Regime of Visits in Prisons


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Provisional Prison and Preventive Prison

He visiting regime in prisons It is a legal benefit that is offered to those deprived of liberty. This would be valid when they must serve a long sentence of time in a prison unit.

In general, it is understood as all media possible or permitted to be used by a person in prison. Usually to set contact with their relatives or close beings interested in their well-being or conditions of their deprivation. 

It forms part of the basic principles that each prison establishes and is regulated according to general criminal principles.

Regime of Visits in Prisons
Regime of Visits in Prisons

Visiting regime in prisons: Main means of contact

It has as general information the different ways of make contact with someone who is in prison. The main means of communication are those that are carried out orally or personally with the person, defined as:

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Oral or personal communications

The prisons have some facilities called booths where friends or relatives can enter with the proper authorization. At least two weekly visits lasting 20 minutes or one weekly visit lasting 40 minutes may be possible.

Inmates who qualify within the third grade category They are an exception to the previous rule. They may establish communication whenever they wish as long as they are allowed to working hours.

So that a family member visits a prisoner, it is necessary to previously request an appointment at the Center. By protocol you must indicate your name, ID, address, day and time you intend to visit.

In case it is a third party who wishes to visit the prisoner there are changes in the established regime. The jail warden must receive a request for written communication from the inmate receiving the visitor.

In the writing they must be expressed the data as the name, ID of the visiting person. Thus, it is up to the director to decide whether to proceed with the authorization.

If the request is denied, it will be necessary to file a complaint through a lawyer. He will prepare a letter to the Penitentiary Surveillance Court to request the corresponding authorization.

It is understood by traditional since it is one of the most common procedures to organize visits between family and friends. Do not hesitate to contact a trusted lawyer in case of problems to make a visit.

Regime of Visits in Prisons
Regime of Visits in Prisons

Visiting regime in prisons: main means of contact

Inside of the visiting regime in prisons There are some main means of contacts other than the traditional one. These can be seen as alternatives to establishing contact with a prisoner, such as:

intimate communications

Are those that are formally established with the couple for those deprived of liberty who they do not have an exit permit. They are given at least once a month and usually last for an hour or three.

must take place in suitable rooms that guarantee the privacy of those involved. In addition to this type of visits between people of the same sex can also be processed.

Family communication

Remains another visiting regime that can be requested by inmates who do not have the benefit of ordinary exit permits. Normally they last for an hour or three and there is a conditioned establishment for it.

At the same time, the visit of a maximum of 4 relatives per communication must be taken into account within the aforementioned period of time.

coexistence communications

A benefit for interns that will be received each quarter with a duration of up to six hours, a minimum of four. This depending on visits by children under 10 years of age accompanied by the couple.

telephone communications

Under this regime the prisoner can make calls from the center but cannot receive them. Taking into account that he bears the cost of the calls he makes.

The telephones to be used must have prior authorization, granting you in the first instance a list with the telephone numbers.

written communications

A special regime that has no limitation for the prisoner, you can send as many letters as you want running with the expenses. They will be registered in a book and must have identification data.

Visiting regime in prisons: How to contact a lawyer?

Something elementary for those deprived of liberty is the visiting regime in prisons with their trusted lawyers. There is no set time limit when they carry out their prison visits.

In case the prisoner wishes to make a call, a device authorization mobile employee. If denied, a complaint must be filed with the Prison Surveillance Judge, justifying the reasons for the visit.

It is very important that according to each criminal case, the person deprived of liberty has this important right.

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