How to choose a criminal lawyer?


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To choose a criminal lawyer as long as they exist, it is necessary study some factors that allow us to make a good selection. Among them are specialization, experience, studies carried out and the reference of work carried out. 

The criminal lawyer you choose must have skills that allow you to defend or accuse a citizen in criminal courts. In addition, you must have a deep knowledge of the laws and the different types of judicial processes.

Characteristics that a criminal lawyer must have

the choice of a criminal lawyer It is a process that can be complicated, so here we want to help you. Below we present the characteristics that a good professional in this branch of law should have. 

How to choose a criminal lawyer?
How to choose a criminal lawyer?

Vocational training

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The criminal lawyer must have a Law degree and a Master's degree to practice law. In addition to one specialization in Criminal Law, constant training with complementary courses in the area.

This professional must keep their knowledge related to the law up to date. You must also master communication and negotiation techniques, as well as handle new technologies.

The specialization of these professionals is another important factor because criminal law is divided into many branches. For a good defense or accusation it is necessary to have a specialist in the area with specific knowledge. 

Criminal lawyers can specialize in money laundering, crimes of drug trafficking, murder, homicide, fraud, fraud, among others. There are also those who only work for companies or individuals.

It is best to choose the criminal law professional according to the problem you have. 


It is important that the professional has experience in handling cases and in the processes in the Court and in the Tribunals. They must know how to wear the different processes in the judicial area

Lawyers specializing in Criminal Law can be excellent professionals and have good knowledge of the laws. But it is also necessary that you have experience in the operation of criminal proceedings. Which will be the best guarantee of receiving a quality service.

To choose a criminal lawyer, it is necessary to have experience in the area, so before choosing, verify their experience. 


Dedication is another of the characteristics that a professional in this area of law must have. This professional should be dedicated to addressing the different situations that has the case, maintain constant communication with the client. 

The lawyer must provide advice the client about his behavior during the judicial process. In addition to accompany him throughout the process and in the different procedures that must be carried out. 

He good criminal lawyer is the one who show interest In his case, he listens to him carefully from the first moment. Carry out a case study to establish the strategies to follow for the defense or accusation. 

The care it provides is personalized, because not all cases are the same, and it is available when needed. 

How to choose a criminal lawyer?
How to choose a criminal lawyer?

Recommendations for choosing a criminal lawyer

To help you choose this legal professional, we present some recommendations: 

success in cases

The success of the cases is an important factor when choosing a lawyer in this area. To do this, try to find out about the cases where has he participated and what have been the results. 

This is very easy to check because these professionals tend to promote themselves through cases where they have been successful. Before choosing the lawyer, make sure of the cases where he has participated and what the results have been.


To have a lawyer dedicate to the case and worry about solving this shouldn't be free. Most of these professionals set their fees according to the severity of the case and the type of crime. 

Why is it not the same to defend a person who has committed the crime of fraud against a person as a person who is being accused of the crime of murder. Therefore, it is necessary to keep this in mind when choosing the lawyer.

first consultation

The first consultation with the lawyer is only for make contact and tell him the case. The professional, according to his experience, raises the possible options that exist, but to carry out an in-depth study, he requires that his services be hired. 

The recommendation when looking for a lawyer is that the first consultation is without obligation and at no cost. This will allow you to determine if you are trustworthy and if you could understand each other.

close to home

You may be able to find a good criminal lawyer who is experienced, skilled, with a high success rate, and at a good price. But it is many kilometers away distance from your home and you must spend a lot to meet him. 

This is usually not cost effective, because what you don't have to pay in fees you will have to spend on the move. The recommendation is that the search be limited, that is, that it be the closest to your residence. 


The choice of lawyer must be made after a comparison between various professionals of the area. To do this, you must consult with several specialists to have different options and determine which is the most convenient for your case. 

The lawyer must have skills to negotiate both at the judicial and extrajudicial level. 


The references They are very important when you want to choose a lawyer specialized in criminal law. These can be searched among friends, acquaintances or relatives, but they can also be searched on the internet. 

ask questions

Before hiring the lawyer ask questions, these will allow you to determine if there is a possibility of come to an understanding. Here are some of the questions you should ask:

What will be the means used for communication. Email, phone calls, office visits, among others.

What is the best option to contact the lawyer. 

What hours are you available to serve your customers, how can you contact them in case of an emergency. 

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