gender violence. At the risk of being criticized, we can say that in the penal code the actions related to gender violence are included in only two articles of said legal text, (of course we do not want to discredit anyone, nothing is further from reality), which we want to maintain is that, whatever criminal lawyer, specialized in criminal law, is perfectly qualified to defend or prosecute events related to gender violence. 

Other "micro specializations" within criminal law are those related to: TAX CRIMINAL LAW, ECONOMIC CRIMINAL LAW and COMPANY CRIMINAL LAW.

Three specialties for the environment of the company and of taxes and taxes. We forwarded the matter to MANUEL RINCÓN, (criminal lawyer, director of RINBER ABOGADOS), regarding the crimes of an economic, business and tax-related nature, on the processing of this type of files, and he affirms: In our law firm, on a regular basis, people and companies also approach, who in one way or another have had a problem, of a criminal nature, (we are lawyers specialized in criminal law), of these specific matters.

The first thing we do is hold a meeting between: the client, our tax advisor, a member of the law firm, and ourselves, as lawyers, to try to draw up a correct defense strategy. The added value of having a tax advisor in our law firm, specialized in these issues, allows us to entrust that specific part of the matter to him, so that we (the lawyers) can dedicate ourselves to doing the work of lawyers. It is impossible, (says MANUEL RINCÓN), that the same person can act as tax advisor and criminal lawyer. In this type of matter, close professional collaboration is the key to success. 

So we already have two keys to success in this type of matter. The first was given to us by JAVIER RINCÓN, (criminal expert), stating the need to opt for a specialist, and the second, has just been given to us by MANUEL RINCÓN, (co-director of RINBER ABOGADOS), stating that the duo formed between the lawyer and The tax advisor is the key to success in this type of matter. 

And it is that, as JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN tell us, it is perfectly viable to introduce in the criminal process an ECONOMIC / TAX / FISCAL COURT EXPERT or even an ACCOUNTING, (that is as brainy as one wants), that in the end through VERY CLEAR and CLEAR CONCLUSIONS, transfer to the CONVICTION OF THE JUDGE, what must be the reasons that must lead him to agree with our client.

It is true, as these experts comment, that the lawyer must be specialized in the matter, that is unquestionable, but it is no less than, (and if you allow us an example), in an operating room the surgeon has to act as a surgeon, and the anesthetist, as an anesthetist. It is true that they must have some minimal knowledge of each other, but together is how they achieve success, not one doing everything, and the other watching.

Well, in the world of law, it happens, as much of the same, the criminal law attorney, (as are JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN), you must be a lawyer, not a tax advisor, you must know the criminal types, you must know the regulations, you must know the most favorable jurisprudence for your client, but taxes, taxes and tax exemptions , who corresponds is the expert. No more. 


We can define the lawyer specializing in criminal tax law, (according to MANUEL RINCÓN, a prestigious criminal lawyer), as that lawyer in charge of the criminal defense of natural or legal persons, (companies), that in the framework of commercial and/or economic legal traffic, "allegedly", (since until there is a final conviction, the principle of presumption of innocence), has committed a crime related to the tax or tax obligations that corresponded to him as a private person or as a company.

They are matters of a criminal nature, (manuel rincón, a specialist in the matter, tells us), normally promoted by the state tax agency that intervenes in this type of matter through the state attorney, which exercises the accusation together with the public prosecutor's office. We, (says MANUEL RINCÓN, director of RINBER ABOGADOS), we act in this type of procedure, normally, together with experts, (tax advisors or auditors from our firm), to grant our client the best defense strategy. 

Lawyers who are Specialists in Criminal Law


Crimes against public estate and against social security, are the criminal types that make up the professional work of the lawyer specializing in economic criminal law. This is a branch of criminal law, closely related to the previous one, and to that of lawyer specializing in corporate criminal law, even when actions related to individuals are excluded from the latter.  


The activity of the company, like that of individuals, is subject to the close surveillance of criminal law, in terms of compliance with accounting and tax obligations. That is why, in close collaboration with the company, the company's criminal law lawyer must try to obtain the best result in any criminal action promoted by the tax agency. 


As we always tell you in this type of article, the specialty or specialization is the key in the search for a professional, be it from the legal profession or from any subject. He criminal lawAs a branch of law, you have its professionals and its lawyers. Put yourself, for a criminal matter, always in the hands of lawyers specialized in criminal law

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