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Famous Lawyers in Spain

Do you want the best lawyer in Spain?.

We are going to try to give you the best lawyer in Spain, so that you have the best possible defense for your matter. You only have to follow the advice that we are going to give you, so that when you consult, you find what you are looking for, "The best lawyer in Spain".

The first thing you should identify is the type of problem you have: Do you need the best criminal lawyer in Spain? Perhaps the best labor lawyer? A magnificent family lawyer for a divorce? Or a commercial lawyer for a business merger?

By identifying the type of problem you have, it will be easier for you to find the best lawyer in Spain for your problem and for you. 

We are a legal newspaper accustomed to the news of courts. Our professional activity is focused on the publication of news related to CRIMINAL LAW, so the lawyers we deal with and who we follow in their professional activity ARE CRIMINAL LAWYERS, specialized in that specific branch of law, CRIMINAL LAW.

Are you looking for a lawyer specialized in Criminal Law?

we help you find a criminal lawyer.
We have a wide network of collaborating lawyers in all Spain.

best lawyer in Spain

Of course, we follow the news of courts, criminal courts, throughout the entire Spanish state, and we know perfectly well who frequents certain courts a lot, who handles more or less media matters and who are more or less famous. 

Having said the above, we are going to tell you which, in our opinion, are the best criminal law firms in the country, and we are going to give you different options, so that you can get in touch with them and finally choose the one that most convinces you. 

JAVIER and MANUEL RINCON BERNAL, (criminal lawyers), Directors of Rinber lawyers. Firm specialized exclusively in criminal law. They have offices in Malaga, Granada and Madrid.

They work throughout the national territory. Both are also collaborators of different television channels (TVE, A3, TELE5, among many others). Young, (46 years old, since they are twins), but with a career of more than 20 years of professional experience before all national instances. Highly mediatic professional successes, reflected in national and international media.

If they accept your case, they will process it themselves, never a "junior" or a collaborator. That is a great advantage. Always available, they give their clients their personal phone numbers, so they can always be in touch. This fact is not very common in the profession. 

In this ranking, two of the most famous lawyers that our country has produced cannot be missing. little presentation needed MARCOS GARCIA MONTES, from Madrid born in 1948, (72 years old) and JAVIER SAAVEDRA, also from Madrid, born in 1950, (70 years old), both highly publicized and frequent television sets, still keep their professional offices open. 

Nor can we leave behind distinguished lawyers who have created law firms of recognized prestige, such as, ANTONIO GARRIGUES WALKER, (86 years old), who created the firm that bears his name, GARRIGUES LAWYERS. EMILI CUATRECASAS, (65 years old), founder of the firm CUATRECASAS LAWYERS, either MIQUEL ROCK, father of the Spanish constitution, (80 years old), founder of the firm that bears his name.

All of the above, without forgetting the law firm URIA LAWYERS, also of recognized prestige. All these macro offices have departments specialized in criminal law. We have wanted to make an approximation so that now, you can choose the type of office that may best suit you for your specific matter. 

What is the best law firm in Spain?

It all depends on the specific matter that you are looking for. It is not the same, the knowledge that a labor lawyer must have, than that of a criminal lawyer. Definitely. We are going to give our exclusive opinion, of what we consider to be the best law firm in Spain, in criminal law. 

How much do lawyers charge in Spain?

The professional fees of lawyers in Spain are free. This means that the client and the lawyer must or can agree on a specific amount of professional fees for a specific professional performance. That is why it is advisable that almost the first thing that should be discussed with the lawyer is the matter of fees. However, in all cities in Spain, there is a professional association of lawyers, which has a book of professional fees available to lawyers, where the minimum fees that lawyers must charge for their professional performance are established. 

What is the best lawyer in the world?

In criminal law, which is the branch that we know, and in our country, which is where we carry out our professional activity, today, and at this specific moment, due to their professional successes and their impeccable performances, in all criminal instances in our country, we can identify the law firm, RINBER LAWYERS, which led by the RINCÓN BERNAL BROTHERS, (JAVIER and MANUEL), is delighting customers who have them. 

best lawyer in Spain

What are the best law firms in Spain?

By subjects, there are many. In this article, (because it is what we know), we are going to try to identify which are the best law firms in Spain, specialists in criminal law, which is the branch of law, that due to our activity as journalists specialized in criminal courts, we can offer you. 

What is the best law firm in Spain?

As we have been commenting, there is no law firm that is the best in Spain, in each and every one of the branches of law. It is impossible and unfeasible.

That is why, at the beginning of this article, we recommended to our reader that he first identify his problem, and from there, select a professional, a specialist in that specific matter. We, in this article, make a recommendation of several offices, but specialized in criminal law, (criminal lawyers).

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