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Good Criminal Lawyer

When a normal person, an average citizen, is faced with a problem with the criminal jurisdiction, they look for a good criminal lawyer. And it is that, "with the things of the penalty, you do not play." Any other jurisdiction, to give examples, the civil one, the labor jurisdiction, the commercial jurisdiction, can cause you a scare, a big scare, normally of an economic nature, more so when you face the criminal jurisdiction it is necessary and advisable to have a good criminal lawyer, to resolve the criminal matter successfully, because in the end, after health, freedom is the most precious asset that any human being has, "and you should not play with that." 

Good Criminal Lawyer
Good Criminal Lawyer

Since our writing, every year we try to make a list of the best criminal lawyers in Spain, so that our readers, and in the case that concerns us today, you can choose a good criminal lawyer

Our list of the best criminal lawyers

Our list of the best criminal lawyers is not capricious or random, our means of communication, legal information, is a legal newspaper with the vocation of pressing and publishing information of legal content and courts. We know the day to day of the courts and tribunals throughout Spain and we know who the best criminal lawyers in Spain and the keys to choose a good criminal lawyer

Interview with the Best Criminal Lawyer 2022

To know the previous keys or tricks we have asked JAVIER RINCON, who has been chosen by various publications as THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYER IN SPAIN, who tells us what are the issues that anyone should take into account when choosing a good criminal lawyer

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Q: Javier, what is the main requirement to be a good criminal lawyer?. 

Javier Rincón: I believe that there are several requirements that are essential to be considered a good criminal lawyer. First, specialization. Criminal law is so broad that one cannot know everything. Along with this, I would bet on closeness, proximity, always being, next to the client. Empathize with him and his suffering. The legal profession must be humanistic, that is, the lawyer must be close to his client and his situation. This cocktail, I think, makes that tandem, lawyer-client, a perfect team. 

Q: Javier, what values do you consider. What plays in his favor, so that he is recognized as the best criminal lawyer in Spain, along with his brother Manuel Rincón? 

javier rincon: Well, I consider that mainly the fact that both my brother Manuel and I have always understood the legal profession with a vocation of service to others. It is what we have always called both, the humanist legal profession to which I have referred before. This way of understanding your profession, together with an excessive vocation for our work is what has brought us the satisfaction of the public recognition that we are receiving from many media and organizations. 

Well, it seems that the keys that JAVIER RINCÓN gives us to choose a good criminal lawyer, they are simple. On the one hand we would have specialization, vocation for the profession and closeness. According to the lawyer Rincón, this is the cocktail of success for his criminal law firm with well-deserved prestige at the national level. 

We hope that this article has helped you to know the keys to choose the best criminal lawyer to solve the question that you may have. Present right now, either as a defense or an accusation.  

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