Elements of the crime of child pornography


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there are certain elements of the crime of child pornography that depend on the handling of these materials by the people involved. Depending on the type of use of this material, different legal measures can be applied, due to the seriousness of the event.

Child pornography is understood as all audiovisual elements where minors are involved in sexual situations. It is an activity that is prohibited, due to the damage to the freedom and integrity of the minors involved.

Know them elements of the crime of child pornography It helps that we can work to prevent these materials from being reproduced.

Elements of the crime of child pornography
Elements of the crime of child pornography

Main elements of the crime of child pornography

First of all, one of the main elements of crime of child pornography is the possession of said materials. This is one of the most basic cases related to this type of crime and which is punishable in court,

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According to article 189.2 of the Penal Code, it is based on storing minor and incapable materials for personal use. Therefore, material dissemination, promotion, creation and other similar works are excluded at this point.

According to our Expert lawyers in the crime of child pornographyWithin the Criminal Code, judicial measures are also established for those who reproduce this type of material for illegal use. This means that all activity related to child pornography is punishable by law and will be severely penalized.

These types of activities promote the proliferation of paraphilias such as pedophilia, which endangers many minors. They are considered a vulnerable population since they are not in a position to accept this type of action on their own.

Due to the legal prohibitions on the handling of child pornography, different measures have been created to locate those responsible. However, these in turn have created methods of protection for themselves, seeking to continue reproducing these audiovisual elements.

It is a constant battle between the technological tools of each side to eliminate each other or survive and grow excessively. However, just because there are technologies within easy reach, there is already a risk of these illegal actions.

There are a number of world organizations who are in charge of working to eliminate child prostitution and pornography networks. They work hard to protect the safety of minors and thus try to eliminate these networks,

International regulations have been created to commit all nations to these security projects for all minors.

Characteristics of child pornography and its legal prosecutions

As we have previously mentioned, child pornography refers to all audiovisual material that includes minors in sexual aspects. They may be directly or indirectly, where they do not have contact with the sexual scenes of the respective material.

This type of pornography is called pseudo-pornography, which is based on taking a photo of the victim and editing it. Thus it appears that the minor is taking part in the sexual act, despite the fact that he is not directly involved.

According to the laws, this type of pornography is considered a crime of this nature if it is published realistically. In other words, the intention is to make it look as realistic as possible, to be considered as child pornography.

Another type of pornography is virtual, which is based on the creation of characters with very realistic aspects. They are minor characters who are placed in very realistic sexual situations and are usually legally punished.

Finally, there is the technical pornography, which is widely used in pornography industries and websites in general. It consists of taking people over 18 and making them appear as minors for the sexual scene.

In this case, the law would only apply if through an investigation it is discovered that the actors are minors. Otherwise, the act would not be directly committed, since there is no actual minor involved.

Regarding the issue of international security, the Interpol is one of the organizations that regulate compliance with standards. Among its functions is the persecution of pedophilia networks in the world and capture all those responsible.

It is a constant work to be able to guarantee the well-being of minors and thus protect them from serious harm.

Frequent Consequences of Child Pornography

When it comes to large child pornography networks, we can highlight their similarity to people prostitution networks. They are usually Women and children the most vulnerable people for these cases and who must be protected more frequently.

Therefore, they are organized crime networks that are armed and threaten the lives of all their hostages. When a child falls into this world, the plan is probably to use it until its body can't take it and it dies.

Even for those children who resist these measures, some form of execution or severe torture awaits them. On the other hand, they are subject to difficult environments mostly, so they are prone to disease, malnutrition and starvation.

There are other sexual exploiters who work to create these materials in a more discreet and individual way, with specific cases. Normally these types of criminals kidnap children in big cities to make their materials and then return them or kill them.

Should the children survive this horrible experience, the psychological damages They are very serious and must be treated immediately. There are also physical injuries that are almost fatal for those who were mistreated in this type of event and need help.

Like many other individuals who may experience a sexual abuse, children undergo permanent changes in their lives. A psychological or psychiatric follow-up can help to deal with the traumas and scars of these unpleasant experiences.

Pedophilia is a paraphilia that needs urgent medical attention, since it seeks to affect people without sexual maturity. All this is very important to protect child safety.

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