Protocolize sexual crime prevention programs


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The way to prevent crimes sexual is through education, a task that is necessary especially in minors. The prevention It is the only way to put an end to any type of violence and it is necessary to educate to know how to act in the face of these events.

The Supreme Court Judgment 579/2020 dated November 5, indicates the importance of log programs prevention of sexual crimes. This for the purpose of avoid suffering of the minor through various education and awareness activities. 

What are the goals of sexual crime prevention programs?

The main objective of these programs is the prevention of sexual abuse childish and any type of child abuse. These programs seek to help in the culture of respect for the human rights of children as well as respect for their bodies and that of others.

These programs seek to transmit to minors skills and tools to defend. Also so that they are respected in any situation that is not to their liking.

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Prevention programs aim provide help to minors so they can identify trusted people. So that they can explain what is happening to them and can ask them for help.

The participation of minors in these programs promotes trust and communication with the adult. 

The objectives of these programs are only intended to provide minors with strategies and tools to learn to take care of yourself. They also seek to instill in them the value of reporting. So that through a model of respect and equality, they learn to protect their emotional, spiritual and physical integrity.

These programs are also aimed at caregivers, children's families and society in general. With the purpose of providing them with the tools and knowledge to prevent the sexual violence. They also seek to raise awareness about what sexual violence against minors means.

Protocolize sexual crime prevention programs
Protocolize sexual crime prevention programs

Why is the protocolization of sexual crime prevention programs important?

The protocolization of programs for the prevention of sexual crimes is important because they help to avoid this problem. But they will also help to avoid the consequences for people who are victims of this crime. 

Sexual abuse occurs in all religions, social classes and sociocultural levels, they affect minors and adults of different ages. The consequences of these events are multiple and can vary from one child to another and from one adult to another. Which will depend on the characteristics of each person.

The main consequences that victims of sexual abuse can present are in the short, medium and long term. These consequences can be behavioral, emotional or cognitive, they are the following: 

Short term

The cognitive consequences in the short term they are concentration difficulties, poor school performance and general demotivation. The emotional consequences They are: anxiety, shame, guilt, rebellion, different fears, violent changes in mood, feelings of helplessness and sadness. 

The behavioral consequences in the short term they are: irritability, withdrawal, rejection of adults, aggressiveness, hostility and fear of the aggressor. Sexually transmitted diseases or early pregnancy may also occur. 

medium term 

The cognitive consequences in the medium term in minors who are victims of sexual crimes are: learning disorders and repetition of school. The emotional consequences are that can be presented are: 

Sleep disorders which include insomnia and night fears, eating disorders presenting obesity, bulimia and anorexia. They also often have anxiety disorders. 

Victims may present fear of sexual expressions, distortion of sexual development and in extreme cases suicidal ideas or suicide attempts.

The behavioral consequences In the medium term that may occur in victims of sexual crimes are: school dropout, running away from home, compulsive masturbation, alcohol and drug intake, participation in criminal activities

In some cases there are Sexually Transmitted Diseases or early pregnancy.


The cognitive consequences in the long term in people who are victims of sexual abuse are: failure in any activity they undertake and in minors the main one is school failure. 

The emotional consequences that are presented are: poor self-concept, low self-esteem, sexual dysfunctions, depression. There are also various emotional disorders and the stigmatization that consists of feeling different from other people. 

The behavioral consequences in the long term that can present in the victims of sexual crimes are: alcoholism, prostitution, delinquency, sexual promiscuity, drug addiction. Family relationships begin to be conflictive and there is a social maladjustment.

For avoid all these consequences in victims of sexual abuse, it is necessary to implementation of preventive programs. Which will serve as guidance to families, caregivers and society in general to help combat this problem.

Content of sexual crime prevention programs

He program design prevention of sexual crimes should include three aspects fundamental. Which are child sexual abuse, child sexual education and self-care in minors: 

child sexual abuse

The main objective of this topic is to establish some preventive strategies, to sensitize the participants to the problem. Also contribute to detect possible cases of Sexual Abuse in time and provide the first actions to deal with this problem. 

The content of this topic should be the description of the legal, social and psychological areas that involve child sexual abuse. This is necessary to favor a rapprochement between the participants in the preventive program. The content of the program in the area of child sexual abuse must be the following:

Define what is child sexual abuse, determine the types and legal framework, 

Determine the indicators that help detect child sexual abuse, the consequences on the victims.

Establish the fundamental actions to face this social phenomenon. 

child sex education

The main objective of this topic is integrate into the process of learning of the minors the familiarization and the knowledge of their corporal identity. Trying to help the minor to get in touch with his body schema and his experiences.

The theme of this area is aimed at the formation of sexual development childish. Where individual bodily respect is sought and visualize sexuality as an important part of human development. The prevention program in this part includes the following aspects:

Basic identification as a person.

Establish the basic sexual difference and the roles of each of them.

Process of sexual development.

Self-care in minors

The objective of this part of the preventive program is help the minor to identify situations of threat or personal violence. For this, it seeks to develop behavioral strategies that are effective for protection and safety.

The content of the program is provide and strengthen self-protection tools in minors in the environment where they develop. These tools allow them to develop and recognize abilities to face dangerous or threatening situations. 

The content that the program must include is the following: identify situations of personal threat, means of personal care, behavioral models of self-protection. 

How to achieve the protocolization of programs for the prevention of sexual crimes?

The way to achieve the protocolization of sexual crime prevention programs is with the participation of all social agents. Citizens, families, educators, institutions and organizations that work with minors must be involved in these programs. 

The field educational It is the most important piece for the prevention of sexual crimes against minors. For this, it is necessary that all the members of the Educational Community join in the fight against this crime. Because many times it is silence and it affects the whole society.

What should be done is a training campaign and a call inviting them to participate in these educational programs. But this invitation must be clear, trying to explain what is going to be worked on, how it is going to be developed and at what times.

The invitation to participate in these programs should be extended to professionals in the media. Not only for the dissemination of the program but also helping to define the way to protect minors. This is due to the influence they have on social development.

How to protect minors from sexual crimes?

While having access to sexual crime prevention programs, there are certain measures that can be practiced. The best is stay involved in the lives of minors, which will make it easier to detect the existence of abuse. 

 The way to do it is showing interest in his life daily, for this ask him how the day was and with whom he shared. It is very important to know the people with whom they interact, with whom they spend a good part of their time. Whether they are adults or minors like him. 

The choice of who will care for the minor is very important, whether it is school, an activity after school. The person to whom you will delegate responsibility for your care during the day. 

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