What are the Most Common Crimes in Spain?

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Over the years the crimes committed in Spain have shown a large decrease year after year consecutively. This is due to the public politics focused on citizen security being implemented in a totally successful way.

Despite continued improvement in prevention and safety of crimes, the fight against them still continues. Being mainly against the violations which have been committed with progressively greater frequency in recent years.

Fortunately, being serious crimes, they do not top the list of most common crimes, but rather primarily less violent crimes. 

What are the Most Common Crimes in Spain?
What are the Most Common Crimes in Spain?

The most common crimes in Spain

With the implementation of different public politics The frequency of crimes has been decreasing consecutively over the years. Despite this improvement there is still the fight against crime, but fortunately in a low level.

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These being mostly violations which are committed every day with greater frequency in recent years mainly. Fortunately, more serious crimes such as homicides are not as frequent in the country, if not more minor offences.

According to the data presented by the Ministry of the Interior in Spain Statistics on crime levels are highly favorable. Presenting the case in which the last 10 consecutive years the crime rates They have managed to descend throughout the country.

Despite improvement, there is still work to do, focusing the focus on reducing the crime incidence. This being the case of robberies, robberies, damage crimes, drug trafficking and homicides striving to decrease these cases.

According to data from government statistics presented the cases of theft, which are the most frequent, followed by crimes of damage. Being followed, but with a very low level of crime incidence of robbery, drug trafficking and homicide essentially.

Being this same notable crime frequency for different crimes already mentioned, it does not mean that these figures are necessarily alarming. Also in cases such as homicides They are not usually very common, with a large number of provinces without this crime.

Thus, the much more common infractions are against the personal assets these being the crimes of theft. Likewise, the least common crimes tend to be cases of homicide, assault or abuse against a person. person specifically.

Thus granting a highly favorable outlook in the operation of the public politics against national crime. 

The Most Unsafe Cities in Spain

According to him Ministry of Interior from Spain, present a list with the number of crimes recorded in the last year. Likewise, the list establishes Madrid and Barcelona as the most unsafe in Spain, registering between 200 thousand criminal cases.

However, we must take into account the larger the size of a city, the greater the number recorded crimes. Despite Madrid and Barcelona present the greatest number of criminal acts, these are the safest.

This being the reflection of these lists where it is confirmed that Spain is generally a quiet and safe country. Being necessary to determine the level of insecurity in the country is to analyze the information offered by the Ministry of Interior.

So in order to obtain a reliable calculation It is necessary to take into account the index based on the number of inhabitants. Carrying out this analysis in each different city, appreciating the figures from this perspective in question in a way correct and functional.

It is also possible to sort out to the different cities depending on the type of infraction actually committed. Since some kind of crime They are not completely common in different cities of the country, each one highlighting a type.

While some the predominant type of crime, the theft and robberiesIn another, drug trafficking stands out. In addition to this, another factor to take into account is the tourism season or not of the current year.

This is because the seasons of the crimes The most common are usually carried out against tourists themselves. It is a common case that in cities where the tourist flow is high, criminal flows vary between seasons.

In addition Ministry of Interior places cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia as the most unsafe in Spain.

Prevention Against These Crimes

Achieving the prevention of crime It is one of the most primary objectives of every State in its function. Being a topic that essentially encompasses all members of a society, each one functioning in their different roles.

Placing a greater amount of responsibility for this point of governmental authorities, but echoing different members of society. This being one existing cooperation in a key way to be able to overcome the different criminal problems in Spain.

And being from this cooperation that the different objectives set by these government authorities themselves can be achieved. Such objectives being the strengthening of the education to achieve progress in educational terms in a highly effective way.

Thus being the greatest resource against the delinquency that can be used to reduce or eradicate each crime. This of course under the idea of a safer Spain, although this seems like a highly difficult goal.

Thus being the primary key to be able to preserve compliance with each of the proposed objectives for these themselves. Having as a primary objective and finally the total eradication of criminal activities within the country itself.

This through different tools and procedures unique to be able to share crime in a highly effective way. This through cooperations with different points of citizenship and a strengthening of education against these crimes.

This is how the responsibility almost total of these organizations and the state itself. Placing educational improvement as one of the key premises and as well as different operational in order to protect.

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