How to Find a Good Criminal Lawyer


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How to Find a Good Criminal Lawyer

how to get a good criminal lawyer? AND What is the profile of a criminal lawyer?, are two of the most common issues along with the classic, How much does a criminal lawyer charge?, that the general public considers when making contact with a criminal lawyer. We already published, in its day, an article, (which you can find by clicking on the link that we accompany), which was called: 


In this article we make a list of those that, in our opinion, we consider THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN, according to our point of view. Possibly, you (who is reading this article) will ask yourself, what criteria is followed to make this ranking? Well then, let's answer your question, INTRODUCING OURSELVES. 

How to Find a Good Criminal Lawyer
How to Find a Good Criminal Lawyer

We are LEGAL INFORMATION, and we are a DIGITAL NEWSPAPER that collects the JUDICIAL ACTIVITY OF CRIMINAL COURTS throughout SPAIN. In such a way that on a daily basis we are in direct contact with CRIMINAL LAWYERS from all over the country, who send us chronicles of their professional actions before the different instances of the country, and that allows us to KNOW and SELECT THOSE WHO WE CONSIDER, "THE BEST LAWYERS PENALISTS OF SPAIN 2,021. 

The focus of today's news is different, while in its day we talked about who were the best, or we want to ask you other different questions, How to find a good criminal lawyer? AND What is the profile of a criminal lawyer?, and How much does a criminal lawyer charge?

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To answer these questions, we have JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, (Directors of RINBER ABOGADOS PENALISTAS), considered by LEGAL INFORMATION as well as by an innumerable list of PUBLICATIONS OF LEGAL CONTENT, “The best criminal lawyers in Spain in 2021”. 

Well then, How to find a good criminal lawyer? , we asked. 

JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, (Directors of RINBER ABOGADOS PENALISTAS), respond, We believe that before considering, How to find a good criminal lawyer? We should ask ourselves the question of What is the profile of a criminal lawyer?, and therefore, we must begin by describing the criminal lawyer.

The criminal lawyer, above all, must be a GREAT COMMUNICATOR with a VERY HIGH CAPACITY TO TRANSMIT and CONVINCE HIS APPROACHES. The first thing that comes to mind, (says JAVIER RINCÓN criminal expert), is the professional intervention of a criminal lawyer before a JURY COURT, with nine members who are the ones who have to decide a verdict of innocence or guilt towards your client.

WITHOUT THE CAPACITY TO COMMUNICATE, TO TRANSMIT and TO CONVECTION, that criminal lawyer IS LOST. Logically, (says MANUEL RINCÓN, a specialist in the matter), like any good professional, EXQUISITE KNOWLEDGE OF LAW and JURISPRUDENCE are essential weapons.

If you know MORE and BETTER THE LAW THAN YOUR RIVAL, you have many ballots to "take the cat to the water". Then, (JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL state), CLOSENESS TO THE CUSTOMER is ESSENTIAL for us. Without the slightest doubt. The criminal lawyer must be there. Next to his client, and his family too.

How to Find a Good Criminal Lawyer

Walking through the court, involved in criminal proceedings, is very, very unpleasant. DOUBTS arise, FEARS arise, and the lawyer must be with his client, providing legal advice, but also that personal support, which is so valuable. Lawyers have the OBLIGATION TO HUMANIZE JUDICIAL PROCEDURES, to a greater extent, those of a criminal nature. 

Clarifying the issue, How to find a good criminal lawyer?According to JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, we are committed to GOOGLE, as a professional search platform. It is easy and comfortable. You can contrast the opinions of professionals, look for newspapers or newspapers that talk about the professional, what they say, those who have been their clients on social networks such as FACEBOOK, (for example).

Also, without a doubt, "word of mouth" is interesting, but this has already been surpassed by the internet. Today, we all search for everything on the internet. Regarding the question, How to find a good criminal lawyer?Apart from the details that we have mentioned before, the good criminal lawyer must be COMBATIVE and TIRELESS, who does not give up before defeat, since he always has the possibility of rebuilding himself.

The good criminal lawyer must be an ADMIRER OF THE ROOM, what does this mean? That he must love acting in the courtroom more than being in the office preparing briefs, and that is because, as JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL affirm, a very high percentage of criminal trials are won on trial day. Without the slightest doubt.

On the internet, it is easy to contrast the PRESTIGE of the lawyer. Then, what we know as FIRST IMPRESSION is very important when talking with the lawyer and exchanging impressions. It is basic, say JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN. From the first conversation it is already known if there is a "feeling" between the parties, and that is basic. 

Then, it is an important detail, that it is the criminal lawyer, with whom you have spoken, who later takes the case. WE AT RINBER ABOGADOS, are the ones who handle the affairs. So much so, that in our office there are no interns, (or as they are now called, "junior" lawyers), if we accept your case, WE ARE THE ONE WHO DIRECTS THE LAWSUIT, NO ONE ELSE. This usually happens with large offices, where you go looking for number 1, but then he sends you another. 

The third question that arises is, How much does a criminal lawyer charge?. And this depends, really. We must remember that: PROFESSIONAL FEES BETWEEN LAWYER and CLIENT ARE FREE. What does this mean? Because what a lawyer charges depends on THE AGREEMENT reached by THE LAWYER and THE CLIENT.

So much, (as that one would say), or so little. Apart from this, each professional association, for example: MADRID, MALAGA, SEVILLE, GRENADE, BARCELONAThey have their own books of professional fees, (which are more or less homogeneous), (the same or similar among them), which establish the minimum that a lawyer must charge for his professional intervention in a specific matter.

If you ask us directly, and to be frank, AT RINBER ABOGADOS PENALISTAS, WE TRY TO ACCEPT WHAT IS SET BY THE PROFESSIONAL FEES BOOK. But each lawyer and a world, and for this reason, our advice is that, once we have selected the lawyer we want to be our "guardian angel", the first thing we talk to him or her about is money. In a clear and direct way, ask, How much do you charge as a criminal lawyer?. Surely, if you are a law and order lawyer, you will appreciate the question. 

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