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Surely he is looking for aLawyer specializing in crimes against public health?, basically a Drug trafficking lawyer?If so, we are going to give you a series of guidelines when it comes to locating the best defense lawyer for the crime of drug trafficking in Spain, as well as some names that we consider drug trafficking lawyersAlthough some of them do not dedicate themselves exclusively to this type of matter. "Caesar's wife, not only has to be, but also, look like it", do not forget. 

You can make the decision you want, but it is preferable to choose the best criminal lawyer for the defense of a Crime against public health, than to a lawyer who only deals with drug-related matters.

The reason is simple. A person can be wrong once, (and by mistake, enter the world of drug trafficking), but be wrong twice, and in addition to getting into the world of drugs, choose a lawyer who only handles drug issues? There are too many mistakes to make in front of a judge. 

Crime against public health

stop DRUG ATTORNEY and put your DEFENDING in the hands of a good CRIMINAL LAWYER who knows about the crime of drug trafficking. 

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If you, or a relative of yours, is involved in a crime against public health, and also, you enter the Court, with a lawyer, known for handling drug matters, from our point of view, you are lost, because you will never go to be able to argue that it was all a mistake, or that you had nothing to do with that matter. It is simple, but this is not going to be explained to you. 

On the other hand, our advice, choose between the best criminal lawyers in Spain, (search them if you want in google), I can tell you in advance that we are going to tell you who they are in this article, that surely these lawyers are going to defend you with more credibility and most importantly, they are going to achieve greater success for you. your affair, or that of your relative. Convinced of it. 


These that we are going to discuss, are among the best lawyers in Spain, in criminal law. Any of the lawyers that we present below can be considered as drug lawyerat the level of the best drug trafficking lawyer, with the aim of having the most prestigious and best drug trafficking defense, anywhere in the country.  

In the southern part of the peninsula (which includes Madrid, Andalusia, Extremadura, Castilla la mancha, Ceuta and Melilla), without a doubt, the best DRUG TRAFFICKING LAWYERSWhat we can recommend are JAVIER RINCON And his brother MANUEL RINCON, directors of RINBER LAWYERS. They are criminal lawyers, (both recognized among the best criminal lawyers in the country).

They DO NOT accept more than a certain number of these matters per year of this type, because as they themselves indicate, "we do not want to be recognized as drug criminal lawyer, but simply, as criminal lawyers ”, they say verbatim. The fact of going, directly represented by these magnificent criminal lawyers, is that they have a "great line-up" as lawyers. Well known for their interventions on television, and for the defense of many important cases at the national level. 

In the northern and Galician zone, we can recommend JOSE FERNANDO AREA TORRES, criminal lawyer, specialist in this matter and in family law. He has his professional office in Pontevedra and a long professional career. 

Finally, in the eastern, Catalan and Aragon areas, we would place a matter of a crime against public health, in the hands of DANIEL MUNTADA, a lawyer specializing in criminal law, who is in charge of a law firm with extensive experience in GERONA, since 1934. 

What are crimes against public health?

The crimes against public health are those that, regulated in our penal code, attempt against this protected legal right. Essentially, they are those crimes that directly or indirectly put the health of citizens at risk.

There is a belief that crimes against public health are only related to drugs, but nothing is further from the truth. Crimes against public health are also related to everything that has to do with the health of society in general. We talk about food, we talk about medicines, that is, we talk about all those situations in which, in one way or another, the health of society can be affected. That is what this criminal type is after. 

What type of crime is the consumption of illegal substances?

Essentially a crime against public health. Possessing drugs for self-consumption is not considered a crime. This is a dogma of faith, legal. But if a certain person, in order to procure self-consumption, traffics drugs, engages in what is called "retail", then essentially, he is committing a crime against public health, then, from a legal point of view, You are endangering the public health of other citizens by offering them, in one way or another, to consume a product, DRUG, which is seriously dangerous to health.  

Looking for drug trafficking defense?

If you are looking for the defense of a lawyer for drug trafficking, you are in the right place, because, as connoisseurs of criminal courts and tribunals, in this article (a few paragraphs above), you will be able to find some advice, (essential, that you will never have been given, but that are very important), to choose the best drug trafficking lawyerApart from recommending, as we recommend, several criminal lawyers who, from our point of view, are a guarantee of success.  

What amount of drugs is a crime?

Essentially, we must consider that any quantity of drugs that is not intended for self-consumption is understood to be intended for drug trafficking. But the amount of drugs seized is not the only element to take into consideration to understand whether the drug is for self-consumption or for trafficking. Elements such as how hidden the drug is, the fact that it is biased, or the detainee's way of acting make one presume one circumstance or another. It is important that the detainee prove that he is, indeed, a drug user, in order to claim self-consumption. This circumstance cannot be, nor is it accepted, graciously, without more. It has to be tested. 

Crime against public health


The penalties corresponding to crimes against public health are included in articles three hundred and fifty-nine and following of the penal code. It does seem important to us to mention that the minor penalty ranges from six months in prison and a fine of six to twelve months. We are talking, in this first section, about crimes against public health.

If we refer to the crime of drug trafficking, the basic type is in article three hundred and sixty-eight, establishing a minimum sentence of three years in prison, and a fine, which can be reduced, if the act is of little importance, as well as for Other personal circumstances of the person involved. In article three hundred and sixty-nine bis, the most aggravated types are established, of penalties for drug trafficking crime, with a custodial sentence of up to twelve years in prison. 


The amounts of drugs are significant when establishing a certain sentence. In other words, the amount of drugs seized is relevant to establish whether the seizure has been of notorious relevance to apply or not an aggravated type, with more custodial sentence, or a more basic one, which would imply that the custodial sentence to apply is more attenuated.

Also, there is no doubt, as we have commented, the amounts are important to determine if we are dealing with self-consumption or if we are facing a situation of drug trafficking. The difference between being inside the crime or outside. On the internet, we find multiple pages where, specifically, they will inform us of what amount can be presumed to be for self-consumption, and what is not. In this link we show it to you. We found it more interesting to comment on the legal significance of this fact. 


The fact of not having a criminal record is a very favorable point for that person who, due to whatever circumstances, is involved in a crime against public health, drug crime or drug trafficking crime, (according to what we want to call it) . These circumstances are so favorable that it can be the difference between going to prison or not.

Also, there is no doubt, we cannot let go, the fact of being a habitual drug user is another point in favor. More, returning to the previous paths, we must insist that, save, for example, a quantity of drugs, (absolutely disproportionate, the one that has been seized), or that the same that has been seized, is, especially detrimental to the health, this concurrence of not having a history, will become, in many cases, the difference between enter prison, or be released with a suspended custodial sentence. 


When in any type of crime, we speak of a qualified type, we are normally talking about that this specific crime has a different sentence, (or penological framework), different due to different specific circumstances. At the time we explained what a basic type was, and what an aggravated type was. In this case that concerns us, we have a qualified crime of drug trafficking, when meeting a series of circumstances, the penal code establishes tougher or more severe custodial sentences, when drug trafficking behaviors are carried out with a series of most reprehensible circumstances.

When minors, helpless people are used, or, for example, drug trafficking is carried out in places open to the public, or in schools, the legislator imposes more custodial sentences on the person responsible for these acts. The defense against this type of accusation, is to try to dismantle the concurrence of this type of situation that aggravates the sentence, by challenging the very report of the police or the civil guard, affirms us, JAVIER RINCÓN, criminal lawyer, Director of RINBER LAWYERS. 

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