Tips to know how much a lawyer charges in a criminal trial


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The assistance of an attorney is critical to the success of your criminal trial. the question of How much does a lawyer charge for a criminal trial? deserves a response according to the fees deserved by the professional, however, also according to how satisfied the client may be. We must answer a generalized question before answering exactly about a criminal trial.

Tips to know how much a lawyer charges in a criminal trial
Tips to know how much a lawyer charges in a criminal trial

How much does a lawyer charge for a consultation?

Before a criminal trial, consultation must be essential. Consultations vary depending on the situation, for example:

Trials can vary between €250 – €2100. 

Divorces between 300-1200$

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Evictions €250-€900

Inheritance division €2,000 – €2,500

Assistance to detainees 200-350€

So, we can be clear that the prices of a lawyer can vary between €200-3000 depending on the situation. Something expensive No? It depends on what you trade. Hiring the services of a lawyer scares many, since they feel that at the end of the day, they will not be able to pay, the base price will change a lot or they prefer a public lawyer to lower costs.

The information is clear, here we made an estimate of their services depending on how these services were contracted before and how they are contracted now. At that time, the services were contracted thanks to a minimum rate regulated by law until approximately 2009. 

The lawyers had a fee to follow depending on the activities to be carried out. For example, if you were detained at a Civil Guard control and you tested positive for breathalyzer or the drug test, the criminal code has a specific area for this type of case, as well as others for divorces. This was considered the Fee Scale, which was operating as a fee until the arrival of the Omnibus Law for 2009, which gives lawyers freedom to set prices in agreements with the client.

This law served as a point of reference for legal professionals to offer clear rates according to the activities carried out. These rules applied to your case and everything that happened during the process. 

How to negotiate how much a lawyer charges for a criminal trial

Look, The fact of previously asking how much a service costs relieves you of many things, surcharges, surprise charges and uncoordinated rates before performing a service. Forgetting the penalty in a negotiation, especially if it is for a legal process that interests you, is an important step to take. 

Don't feel insecure anymore There are several ways to achieve fixed fees. We want you to feel calm when setting a price for the legal services you require, we always recommend that the budget be made before starting the service, either just to know how much a lawyer charges for a criminal trial or for some other Procedure.

A lawyer will be your partner as long as he supports you. You must have full confidence in him. This means that If you come across a lawyer who is not clear about the cost of their servicesdon't hire him. 

Nobody likes to be trying their luck, we are in favor of even answering questions completely free of charge in consulting mode and then agreeing on a budget that is comfortable for both parties for a consultation or a criminal trial.

Ways to establish how much a lawyer charges for a criminal trial

Here we want to clarify the ways to collect from a lawyer, or at least, the ones that you can offer before starting your procedures. The cost of the Law Firm can be summarized in:

The fee scale system

This is the usual system, which you can consult at the civil code level and there, get an estimate or reach an agreement with your trusted lawyer. 

The system of scales is used regularly and currently by the courts when the affected party must be financially remunerated by the party that has lost the trial. The cost of fees for hiring professionals must be paid by the one who has lost the trial. This when you have had to hire professionals to defend your interests (Attorney, lawyer)

The lawyer who governs your payments under this system, let's say that he is forgetting about problems and details that may come up in court. There are details that are impossible to know at first, as well as you will not know if you are paying for a fair service if you are establishing a price that only says the law, without previously discussing the lawyer's tasks.

fixed rates

According to what was found in the rate of the scale, expressed in the laws that we mentioned above from 2009, you can reach an agreement on fixed rates with a payment term, signed and sealed with a letter that the same lawyer and you write.

Many use the scale rates and then apply certain percentages or add extra tasks to give a realistic price for your case.

Rates by word and by agreement, by eye

This depends on the lawyer's negotiating skills. If the lawyer knows how to explain to you what his functions are and give value to each of them, then he could consider by eye how much his work would be for your criminal trial.

There are many law firms that take the base rates of the scale as examples, but only to have a reference and give a price that suits the law firm where they are. This is very common, more common than charging fees already established in the law, although they serve as a reference.

For hours

The trials vary according to the difficulty, they can be one-day trials and take a few hours, or trials of several sessions for sample evidence, arguments, appeals, among many other things. Many lawyers have opted for this modality because their effort is evaluated based on productivity.

Depending on workload

It is another way of evaluating it, let's say that it is something similar to hours, by productivity, but without the need to quantify in time. Everything will be measured based on the number of times the lawyer must attend a site. 

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