Conditions to report the crime of sexual assault with penetration of STS 454/2021


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He crime of sexual assault It is one of the most serious but penetration has practically the maximum penalty. This is due to the vulnerability of the victim with respect to the situation, as well as the physical and psychological affectation.

That is why to achieve equality between men and women we must have fair laws that regulate behavior. That's why they already exist preset requirements for these crimes penetrative sex.

If you want to get all the information, we invite you to stay until the end of this informative article. Know all your rights as well as know when and what should you do after a sexual abuse with penetration.

Conditions for reporting the crime of sexual assault with penetration of STS 454/2021

Conditions for reporting the crime of penetrative sexual assault

There are multiple situations where the modes of operation of these aggressors can vary. Also, criminals are quite diverse and although certain characteristics may be true, sometimes they can change completely.

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This is perhaps the main problem in this type of situation where women are always exposed and at all times in their lives. Whether in your private life or in your public life, people can always be exposed.

Unfortunately it is a situation that happens daily, but that also gives women much more strength to make complaints. Previously the subject was taboo and the fault lay entirely with the victim rather than the perpetrator.

Today that is ending, everyone understands that the criminal will always be to blame for a sexual assault. The victim is just the vulnerable person that the perpetrator he had already studied to attack.

That is why among some of the requirements found in the crime of penetrative sexual assault is:

  1. First that the victim is held against his will, that is, that she is subjected to a sexual act without expressing her consent. It must be remembered that silence is not an excuse nor is it consent, if it is not verbal it is not consent.
  2. Another requirement for the crime of penetrative sexual assault is that penetration actually occurred. That is to say, not only because of the genital of the individual, this crime covers the different ways in which the victim could have been sexually abused with penetration.

With this we want to explain that if the victim was penetrated with other objects as long as it was against his will during a crime. What would lead to being able to present to the courts as a case of penetrative sexual abuse.

  1. For this, the victim will also undergo tests with forensic doctors who can help clarify the case. Anything found in these types of exams It will be left in writing to say in the trial of the crime.

Later the TSJ will approve all the data provided by the victim of penetrative sexual abuse. If there has not yet been a response from the forensic doctor, the object or genital of the penetration will still be presumed.

This is because if they do not yet have the corresponding proof, they will not be able to present it as a fact that has already been reviewed. That's why to try to find and give the just sentence it is best to get the relevant medical evaluation.

How to proceed after a case of penetrative sexual abuse.

The first thing to do in case of penetrative sexual abuse is to go to the hospital and give your side of the story. In the same way you have to check that none of the injuries that may exist are serious.

This will serve as a precedent for forensic doctors know what and where to look for when testing. Subsequently, you must go to present your complaint at the nearest police station to your home.

When you are going through this type of situation, we suggest that you do not go alone and that you find support. Either by a relative or friend who is close and with which you have enough confidence to tell your story.

Once the complaint is made, all the corresponding investigation processes will begin in the cases penetrative sexual abuse. This gives victims the strength to file complaints and not give in to pressure or threats What could the perpetrator do?

Throughout the trial, psychological help will also be needed so that he can overcome this emotional abuse. Penetrative sexual abuse It is one of the worst crimes of a sexual nature committed.

It produces severe psychological affectations in the victims that would affect the free development of their lives in the future. That is why so much emphasis is placed on this type of denunciation of penetrative sexual abuse.

For this reason, the accompaniment of experts in the area of psychology is elementary. to overcome the traumas that may have existed. What we always recommend in these cases is that you always make the complaint.

This will prevent those criminals from finding other victims. which to harm in the same way. Maybe no one can save you from that kind of penetrative sexual abuse, but you can help more women.

This is where the laws will always show the fair and corresponding penalty for all those criminals who committed the crime. Trials can sometimes be slow and tedious, but it is because each piece of evidence provided is being evaluated in detail.

What will achieve that the result is the perfect sentence for that the perpetrator pay the price for the crime he committed. In addition to the victim obtaining the justice that corresponds to him to close the case and start his day to day.

Each person can present their case and will be answered with everything the law has to offer to help them. This type of protection is what is allowing us to reach a much fairer society with women.

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