Chances of Winning a Criminal Cassation Appeal



Chances of Winning a Criminal Cassation Appeal

If facing the high costs of a CASSATION APPEAL CRIMINAL, is committed, it will be more or less, after knowing the CHANCES OF WINNING A CRIMINAL APPEAL. We believe, (based on our experience of more than 20 years covering court reporting), that there is a tendency to minimize the CHANCES OF WINNING A CRIMINAL APPEAL. There are many more RESOURCES CASTING THOSE WHO WIN, or the APPEALS THAT SUCCESS, than those who don't. Of that, we have no doubt. 

Some articles talk about minimum margins with respect to HOW MANY APPEALS ARE WON, and that is not true, nor real, nor honest. Who believes that a legally established resource is always lost?   


To clarify what are the CHANCES OF WINNING A CRIMINAL APPEAL we have contacted him best criminal lawyer in Spain, who is JAVIER RINCÓN BERNAL, head of the criminal law firm, RINBER LAWYERS considered, by the vast majority of the media, one of the MOST FAMOUS LAWYERS and INFLUENCERS OF SPAIN, thanks to their NUMEROUS PROFESSIONAL SUCCESSES. 


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The CHANCES OF WINNING A CRIMINAL APPEAL It can be influenced by various factors, and the lawyer's specialization is one of them. However, it is not the only determining factor. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Specialized knowledge:

A lawyer who specializes in criminal law and has experience handling criminal appeals will likely be more familiar with the procedures, legal arguments, and previous court decisions related to similar cases. This can increase your chances of presenting a strong, well-reasoned appeal.

Skill and experience:

In addition to specialization, the lawyer's skill and experience in preparing and presenting appeals are also critical factors. A lawyer with a successful track record in criminal appeals will have a better understanding of effective strategies and judicial practices.

Solid legal argument:

The quality of the legal arguments presented in the criminal appeal is essential. A specialized lawyer will be better able to identify the relevant legal issues and develop solid arguments that will convince the court of cassation.

Jurisprudence and doctrine:

A criminal cassation lawyer will be up to date with the latest case law and jurisprudential doctrine in the area, allowing them to support their arguments with relevant court decisions and up-to-date legal theory.

Resources and professional networks:

Specialist lawyers often have professional networks and additional resources, such as consultation with expert colleagues or access to specialist law libraries, which can be beneficial in preparing a criminal appeal.

Conditions of the case:

It is important to remember that the chances of winning a criminal appeal also largely depend on the specific circumstances of the case, such as evidence, testimonies, previous court proceedings, etc.

Therefore, in conclusion, indeed, there are many CHANCES OF WINNING A CRIMINAL APPEAL, but the better the lawyer you are looking for, and the more specialized he is in the matter, the more CHANCES OF WINNING A CRIMINAL APPEAL. Our advice is that you always consult a criminal lawyer of prestige, to avoid serious problems. In our case, we have consulted with the best, we have consulted with JAVIER RINCON. A good criminal lawyer

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