Famous Lawyers in Spain


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Famous Lawyers in Spain

 Next we are going to give you the keys, (and the names, why not), so that you can locate the most famous, prestigious, influential and media lawyers in Spain. Some will sound more, for being famous tv lawyers.

Others will sound less familiar to them, because they do not have to know the news of the courts of our country, that is, who are those who are "all day" before the different courts and tribunals of Spain, and who by name, throughout Better you don't know them, but we, through our daily activity, are aware of their comings and goings. 

The list of names of lawyers and law firms that we are going to show you below, in some cases, is endorsed by the number of media that echo their daily work.

In this case, we have wanted to introduce at least a couple of links so that you can see that our work in the execution of such a list is an objective work, far from just talking about one or the other.

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Famous Lawyers in Spain

If you want to contrast our comments, you can click on the following links: “You are looking for the best lawyer”, Published by the Spanish newspaper: “third information”. You can also find references in the article: “television channels make the best criminal lawyers in Spain fashionable, In the diary "worldwide”, or references regarding his intervention in media matters, such as the “military pack affair”, which the newspaper echoes, The confidential

The first on our list as a famous lawyer, is occupied by criminal lawyers, directors of RINBER ABOGADOS, JAVIER RINCÓN and MANUEL RINCÓN, brothers, twins, and fantastic criminal lawyers. 


Our daily professional activity does not lead, in general, to criminal courts, throughout the entire Spanish geography. For some years now, the title of best lawyer in Spain in criminal law has been awarded to JAVIER RINCÓN BERNAL and his brother MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, directors of RINBER ABOGADOS. Look, in proof of the above, the links that we introduce where other newspapers also echo this statement. 

On the other hand, WE CAN ALSO HIGHLIGHT classic lawyers such as ANTONIO GARRIGUES WALKER, founder of GARRIGUES ABOGADOS and also D. MIQUEL ROCA, father of our Spanish constitution. 


From the point of view of criminal law, which is where we know the activity of lawyers, we consider the best lawyers in Spain, the following: 

In the first place, we have already made reference to JAVIER RINCÓN and MANUEL RINCÓN, directors of RINBER ABOGADOS; on the other hand, we reiterate in giving that second place to ANTONIO GARRIGUES WALKER, founder of GARRIGUES ABOGADOS and the third to Mr. MIQUEL ROCA. 


With the famous tv lawyers, the same thing happens to us, as with the most media lawyers in Spain, to a lesser extent with the former than with the latter. They are two groups into which we divide the famous lawyers on TV. Those who walk through the sets of pink television programs, those who are famous on TV, but for their tireless field work in courts and tribunals. 

Among these lawyers who appear more and more on television, we highlight first of all JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN, from the RINBER ABOGADOS law firm, who increasingly appear in the media thanks to their good daily work. 


Be careful, we are talking here about prestigious law firms, but also, (because we like them more), we make a banner of "micro law firms", which are now, in a somewhat "cheesy" way, called legal "boutiques". . In this section, we are going to talk about "craftsmen" of the law, we are going to give you the name of the typical law firms, headed by one, two, three or four lawyers, no more. We intend to flee in this article from the appointment of firms of twenty, thirty and/or more lawyers. Not in demerit, at all, but based on what the legal profession was at the beginning, and how we understand it, as a direct, spontaneous and loyal treatment between client and lawyer. 

Here we want to cite, apart from RINBER ABOGADOS, the classics: GARRIGUES and URIA MÉNDEZ. 


The most influential lawyers in Spain, in many cases, are not the lawyers that are suitable for a simple citizen, who indeed, what he is looking for is a guarantee lawyer, who will give him success in a certain trial that is pending with justice. 


Being rigorous, (or trying to be), on many occasions the media title is not awarded as a "medal of courage", as a "guarantee of success" when hiring a certain lawyer or another. On many occasions, this title of media lawyer is granted to different lawyers who are more related to the tabloids and television sets, in "gossip" programs, than with the daily activity of courts and tribunals.

On some occasions they have made outbursts, out of place that have in no way favored their professional career or the success of the processing of their client's file. It is for this reason that, since we do not like the media term at all, we do not give any name, so that no one can feel hurt in their feelings. On the contrary, we like the terms “most influential lawyers in Spain" either "prestigious lawyers Spain”, than that of “most media lawyer in Spain”. 


This is the group that attracts us the most. Yes, definitely. Lawyers who may or may not appear on television, lawyers who may or may not appear in the press. Lawyers who are indeed at the forefront of the professional practice of law. We have already commented, on several occasions, that our activity as a legal journal is limited, almost entirely to criminal law, and we are going to name a series of lawyers, who we consider to be PRESTIGIOUS, in the field of criminal law. 

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