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Are you looking for the best lawyer for a criminal trial?. Surely, this being the case, in this article where we interview the prestigious criminal lawyers JAVIER RINCÓN and his brother MANUEL RINCÓN, (directors of RINBER ABOGADOS PENALISTAS), considered one of the best lawyers specialized in criminal law, we are going to give you the keys and we are going to answer all the questions that are put to you in relation to a criminal trial


And it is that all lawyers They are not used to celebrate criminal trial, as not all doctors are used to be in contact with blood, or to be part of a work team in an operating room.

And it is that this ability is not achieved in the faculty, (where by the way, they do not teach you to behave in court when holding a trial), but, with that ability, you are born or you are not born, we say JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN, experts in criminal law. The room, when it comes to holding a criminal trial, has a special adrenaline rush because it is a "living thing" that needs a specialist lawyer, quick reflexes, skilful, with an exquisite knowledge of procedural law and, no doubt, of criminal law.

Lawyer for a Criminal Trial

A person, (a lawyer in general), can be the one who knows the most in the world of criminal law, but then be a real fiasco holding a criminal trial. Consider, (with all due respect), a professor of criminal law at a law school. Can anyone else know about that branch of law? The answer is no, but the following: Are you a criminal trial specialist?, the answer is also the same, no. That is why, when looking for a lawyer specializing in criminal trials, you should look for a criminal lawyer that he enjoys the courtroom, like his own life, the RINCÓN brothers affirm without hindrance. 

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Without going into complications, we can differentiate various types of criminal trial. First we have the CRIMINAL TRIAL FOR MILD OFFENSE, which is the one that has come to replace the old judgments of faults. Let us remember, when the matter did not reach the category of crime, but misdemeanor, it gave rise to a trial that is now called as follows: CRIMINAL TRIAL FOR MILD OFFENSE. Then we have the QUICK CRIMINAL TRIAL FOR CRIME. He CRIMINAL TRIAL BY ABBREVIATED PROCEDURE, he CRIMINAL TRIAL BY SUMMARY PROCEDURE, and finally, (and at the risk of leaving some of us behind), the CRIMINAL TRIAL BY JURY COURT PROCEEDING

It seems interesting that below we give you, (at least), some brushstrokes about it, from a point of view, if you allow us, a bit colloquial, to understand each other. 

Do I need a lawyer for a misdemeanor criminal trial?

Trials for minor offenses are the simplest trials, they are the ones that have come to replace the old misdemeanor trials. They are the simplest, but be careful, they are full of surprises for which you have to have a special ability. 

Do I need a lawyer for a speedy criminal trial?

As established in the applicable procedural law, they will be processed through the channels of the speedy trial, those crimes, or those matters, rather, that due to their simplicity in the processing do not need a "lengthening in time" that would be absolutely unnecessary. Processing through quick trial channels is common, for example crimes against road safety, such as breathalyzers. 

Do I need a lawyer for a criminal trial for an ABBREVIATED procedure FOR CRIME?

In this group of procedures, we could say, most of the crimes are included. The bulk of them. They are the most common procedures within the criminal Procedural Law. Crimes such as theft, such as threats, injuries, among others are the most common crimes that are processed, and are prosecuted before the criminal courts of the different provincial capitals.  

Lawyer for a Criminal Trial

Do I need a lawyer for a criminal trial by SUMMARY procedure?

Criminal procedures of a summary nature are those dedicated to the most serious matters. Let's say the most serious crimes, those that are associated with a higher custodial sentence. They are matters, which in general, are held before the sections of the provincial courts, (they are trials in which there are three judges or magistrates), and they are the most serious matters. From the point of view of the RINCÓN BERNAL BROTHERS (expert criminal lawyers, specialists in criminal trials), these are matters with a higher level of professional demand. Lawyers for a criminal trial by summary procedure must be experienced lawyers. 

Do I need a lawyer for a criminal trial by JURY COURT proceeding?

Not because it is a procedure that a people's court should know about, we can say that it is about crimes of special gravity. We have already commented that the most seriously punished crimes are prosecuted in a summary procedure. In fact, for example, one of the crimes committed to the popular jury, is the crime of omission of the duty to help, which is not one of the most seriously punishable crimes within the penal code.

The specialty, the criminal experts tell us, in this type of matter JAVIER and MANUEL RINCON BERNAL, is the specific processing of this type of matter, that is, the procedure before the jury court enjoys a series of mechanisms or "different ways of doing things", which makes it ESSENTIAL FOR THE LAWYER TO BE VERY SPECIALIZED IN THIS TYPE OF MATTERS. In fact, most lawyers in Spain have never dealt with this type of matter, as few are dealt with, and they are usually entrusted to true specialists such as the RINCÓN BERNAL brothers. 

It seems interesting, to end this article, to answer a series of interesting questions, at least briefly or telegraphically. Of course, if you allow us, we will be clear and blunt. What the legislative text says is one thing and another, (which may or may not expressly coincide), is the advice we give you from our editorial office. 

When is a criminal lawyer and prosecutor mandatory?

For example, for a trial for a minor crime, a lawyer and criminal attorney are not required. Our advice is that you should be assisted by a lawyer and represented by a solicitor. In the first place, because the opposing party may go with professionals and from another, well, you are better off going with your lawyer than alone. That it is indeed worth money, yes, but in many cases, it will be a good investment. 

What if I don't have a lawyer for a trial?

if you lack resources, you will be assigned a public defender, to whom you will have to pay his fee, if you actually have economic income. If you have income, our advice is to appoint your own lawyer of your trust and prestige. 

What is a criminal trial?

In a criminal trial is where it is resolved whether or not a person has actually committed a certain crime, and if having committed it, they should go to prison or not, depending on the crime they have committed. 

How much does a lawyer charge in a speedy trial?

Each bar association establishes professional fees for intervention in a speedy trial. Notwithstanding the professional fees between lawyer and client, they are free. The important thing and our advice is that when hiring a lawyer for a speedy trial, consult directly with the lawyer what his fees are to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

How long does it take to get out a criminal trial?

The eternal question of the client, which puts the client in trouble. The Law establishes certain deadlines, but in the end everything depends on the court, the official, the resources…. Of a thousand things 

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