Interview with Manuel Rincón Bernal Criminal Lawyer


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Good morning Manuel RinconThank you very much for granting this interview to legal information and we hope that you feel comfortable with the questions that we are going to ask you to get to know Manuel ABOGADO and MANUEL as a person.

Why did you choose to be a Lawyer?

The truth is that as a child I did not want to be anything else. Well, I have to say that, like all children, I also wanted to be a soccer player, a police officer or a doctor like my father was, but I think that I was subjected to the normal stereotypes of childhood, but what is certain is that from a very young age Both JAVIER and I were very clear that LAWYER was the only profession we wanted to be when we grew up. 

It is also true that our father, even though he was a doctor, always told us that the profession of lawyer had always caught his attention and he encouraged us to do two things, the first to practice a profession that we really liked and the second is that we will strive to be the best.

Manuel Rincón Bernal Criminal Lawyer
Manuel Rincon Bernal Criminal lawyer

Both Javier and you are considered within the group of best penalty shooters, What does it feel like? Is it a lot of responsibility?

It is true, the responsibility of processing a judicial file is always high, you must take into account that the client places his trust in you because you have received an accusation from the prosecutor asking for a number of years in prison.

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People who have not lived through that experience cannot even imagine it, but after more than 20 years seeing people in that situation, you can imagine that you can fall asleep a few nights. 

It is true that both JAVIER and I have been and are considered to be part of a distinguished group of top-level criminal lawyers, but it is no less than this classification, by the media and by the opinions of our clients, it does not affect us the time to carry out our work in the day day. It is obvious that we take it as a compliment and it motivates us to try even harder every day and give the best of ourselves in our work and with our clients. 

What are the most common criminal records?

This question is very difficult to answer, in our Legal Workshop, we receive orders for both prosecution and defense and for practically all types of crimes existing in the penal code.

It is true that there are more common crimes than others such as, for example, drug trafficking offenses, crimes related to assaults and sexual abuses and in another order of things, economic crimes such as crimes of fraud, money laundering, misappropriations, robberies with force etc. 

As I was saying, we receive orders from all over Spain and for all kinds of crimes. Yes, it is true that the prestige that we have been accumulating during the last 22 years makes us be claimed from all parts of Spain. 

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Manuel, it is common to see him in highly mediated affairs, but do you remember the first one?

(Manuel smiles), Of course! How am I not going to remember it? The first of the media issues I was called about was the disaster of the Costa Concordia and its subsequent collapse.

I was in the office, it was late, at the last minute, and my secretary called me on the internal line, telling me that there were two clients who had been part of the Costa Concordia ticket and wanted to contact me. As it could not be otherwise, I assisted them, like any other client, and took charge of their defense until we achieved the objective that we set out in the first meeting we had at RINBER ABOGADOS. 

I cannot leave behind, other issues as mediatic as the group rape, the parricide in Malaga and the two assassination attempts in Torremolinos. All these are matters that leave you marked, of course. 

It is obvious that this matter, which had so much repercussion in all the media and on all the televisions, was a boost for the firm RINBER ABOGADOS, but it is logical, and I am very clear about this, that the client is looking for a winning lawyer looking for a a lawyer who masters the matter and who obtains the result that the client wants, (clarifies Manuel), as long as it is within what the law establishes.

What is the media issue that has marked you the most?

The media issue that has marked me the most, I have to keep confidentiality about it and now you will understand why, it was one that due to personal and professional convictions I accepted despite the complexity and because it was a violation that appeared in all the media.

It was a matter of very important personal exhaustion but at the same time it was very gratifying because the author of it was sentenced to a significant number of years in prison, and my client's family and she herself have been deeply grateful to me since then. Many years have passed and we continue to congratulate each other on Christmas and others. 

(Manuel continues saying), the best result after completing a file is to establish a friendly relationship between the client and the lawyer. This is a sign that as a professional you have risen to the occasion, the client has perceived it as such, and your relationship goes from professional to personal.

Let me tell you that both JAVIER and I have many friends who began as clients and who are the true reference and our best commercial agents so that RINBER ABOGADOS, today, is at the forefront within the best criminal law firms. from Spain.

 Tell me the truth, have you been tempted by any Law Firm to become part of their staff?

(Manuel answers emphatically), yes, when I had been practicing for about eight or 10 years, I received a call from an important law firm known throughout Spain asking me if I might be interested in joining their team.

Manuel Rincón Bernal Criminal Lawyer
Manuel Rincón and Javier Rincón, Directors and Criminal Lawyers of RINBER Abogados

What did you answer, if I may know? 

It was perfectly clear to me, I appreciated the call but I directly denied the offer because I am very clear about where I am and where I want to be. JAVIER and I, since we created RINBER ABOGADOS, we were very clear that we did not want to sign for a firm nor was it our intention to create our own.

That is why we always say that RINBER LAWYERS it is a legal workshop, never a large firm as it is known by the general public. For us, as is logical, RINBER ABOGADOS is the best firm but we like the name of workshop because criminal files, (Manuel remarks), are only handled by JAVIER and me.

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