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The buffet Rinber Lawyers The new year 2021 begins with good news. This is so, thanks to the proclamation of a new ruling issued, in this case, by the Provincial Court of Madrid, specifically in the Popular Jury court, who was prosecuting a high-profile affair, where well-known faces were involved.

The success lies in the fact that the requests for initial convictions, both from the prosecution and from the accusations, which in principle exceeded 6 years after the final verdict, have been reduced in the case of Ms. Defended by Javier Rincón, famous criminal lawyer, up to only 1 and a half years in prison, with suspension of imprisonment.

This Sentence is not yet final, since it is expected that it can be reduced to only a sentence of 6 months in prison, since as stated by Javier Rincón specialist lawyer in the court of Popular jury, “very clear circumstances must still be appreciated, which, until now, have not been considered.”

The legal success lies, not only in the very important reduction of the sentence imposed, (and the one that is expected to be obtained), but in that the theory maintained by the defense, before the Popular Jury Court in Madrid, has been, almost totally accepted. While the accusations maintained the classification of the facts as aggravated, the defense understood that if their client's conduct was punishable, it had to be punishable at a lighter level.

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Furthermore, it was part of the defense strategy (which has finally been victorious), the fact that both accusations wanted to aggravate the conduct of the accused due to her status as a public official, when, as stated in his conclusions, the famous criminal lawyer, Javier Rincón, “a person cannot be an official 24 hours a day,” a statement that resonated in the popular jury, so that this accusation could not be maintained either.

Despite the initial refusal of the Public Prosecutor's Office, the application of the mitigating circumstance of undue delays has been accepted. The ministry began the trial maintaining that the delay in the process was the result of the resources raised by the defenses when, faced with that argument, the Madrid criminal lawyer, Javier Rincón, stated in his initial allegations that: “the fundamental right to resources cannot be an aggravating factor in a sentence against anyone”, an issue that has also been accepted by the Popular Jury. In the words of Rincón, “the task still needs to be finished and the sentence remains within those 6 months that we had planned from the beginning.”

On the other hand, from the Rinber Abogados law firm they affirm that they are “very proud of the objective achieved in relation to the Sentence obtained.”

The office is directed by Javier Rincon Bernal, a lawyer from Malaga who currently practices as a criminal lawyer, as well as a collaborator in different Spanish Television (TVE) programs. In these programs, he contributes his knowledge and legal experience regarding current national judicial issues and events. Of course, he is a founding partner of the firm Rinber Abogados, which was born in Malaga at the beginning of the year 2000.

“I am very satisfied with the content of the ruling for the interests of our clients. Finally, the Jury Court and the President of the Section have seen fit to admit our line of defense. Once again, we are at the forefront of defending files before the Jury Court,” explains the Director of Rinber Abogados, Javier Rincón.

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