Protocol Sexual Assault National Police



Protocol Sexual Assault National Police

In this article we are going to give you some guidelines on what is the PROTOCOL SEXUAL ASSAULT NATIONAL POLICE, and the effects derived from the activation of the NATIONAL POLICE SEXUAL ASSAULT PROTOCOL, (for this we have contacted the BEST SEXUAL ASSAULT CRIME LAWYER IN SPAIN, who is JAVIER RINCÓN, director of RINBER ABOGADOS, LAWYERS SPECIALIST IN SEXUAL CRIMES), to explain to us, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT ACTIVATES THE NATIONAL POLICE SEXUAL ASSAULT PROTOCOL?. 


It is important to note that the protocol of action of the National Police in a case of sexual assault It may vary slightly depending on the autonomous community or municipality in which the complaint is filed. However, broadly speaking, the procedure usually follows a series of general steps. 

Protocol Sexual Assault National Police
Protocol Sexual Assault National Police


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Receipt of the complaint:

When a person goes to a police station or is treated in a place where a complaint can be filed (for example, a hospital or a victim care center), police personnel will receive the complaint about the sexual assault.

Active listening and support:

Officers should treat the victim with empathy, respect, and understanding, making sure they feel safe and secure throughout the entire process. They can offer emotional support and, in some cases, refer the victim to professionals specialized in psychological care.

Interview in a safe environment:

The victim will be interviewed in a safe and private environment to recount the details of the assault. The police will collect relevant information, such as the description of the assailant, the place and time of the incident, and any other details that may be useful in the investigation.

Forensic medical examination:

The victim will be directed to a medical center to undergo a forensic medical examination. Here, physical evidence will be collected and injuries and evidence related to the sexual assault will be documented.

Legal assistance:

The police will provide information on the legal rights of the victim and the possibility of having a lawyer to accompany her during the process. We always advise looking for the best possible criminal lawyer. According to most legal rankings, JAVIER RINCÓN, director of RINBER ABOGADOS, is number 1 in Spain. 

Evidence Collection:

Police will investigate the crime scene (if possible), collect witness testimony, and look for evidence that may lead to the identification and arrest of the offender.

Referral to specialized services:

Depending on the case and the needs of the victim, the police can refer them to specialized services, such as care units for victims of gender violence or to resources of psychological support.

protection order:

In high-risk cases, the police can help the victim apply for a protection order that restricts contact with the abuser.

Coordination with the Prosecutor's Office and the court:

The police will work in coordination with the Prosecutor's Office and the court to present the information collected during the investigation and assist in the judicial process. Your lawyer will be in charge of assessing all this evidence. 

It is important to remember that, in cases of sexual assault, (according to the  NATIONAL POLICE SEXUAL ASSAULT PROTOCOL), it is recommended to report what happened as soon as possible to increase the chances of finding evidence and facilitate the investigation. In addition, you can always request the presence of a trusted person during the statement to the police to feel more secure and protected. In any case, we always advise having the BEST SPECIALIST LAWYER IN CRIMES SEXUALS, which from our point of view, has a first and last name: JAVIER RINCÓN BERNAL, director of RINBER ABOGADOS. Success guarantee. 

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