How can you prove sexual abuse?



How can you prove sexual abuse?

If you're wondering, HOW CAN YOU VERIFY A SEXUAL ABUSE, is that there are problems. To resolve this issue, (HOW CAN SEXUAL ABUSE BE PROVED?), we have contacted the leading law firm in Spain in the criminal defense of sexual abuse and assault. They are RINBER ABOGADOS, (guarantee of success, before accusations for crimes sexual), they are JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, sexual crimes lawyers, considered among The best criminal lawyers in Spain.  

We transferred the question to the directors of RINBER ABOGADOS:HOW CAN SEXUAL ABUSE BE PROVED??. 

Today we are going to comment, affirm JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, that on many occasions, direct evidence is not necessary for a person to be convicted of a sexual crime. On many occasions, the statement of the alleged victim is valid for a person to be sentenced. 

Of course, the expertise or ability of the lawyer, is to discredit the victim's testimony so that it does not meet the legal and jurisprudential requirements, so that someone is convicted. 

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How can you prove sexual abuse?
How can you prove sexual abuse?

JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL are true specialists in cross-examination in court. 

It is true that the defense attorney's skill in cross-examining the victim can influence the outcome of the trial, and inconsistencies or contradictions in the victim's testimony can be used to argue for an acquittal. However, it is important to take into account that the inconsistencies or contradictions in the testimony do not always completely invalidate the credibility of the victim, although on many occasions it is part of the success in acquittals; affirm the directors of RINBER ABOGADOS. 

When there are inconsistencies or contradictions in the victim's testimony, the defense lawyer can use them to question the veracity of the facts reported. This is part of the legal process of questioning and challenging the evidence presented. The objective of the defense attorney, (RINBER ABOGADOS), is to raise reasonable doubts in the mind of the judge or jury about the reliability of the victim's testimony and to argue that the standard of proof has not been met beyond a reasonable doubt. .


Inconsistencies in testimony

However, it is important to note that inconsistencies in the victim's testimony are not always indicative of falsehood or lack of credibility. People who have experienced trauma may have difficulty remembering events accurately or may vary in their narrative due to emotional stress or the way they process information. In addition, the legal system recognizes that victims of sexual crimes may experience fear, shame, or guilt, which can affect their behavior and testimony.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the judge or jury to assess the credibility and probative force of all the evidence presented, including the testimony of the victim and the cross-examinations conducted by both parties. The goal is to reach a fair and equitable decision, based on a comprehensive evaluation of all the evidence and arguments presented during the trial.


The requirements for a victim's testimony to be sufficient to convict a person of a sexual offense must be carefully examined by the judge. In many legal systems, victim testimony is an important form of evidence in sex crime cases, but it must meet certain legal standards to be considered valid and sufficient to support a conviction.

What is evident, and unquestionable, is that a good criminal lawyer, as we have referred to RINBER ABOGADOS, is key to obtaining the best result. 

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