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When a law firm, in this case criminal lawyers, begins to have relevance in the media at a national and even international level, people turn to the internet to find out opinions of RINBER Abogados, who are those lawyers from RINBER ABOGADOS? What do those do? criminalists? Where does so much recognition come from? Good.

In this article we are going to answer all these questions (as always from an objective point of view and with impartial data that you can verify yourself), so that you can learn more about this office dedicated to criminal law, for more than twenty years. 

There is no doubt that the first thing we must do before mentioning the opinions of RINBER ABOGADOS is to present this office.

Reviews of RINBER Abogados

RINBER LAWYERS is a firm specialized in criminal law that throughout its more than twenty years of professional career, has undergone, (as it could not be otherwise), an evolution, starting by dedicating itself to both civil law and criminal law, This second specialty is the one that in recent years (we could say ten years), has been gaining more importance, to the point of being, today, ninety percent of the work of these young lawyers, since they have in currently forty-six years old, but with more than twenty years of professional career.

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The main headquarters of the firm is located in Malaga, but they have offices in Granada and Madrid, from where they cover the entire national scene. 

For years they have been achieving notable professional successes in large places such as Seville, Madrid and Barcelona, within the national geography, as well as in Strasbourg, in the form of estimation of claims presented before the European Court of Human Rights. 

The successes of RINBER ABOGADOS are not, in any way, foreign to the media. Quite the contrary. Both JAVIER and MANUEL RINCON have been collaborators on Antena 3, in the morning program with Susana Griso, a direct consequence of the magnificent legal direction in matters of great social repercussion.

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Subsequently, JAVIER RINCÓN signed a contract as a television collaborator with RTVE, (Spanish Television), where he was collaborating as a lawyer on the morning program with MARÍA CASADO, issuing legal assessments on current affairs in the program; “THE MORNINGS OF TVE WITH MARÍA CASADO.”

Currently, both JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN have their own television program on 101TV which is broadcast weekly, where they comment, from a legal point of view, on current cases, from a criminal law point of view. 

JAVIER and MANUEL RINCON, are the directors of RINBER LAWYERS. They do not like to talk about a law firm or office, they love to call themselves “ARTISANS OF LAW”. They have an ADDED VALUE that differentiates them from the REST OF THE LAW OFFICES IN THE WORLD, “Their proximity”.

More than twenty years ago, they discovered that: “It is very easy to hire a lawyer on the first day, but, after that, it is very difficult to locate him. The lawyers are always meeting, or you only access the secretary.”, say JAVIER and MANUEL. We realized this detail, and that THE LAWYER ALWAYS HAS TO BE CLOSE TO THEIR CLIENTS, which is why THEY ALWAYS GIVE THEIR PERSONAL MOBILE PHONE TO THEIR CLIENTS. So much so that it is easy to find their mobile phones on the internet. That is a great added value, “THE ALWAYS BEING HERE.” As they themselves state, “In a call, on a Saturday, of just a few minutes, you can give your client great peace of mind.

For you, it took 3-4 minutes, for the client, peace.” This detail, together with the fact that they are LOVERS OF THEIR PROFESSION, make a perfect cocktail to achieve the enormous success that these twins from Malaga are achieving. At the national level, they are “raffled off” to take charge of their affairs. Of course, they don't take all or any type of matter. They hate clients who bring up the problem in the office, thinking that the problem is already the client's, and on the other hand, they do not accept more than a certain number of matters per year, otherwise, they say, "We cannot provide the service." , which we like to give.” 

Javier Rincón Best Criminal Lawyer in Spain
Javier Rincón Best Criminal lawyer from Spain

And entering fully into the matter at hand, the data is what it is. As he would say, “There is no trick or card.” It's simple. Let's start then... 

You just have to go to the Google search engine. When you write in the search box, RINBER ABOGADOS, the options to be able to “biz” about this law firm are multiple. 

You have options on social networks, for example, FACEBOOK. Or if you prefer, you can enter this social network directly, and search for RINBER LAWYERS, and you will be able to see how almost a hundred comments are “PICLED UP”, where, apart from granting them five stars, (in a range that goes from one to five), practically all of the comments, as soon as we read them, we detect that there are two issues or praises that are the most repeated.

THE CLOSENESS of these lawyers and their PROFESSIONALISM. It is comforting, when it comes to putting YOUR PROBLEM in the hands of a stranger, that there are so many people who decidedly bet in such a loving way on these brothers. But this recognition is not limited exclusively to FACEBOOK. If we approach other social networks, the same thing happens. 

But also, on websites dedicated to finding lawyers, (ELABOGADO.COM or ABOGADOS365), positive comments ABOUND about this law firm. This even happens in GOOGLE COMMENTS themselves. So many favorable comments for these brothers are nothing more than the result of great professional work. 

Apart from the comments, you can find news of multiple success stories of these magnificent criminal lawyers. 

And finally, if you want to put the icing on the cake, and want to get to know more closely the characters who give life to this magnificent law firm every day, you only have to ask Google for: JAVIER RINCÓN, LAWYER or, if applicable, for MANUEL RINCÓN, lawyer, and you will be able to soak up all the information that exists regarding both of them. A true marvel. 

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