Malaga Epicenter of Drug Trafficking in Spain


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bad news for MalagaMalaga becomes the bastion for the crime of drug trafficking in Spain.

the activity of organized drug gangs, in places like TorremolinosfuengirolaMarbellaEstepona and Velez Malaga, help raise Malagaup to the category of EPICENTER OF DRUG TRAFFICKING IN SPAIN.

Not only in the writing of LEGAL INFORMATION, we echo this shocking news that unites Malaga with the drug trafficking crime, but posts like “THE COUNTRY” also collect headlines related to the Malaga capital. 

Malaga Epicenter of Drug Trafficking in Spain

To discuss the drug trafficking situation in Malaga and the fact that it is so exponentially out of control, we have contacted one of the most famous criminal law firms in MalagaWe are talking about RINBER ABOGADOS PENALISTAS, (law firm directed by JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL). 

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What is the situation of drug trafficking in Malaga?.  

excessive. unbridled. The situation is unsustainable, (sources related to the fight against crime of drug trafficking in Malaga). Each time, the organized gangs related to drug trafficking have more means, and the state security forces and bodies, (due to the shortage of budget), it is difficult for us to rise to the circumstances, (an agent tells us of the UDyCO). We do our best, and the results of fighting the drug trafficking crime They are good, but they could be so much better. 

what is happening with him drug trafficking in Malaga?

Which is developing in different terms. Before the main form of development of the crime of drug trafficking in Malaga it was what we know as “retail”, (JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, directors of RINBER ABOGADOS PENALISTAS affirm), (lawyers specialized in drug trafficking in Malaga), but the development of drug trafficking in Malaga, now, focuses on MARIJUANA PLANTATIONS, (both inside homes, and in rustic farms with awnings, like greenhouses), ON A LARGE SCALE.

Of course, it is very difficult, (the UDyCO agent tells us), to control so many areas of cultivation throughout the province of Malaga, where these MARIJUANA PLANTATIONS can be developed. These plantations normally occur on the east coast of Malaga, in places like TORROXVELEZ MALAGA either SEA TOWER.   

With the pandemic situation, the criminal gangs related to the crime of drug trafficking in Malaga have sharpened their ingenuity, ”, (say JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, directors of RINBER ABOGADOS PENALISTAS), (expert lawyers in drug trafficking in Malaga).

We are experiencing what could be called the "BOOM OF MARIJUANA TRAFFICKING IN MALAGA”. This fact, along with the constant establishment of organized gangs from Eastern countries, are making the data related to the drug trafficking in Malaga, and its nearby towns. 

Malaga Epicenter of Drug Trafficking in Spain
Malaga Epicenter of Drug Trafficking in Spain

How do the organized drug gangs in Malaga?

It could be said, that to the limit of impudence, (the agent of the UDyCO tells us sadly). We ask you what was the last operation in which you intervened against Criminal organizations related to the crime of drug trafficking in Malaga?.

The last one about which public opinion has had knowledge has been the DISMANTLING OF A NARCO PIER IN THE TOWN OF ALMAYATE, (VICTORY CORNER), (Malaga). It was an organized group that "supposedly" transported boats destined for drug trafficking, from different parts of the interior of the province, (Coin, Antequera), and from other points of the coast, TorremolinosfuengirolaMarbellaEstepona and Velez Malaga

And it is that the gangs related to organized crime, "NO LONGER CUT". We have witnessed, (our agent from the UDyCO said in surprise), how organized gangs have tried to unload more than three thousand kilos of cocaine, in the Galicia area, through a SUBMARINE, (submersible), from in such a way that they are trying to organize new ways or methods to introduce the drug into our country. 

In the Costa del Sol area, cases related to the settling of scores between rival gangs related to organized crime are being spurred on. Towns of Malaga as TorremolinosfuengirolaMarbellaEstepona and Velez Malaga, have witnessed this type of illegal situations. 

He crime of hashish trafficking in Malaga, is also being increased. All this despite the police plans for this purpose. In fact, now situations of special violence are taking place against the agents of the state security bodies and forces. 

Finally, it is also drawing attention, (say JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, directors of RINBER ABOGADOS PENALISTAS), (expert lawyers in drug trafficking in Malaga), the large number of people, WITHOUT A CRIMINAL RECORD, what they are doing, (as a direct consequence of the economic crisis situation), of the crime of drug trafficking in Malaga, their main source of family income. These people are the bulk of our clients in the law firm.   

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