Internet Threats: Keys to Act Against Them


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The Internet is a really powerful tool, in which you can find what you want and learn endless things, however, others use it in the wrong way to carry out Internet Threats. 

Due to the current consumption that we have of the Internet, this type of threat has increased exponentially in recent years. In Spain, an average person can last more than 3 hours making direct use of the internet, this is taking series and movies. 

What we mean by this is that this high consumption increases the probability of a threat. 

Are Internet Threats a crime?

We can find this offense in the article 169 to 171 of the penal code, in this one expresses the threats as a criminal law. In order for it to be considered a real threat, you must take into account 3 characteristics, which are:

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  • That behavior can lead to a larger social situation. 
  • Its content must be totally credible and contain a serious character to take it as a threat. 
  • Intimidating conduct by the car of the same. This must also go hand in hand with the real possibility that the threat could be carried out. 

Now, within this crime there has been a small dispute whether it is fraud or negligence. Let's see if you sit down to carry out a fairly specific threat, with an execution plan and almost put the date of it, that cannot be taken as imprudence. 

Internet Threats: Keys to Act Against Them
Internet Threats: Keys to Act Against Them

The person who makes a threat is seeking to intimidate and affect the mental health of the person who is threatening. 

This is a crime that remains consummated from the moment the threatened party learns of the threat. Let us remember that this crime is only the first step to something that can be much more complex and a more serious crime, therefore, the importance of attacking it in time. 

Keeping the threat is something really important, since it will serve as an evidentiary measure in the future. Now, due to this, the law requires telephone companies to maintain content of a telephone line, at least for 1 full year. 

How should we act in the face of Internet Threats?

In order to face any type of threat over the Internet, we must identify the means by which it is being carried out, among these we can mention:

Via telephone

When we talk about telephone calls, we are talking directly about calls or text messages. In this situation, the first thing you should do is save the phone number of the threat and of course the content of the message. 

If it is a call, if necessary, the operator must keep the content of the call, since the law requires it to be kept for at least 1 year. 

Via Internet. 

Within the web there are many ways to carry out a threat, the good thing is that you can track them quite easily. Each person has a user of interest and in turn can be related to a telephone number. 

Depending on the privacy of the user, through this you can find the name or even the address where he lives. This is important jury-front information. 

Once we can have the means by which the threat was made, other aspects must be taken into account, such as:

Date on which the threat was made, this is important information, since from then on this is considered a crime. If it has been made by call, you must take into account the start and end time of the same. 

In the same way, if it is carried out by another means of the Internet, the time will also be necessary at the time of making the complaint. 

Let us remember that for the threat to enter as a crime, it must have credibility and the possibility of the damage that was expressed being committed. What we mean by this is that a type of threat by some religious belief, political party or some position that goes against many people is not the same. 

We say this because there are currently a large number of YouTubers, influencers and public figures who receive a large amount of insults for any situation. However, if this does not happen to major and it is very unlikely that something could happen, it will not be considered a real threat. 

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