Major Penalties for child pornography crimes


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The Civil Liberties Commission European Parliament agreed to tighten legislation to prevent abuses against minors. Regulating that all material child pornography It must be eliminated from its origin in addition to blocking access to them.

Also, the supreme court presents a proposal to increase the aggravating circumstances for those who possess or distribute this content. And not only to those who produce said material, foreseeing penalties between five to nine years by the penal code.

In the event that these contents come from outside Europe, each of these pages will essentially be blocked.

Major Penalties for child pornography crimes
Greater Penalties for crimes child pornography

Increase in Penalties for Child Pornography Crimes

The document approved by civil liberties committee of the European Parliament established minimum sentences of 20 sexual crimes. Hardening these same sanctions imposed against crimes such as child pornography and sexual abuse against minors.

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Especially getting worse penalties in cases where the perpetrator is a trusted person such as a family member or teacher. Being imposed minimum penalties not only those who make or possess child pornography, but also those who view it. 

This is essentially if the viewer has knowledge of the content, will be equally punishable by law with the minimum penalties. Establishing the European Parliament its commitment to implement and follow this strict policy with a high priority to be fulfilled.

Thus promoting the elimination of each of the websites that contain this kind of content immediately. This decision is based on the premise that simply blocking itself would not be as effective, only if it were foreign.

It would only be resorted to blocking of these same pages in case of a country outside the European Union. This is in case a country not belonging to the European Union refused to collaborate, thus permanently eliminating them.

In addition to this, for the first time it is included in the European legislation crimes known as sexual tourism against minors. Being this foreign traveler travels to abuse children or the seduction of this for purposes of sexual exploitation.

He penal Code In Spain it establishes that the penalties in these cases are five to nine years in prison. The most aggravating penalties being imposed in cases of more particularly content degrading and humiliating against minors.

This penalty used to apply to content creators, however, the supreme court It is planned to expand it to distributors. 

Aggravation of Sentences against Child Pornography

The penalties imposed against criminals for the perpetration, distribution and possession of these contents will be totally aggravating. Imposing a sentence according to the penal code and the supreme court five to nine years in prison against them. 

Furthermore, once this sentence has been completed, they will be totally prohibited from incorporating activities related to minors. Here companies will be able to have access to information before hiring someone among them. records of crimes.

This information being fully available to the competent authorities, this type of information on the records of sex offenders. In addition to also being available to different NGOs so that there is zero tolerances against this type of serious crimes. 

This information has been available since 2009, when a record with each of the criminals. This record It is at the complete disposal of companies, NGOs and different courts so that it is a highly intolerable crime.

In addition to this, these crimes expanded to the so-called sex tourists who travel abroad to abuse minors. It has also become common operations against pedophilia crimes that cover different countries in the European region.

The majority of these crimes are related to the possession and distribution of child pornography through Internet properly. Likewise, in recent years, reports of cases of child abuse or pedophilia.

Likewise, operations against different pedophile communities who distributed and possessed child pornography content through the Internet. Being calculated according to the association Action against Child Pornography More than 20,000 complaints were received in the last year. 

The courts The corresponding authorities apply the corresponding aggravating penalties against these aberrant acts that affect many minors.

Major Penalties for child pornography crimes
Major Penalties for child pornography crimes

Legal actions against child pornography

The different security agencies They have presented different operations to address these problems of pedophilia against minors. He supreme court Since 2008, it has approved a sentence where police officers pose as minors in forums of these groups.

This is with the intention of being able to catch in flagrante the different criminals who belong to these pedophile groups. Being organized primarily by police entities with specialized personnel working against different internet groups where this content is distributed.

Likewise, in autonomous entities such as Catalonia it was approved as punishment chemical castration of these criminals. The main unit working against the distribution of child pornography on the Internet this provision of National Police

This is known as the Technological Research Brigade being dedicated to investigating more than 30 thousand complaints on the internet. Being organized on different occasions collaborations with the interpol to be able to coordinate operations against these groups of pedophiles.

So too collaborate and advise in conjunction with different police agencies located in Latin America against these crimes. Likewise, Spanish organizations such as the Civil Guard They work against pedophilia on the internet by searching for pedophile offenders.

Also counting on a specialized team such as Telematic Crimes Group to be able to search and capture these digital criminals. As well as distributing photos of pedophiles extracted from child pornography content, asking for support from citizens in their ID

Thus establishing different operations and judicial actions severely against this type of crime. Being of great priority the capture of each criminal involved in these crimes.

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