Grooming: What Is It And How Do We Detect It?


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The crimes At present, sexual relations have increased, and more with technological advances, reaching another person is something really simple, however, there is sextortion and Grooming as one of the most common. 

While sextortion attacks anyone, Grooming is much worse, since it seeks to attack minors and adolescents. 

These crimes are more common than we think, however, the number of complaints that can be obtained in Spain are low. On this occasion, we will be talking about Grooming and everything you need to know about this cybercrime. 

What are the phases of online grooming?

Being that this is a crime that goes directly to children and adolescents, its phases are important for the perpetrator, since following them will lead to success. The phases are the following: 

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Building trust between the perpetrator and the victim

As we have been saying, this crime goes directly against the most vulnerable. Adolescence is one of the stages where the person usually feels misunderstood and wants to rebel against the authorities. 

The perpetrators know this and look for that tipping point, at which they can enter into the trust of the victim. Normally they seek to agree with whatever the victim tells them and enter more and more information. 

Grooming: What Is It And How Do We Detect It?
Grooming: What Is It And How Do We Detect It?

Manages to be the only support of the victim

After building trust with the victim, he will seek to put her against all support points or possible risks that the perpetrator may have. Once they have confidence, it is normal for the victim to tell his victimizer everything and he can manipulate her to push her away. 

Once he has this, he guarantees that the next thing will be between him and the victim. This type of victimizers do not risk anything, they seek not to be discovered and for this, it can take a long time. 

Keeping everything a secret, no one will be able to support the victim. 

Risk assessment

These aggressors tend to avoid any danger, therefore, they will always seek to ensure confidentiality between them and the victim. It is normal to ask if anyone else knows who touches the computer or telephone equipment. 

As we can see, the people who commit this crime have a good capacity to involve the person. 

sexual themes

The adolescent tends to have many sexual doubts, this in most cases due to the lack of parental guidance. This sea of doubts is a great advantage for the aggressor, since he himself will seek to attack these points with sexual themes. 

He himself will always try to bring a sexual topic into the conversation and make the victim feel comfortable, he will even manage to make the victim feel wise on the subject. 

Requests of a sexual nature

Once these topics are touched, the aggressor will seek to make sexual requests, which range from the slightest to photos and more. Once you have this sexual material, the next step is to carry out a bit of blackmail so that the minor fears for their integrity, but this without the aggressor being discovered. 

Finally, he himself will seek to agree on a meeting with the minor, something that is close to him, but without danger to the aggressor. This encounter can end in rape, death, kidnapping and many more crimes.

Is grooming in the Spanish penal code?

Due to technological changes, every day there is a new crimeHowever, some of these are not found in the penal code, a clear example of this is sextortion. This crime is punished based on others, such as extortion, sexual abuse and some more. 

However, grooming is found in the penal code of Spain, specifically in the article 183, what does it say:

"1. Whoever performs acts of a sexual nature with a minor under sixteen years of age, will be punished as responsible for sexual abuse of a minor with a prison sentence of two to six years.

2. When the acts are committed using violence or intimidation, the person responsible will be punished for the crime of sexual assault to a minor with a penalty of five to ten years in prison. The same penalties will be imposed when through violence or intimidation compels a minor under sixteen years of age to participate in acts of a sexual nature with a third party or to perform them on himself.

3. When the attack consists of carnal access through the vaginal, anal or oral route, or the introduction of body members or objects through one of the first two routes, the person responsible will be punished with a prison sentence of eight to twelve years, in the case of section 1, and with a penalty of twelve to fifteen years, in the case of section 2”

How can grooming be prevented?

As we can see, this is a crime in which the offender takes advantage of the victim's disorientation. This is the first point of prevention in terms of our adolescents, since we must guide them about the good and the bad that we can find within the networks. 

Likewise, conversations about sexuality are important, and yes, they can be a little awkward, but they are totally necessary. This type of affective encounter helps you to understand what is going through the adolescent's head and to be able to carry out the best possible orientation. 

The other point that we must take into account is the freedom that we give our adolescents to access the web. It is true that they have privacy, which must be respected, however, constant monitoring of networks and the web is paramount. 

This monitoring can be done with or without your consent, since the guardianship of it is yours, therefore, take a moment to review what our adolescent is doing. 

It will always be better to have a review in time for your child to become a victim of this heinous crime. 

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