Phishing: What Is It And How To Act Against Digital Scams?


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Surely more than once we have heard that slogan that says "The digital age is here" and if it has been around for a long time and with it a number of digital scams such as the Phishing.

Digital scams have advanced so much that the law has had to be modified or new laws created in order to combat new crimes. Although it seems that the web is very large and that it is very unlikely to fall for these scams, today we will show you what is the Phishing and everything that has to do with this scam. 

what is the Phishing?

To start talking about this crime, we have to talk about its concept, which is defined as cyber-scam, in which the scammer pretends to be a person you trust or a company to obtain data from you or other benefits. 

Phishing is normally carried out on a massive scale, either through emails or through the media where the dissemination is on a large scale. This diffusion seeks to create a bond of trust between aggressor and victim. 

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By this means, contact will be made with the victim and an attempt will be made to obtain personal and bank details. It is important to note that no bank, under any circumstances, should request all the data by telephone. 

The only way for this to happen is for you to be the one making the call. Although the most common are massive scam campaigns, they can also be precise in the victim you need. 

Phishing: What Is It And How To Act Against Digital Scams?
Phishing: What Is It And How To Act Against Digital Scams?

Now, when the work is specific, it is much more dangerous, since they manage to copy everything they can from the person or company they want to pass off as. In some countries they have managed to successfully imitate the pages of banking entities, making almost imperceptible variations. 

This also goes hand in hand even with the name of the page, varying a letter or something very small so that the victim does not notice. When entering, they ask for your data and they already have everything they need to carry out fraud or leave your account at 0.

Although we have only mentioned emails as a means of Phishing, there are other types of means of dissemination such as SMS 

How can we determine that an email is Phishing?

In any profession there are some who are better than others and scammers, although it is not a profession, exactly the same thing happens. You can find emails that at first glance look fake, however, another one has a really detailed elaboration. 

Here we will leave you some ways to determine the veracity of an email. 

You must take into account how the URL is, in general, they have only one way of writing and if it is not the same, you are not entering the page you think. The error in a URL does not exist as such, if it is different it is simply a different page. 

Banks and companies always have corporate emails, which provide better security for everyone. It is normal for scammers to send email from a normal account, like Gmail, for example. 

These emails are characterized by being aggressive in their message, such as, for example, "you are the winner of a particular prize at the bank for Father's Day." Although it seems quite strange, many people fall for this type of email and redirect to pages that take all the information from their accounts. 

Likewise, we can find messages that indicate failures in your account, which can generate a bit of despair as the owner and your instinct makes you open the link with which it comes to verify. 

They will always request information that is not necessary to give, such as the passwords of your bank entities or some other bank information. 

As we mentioned, there are some that are very good and others that are pathetic, which tend to make spelling mistakes. This is more common than we think, so you should read carefully. 

You should take into account the way the logo of the supposed company is, sometimes they change shape, size or even color, which is a sign of fraud. 

How to Act Against Digital Scams?

If unfortunately you have already been the victim of a digital scam, the first thing you should do is make a complaint to the relevant entities. The complaint is important, since we do not know to what point the scam can reach, since having your data they can frame you for another crime or carry out one by posing as you. 

Surely you will wonder what are the relevant entities? The first thing is to look for the closest one, so that you cover your back, however, for digital cases, the INCIBE he is in charge. 

This is the acronym for the National Institute of Cybersecurity of Spain, to raise the complaint you can send an email to

If you want something more immediate, you can call 017, which is a totally free line for advice or to file a complaint. 

Other organizations that can be used in these cases are the civil guard, with whom you can report a possible fraud or report directly that you have been cheated

When personal data is involved in the scam, the Spanish Data Protection Agency is in charge. 

Each of these organizations have the necessary advice for the case you have, in the same way we invite you to hire a lawyer so that you can be advised effectively. 

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