Famous Lawyers in Seville


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Famous Lawyers in Spain

Do you want to know who are the famous lawyers in Seville?, Or in her case Do you want to know the ranking of the best lawyers in Seville?, if so, stay with us, we are going to introduce them to you, even when you may already know them. 

Let's set a ranking of the best lawyers in Seville, (“famous lawyers”), from the point of view of prestige, professional success, good work as lawyers, the importance and relevance of the matters they have successfully managed and everything that entails the exquisite exercise of their work as lawyers before Courts and tribunals. 

It is, of course, out of this ranking of lawyers in Seville, everything that does not have to do with the above. What is left out of this list is what has to do with the "pink press" or with being a lawyer for this or that famous person, if the professional work is not crowned with important successes, from a legal point of view, which is what interested. 

Famous Lawyers in Seville

We want to mention that in this list, we have taken the license, (excuse us for the audacity), to include a LAW FIRM, (based in Malaga, Granada and Madrid), EXCLUSIVELY SPECIALIZED IN CRIMINAL LAW, WHICH FOR HIS PROFESSIONAL WORK in the year 2020 and so far in 2021, IN THE COURTS AND COURTS OF SEVILLE CAPITAL, have DESERVED by their own RIGHT to form part of this list of famous lawyers in Seville.

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We are referring to the famous penal law office, RINBER LAWYERS, captained by the RINCÓN brothers, (JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN), regulars of the Seville capital. We will get to know you more below.   

Famous Lawyers in Seville



Sevillian by adoption, Malaga by birth. (Born in Coin, Malaga). Veteran lawyer of just over seventy-seven years, more than known in the high places of Seville. We can say that the list of famous clients in Seville of lawyer Francisco Bocanegra can be endless.

The ill-fated Duke of the fair, the humorist Jorge Cadaval, are clients of his office. María José Campanario and her mother have been her clients. Isabel Pantoja Always faithful to this veteran lawyer, he has just entrusted him with his latest family disputes with his son. In perfect physical and professional health, he continues to lead his prestigious office. They will retain in their memory cases such as Arny, the Karlos operation or Mercasevilla, like some in which this prestigious lawyer has intervened. In 2012, he ran unsuccessfully for the elections to be Dean of the Seville Bar Association. 



Sevillian by birth. He already treasures a certain seniority, not in vain he is already over retirement age (65 years). He has risen to fame for several important matters where he has achieved, (against all odds, to the credit of this lawyer), the RECOGNITION OF THE PATERNITY FROM SEVERAL CHILDREN TO SEVERAL FAMOUS, causing, without a doubt, embarrassing situations.

Bullfighters like Rafael Ostos and Manuel Benítez, or Julio Iglesias himself, should not keep good memories of this Sevillano Lawyer. He runs his multidisciplinary law firm, where they cover different branches of law. 


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Sevillians at heart, like the first, from Malaga by birth. They combine youth, 46 years, with experience and maximum specialization, a little over 20 years as criminal lawyers, (dedicated exclusively to the defense of serious criminal cases), regulars in the corridors and rooms of the Courts and tribunals of the Seville capital. They attract attention, for being twins and for their brilliant performance on the podium. 

Lawyers "on foot", whose professional fees are within the reach of any citizen's pocket, yes, exclusively specialized in criminal law.

Specialists in CRIMINAL AFFAIRS related to crimes against public health, (DRUG TRAFFICKING), and CRIME OF MONEY LAUNDERING. crimes against freedom (SEXUAL ASSAULTS, RAPE and SEXUAL ABUSE), Crimes related to CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, and SERIOUS CAUSES, which are held before the JURY COURT or sections of the PROVINCIAL COURT OF SEVILLE, such as (HOMICIDES AND MURDERS). 

Well-known collaborators in national television programs (ANTENA 3, Susana Griso Program, TVE, in the program, LAS MAÑANAS DE TVE), and regional as CANAL SUR.



Sevillian by birth. Just over 53 years old. Recognized as "Sevillian of the year" in 2017. Promoter of many solidarity actions in the Seville capital. Collaborator of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence of Madrid. Member of the Illustrious Bar Associations of Seville and Madrid. Lawyer, among many other famous people, of the great bullfighters "Fran Rivera" and "Morante de la Puebla", of the designers "Vitorio and Luchino” and Carmen Martínez Bordiú, among others.

He leads his own office, with drive and joy, in which matters of different areas of law are processed: Labor, administrative, civil, commercial, criminal and business law, among others. It has an extensive list of lawyers. 



30 years of professional experience illuminate the professional career of this famous Sevillian lawyer. A doctor in criminal law, he has set up an academic council in his professional office to promote the constant study of law in his office. Among the most relevant issues in which he has participated, you will surely remember the famous "PUNIC OPERATION", the "NEW RUMASA CASE".

Apart from the above, we can cite, for example, the prosecution in the case of the accident involving the bullfighter José Ortega Cano, who narrowly avoided his imprisonment, as well as the claim for compensation for those affected by the plane crash of SPANAIR.  

It is true that the census of lawyers in Seville is very large and actually already exceeds more than eight thousand members, and that, comparing these more than eight thousand lawyers, compared to the list that we propose of the best lawyers in Seville, leaves our cast of professionals a little scarce. Yes it's correct. But it is no less true that, indeed, it is possible that some of us could have forgotten, (we sincerely apologize), more than what we are convinced is that all of those that we have presented to you are top-level professionals, not only at the level of Seville, but they are even, at the national level.

In fact, for example, the Rincón Brothers, (JAVIER and MANUEL), (Directors of RINBER ABOGADOS), SEVILLANS OF ADOPTION, are considered of the best criminals in the country, making delights, (from a professional point of view), of locals and strangers, (less and less the seconds), in Madrid and in many other parts of the country. 

We wanted to combine in this list made up of famous lawyers in Seville, a “perfect cocktail”, (like the James Bond Martini; “Mixed not shaken”), whose ingredients have been, EXPERIENCE and VETERANCY, (Francisco Baena Bocanegra), LAWYER FOR FAMOUS, but one of the good ones, really good ones. More youth, but no less solvency, (JOAQUÍN MOECKEL), also a LAWYER FOR FAMOUS PEOPLE, but also one of the good, good ones.

From the same cut as the previous one, (LUIS ROMERO), solvent director of a large law firm. Since everything is not going to be seniority, we have not wanted to leave behind the present of the legal profession, not only in Seville, but throughout the country.

We are talking about an office where we start from a specific specialization, in this case, CRIMINAL LAW, to become "precious artisans of the law", where two exquisite virtues come together, which are YOUTH, (46 years old), in which people from two great criminal lawyers, who are already well-known, but at the same time, VERY ACCESSIBLE, and the VERY HIGH ACADEMIC PREPARATION. These are the lawyers that we have introduced to you before, (JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN), directors of RINBER ABOGADOS.  

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