How Can I Get Someone Out of Jail on Provisional Release?

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When is urgent to get someone out of jail, without either trust, better to deal with a expert lawyer, specialist in get freedom with or without bailto, complying with the legal requirements in Spain.

But, When can you request provisional release?, Who can request the provisional release?, We are going to answer all the questions that you are asking yourself, in addition to many others so that you know, when, how, what, and above all WHO IS THE RIGHT LAWYER to request PROVISIONAL FREEDOM with a high PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS for your family member . To fill out a release form, on the same day of your family member's entry into prison, without any possibility of success, there are the rest of the lawyers. Listen to us and accept the advice.  

To specify all the answers on this specific issue, today we have, not only, one of the best criminal lawyers in the country, (JAVIER RINCON BERNAL, director of RINBER ABOGADOS), but with a true SPECIALIST IN ACHIEVING PROVISIONAL FREEDOM, with respect to many of its clients, perhaps being among the LAWYERS with top results in this question of all SPAIN


Get someone out of prison either from jail, can be either very simple or very complex, depending on how you look at it. What is clear is that, from the judicial or procedural point of view, YOU ONLY HAVE TWO or, with great luck, THREE OPPORTUNITIES.

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Let's behave like "snipers", (allow me the analogy, JAVIER RINCÓN excuses himself), because we have few options but WITH A LOT OF STRENGTH, not in vain do we have on our side the FREEDOM of a person, which together with life, is the most precious thing. Let's know how to manage time and resources. You have to know how to wait for the moment and you have to know what the arguments have to be. The request for provisional release, (states JAVIER RINCÓN), is an unstable explosive potion, which must be handled with skill. 


If you know how to handle these variables (which we have mentioned before), LEAVING ON PROVISIONAL FREEDOM IS EASY AND FAST. Of course yes, but fast is not synonymous with CRAZY. Alas!!, Anyway!!. Not that. As the saying goes, “Dress me slowly, I'm in a hurry,” remembers JAVIER RINCÓN.

Fast yes, but hey!! That we have at most, 2 or 3 possibilities. We must thoroughly study the matter, in general, and the order of entry into prison, in particular, to decide in a very serious manner, WHERE WE ARE GOING TO ATTACK THAT RESOLUTION THAT HAS SENT OUR FAMILY MEMBER TO PRISON. If we choose the strategy well, (insists JAVIER RINCÓN, criminal lawyer), LEAVING ON PROVISIONAL FREEDOM IS EASY AND FAST.


Throughout this article, we are answering the question about what are the KEYS TO ACHIEVING PROVISIONAL FREEDOM?. We already have several; Do not present an appeal or a request for freedom, “at the first opportunity”, “whatever happens” and as our expert JAVIER RINCÓN previously stated, we must thoroughly study the matter, in general and the order of admission to prison, in particular, to decide in a very serious way, the strategy to follow.   

Who can request provisional release?,

Without a doubt, the defense of the person who has been placed in provisional detention. The lawyer is the one who must present or, an appeal for reform and/or a subsidiary appeal against the order of entry into prison, or after the deadline to present the above, request provisional release, by means of a writing requesting the modification of the situation. personal, at the headquarters of the judicial piece for this purpose, says JAVIER RINCÓN, criminal lawyer.  

When can you request provisional release?

From the moment of entry into prison, from the issuance of the judicial resolution that agrees to entry into prison, the lawyer can request release, but of course, taking into consideration, as RINBER ABOGADOS states, the advice that we have stated above. commented. 

How to get provisional release quickly?

Essentially, JAVIER RINCÓN tells us, there is no formula that always works. We would like more. Each case is different, but, from my experience of more than 20 years in the profession, if we put into play the arguments that we have been commenting on throughout the present, “there are many options” to achieve the objective of achieving the provisional release

How can I get someone out of jail? … 

Essentially following the advice that JAVIER RINCÓN has presented, expert in provisional freedoms in this interview. 

How long can you be imprisoned without a sentence?

Our expert, (JAVIER RINCÓN from RINBER ABOGADOS), tells us that on many occasions, the first action he has to carry out, when he takes charge of a criminal matter, with a person who is deprived of liberty, in prison, is REMOVING THE REMEDY WHERE PROVISIONAL FREEDOM IS REQUESTED, and this has caught our attention, asking him to explain it to us, stating thus: “Well, obviously, I have had to desist, (which is the technical word), from appeals raised against, he order of entry into provisional prison presented on the same day or the next day, as they are absolutely inconsistent and directly doomed to failure, that is, to being rejected.”

“You cannot shoot bullets just for the sake of shooting,” (Referring to appeals or requests for freedom), says RINCÓN BERNAL. “The appeals or requests for freedom, (states the director of RINBER ABOGADOS), must be raised at the right time and with the right arguments.” 

What are the requirements for provisional release?, What are the arguments to obtain it? 

The requirements are very well known, and it is easy to find them on the Internet, says this legal expert, I prefer to “go to the center of the target.” In every order that agrees to imprisonment, the Judge has the obligation to MOTIVATE or JUSTIFY the reasons why he sends that specific person to jail. “Going to the center of the bullseye” means DIRECTLY FIGHTING THOSE REASONS, with weight, with arguments, with documents, with evidence,..., that is “Going to the center of the bullseye”, to fill out a form, says JAVIER RINCÓN, in Whatever we argue, the “typical questions” that anyone argues, there is plenty of time, logically, to waste it.

It is about doing a great job, a great job that begins by studying the matter, ENTIRELY, to be able to PLACE YOURSELF in a combat position, and then STUDYING THE MATTER CAREFULLY. AUTO PRISON, and fight their arguments. That appeal or that request to modify what is technically called a personal situation piece can take weeks. It's like the work of a sniper, clean and precise. You CANNOT shoot the bulk. It usually goes wrong. 

To release someone from provisional detention with or without bail, there are two or three possibilities. No more. Bullets (factual and legal arguments) should not be spent just to spend them. We have freedom in this, says our specialist, JAVIER RINCÓN, (director of RINBER ABOGADOS).  

Today, we must all focus on finding true professionals in the subject at hand. You have to escape from the generality. Let's remember what he said: "He who encompasses much, squeezes little", right? This, without a doubt, applies to all aspects of life, professional, (of course), too.

Get out of jail It is not a simple task. Getting out of jail is easy, whenever possible, the point is to find qualified professionals, STUDIOUS about this type of cases and THOROUGH. To this end, today we have interviewed who, in the opinion of the majority, is one of the best criminal lawyers in the country, (JAVIER RINCÓN of RINBER ABOGADOS), who even within this specific branch of law, has demonstrated with solvency, not only is he deeply knowledgeable of criminal law,

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