The Best Criminal Lawyers in Madrid 2024

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Who are the best criminal lawyers in Madrid in 2024?Let's put a face or faces to these professionals. We are going to try to show them who they are, from our point of view. the best lawyers in Madrid, but, from a different perspective than other publications offer. We do not owe ourselves to power lobbies (large firms that pressure for the appointment of this or that lawyer), nor to advertising assignments, nor to anyone's checkbook.

We owe it to our knowledge of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, which as journalists, specialized in courts, we know, and we know who are the lawyers who most frequent the courts of Plaza de Castilla, (place where most criminal matters are heard of the capital), and who, in addition to frequenting them, leave traces of their good work. 

We must not forget that Madrid has a payroll of more than forty thousand lawyers, that's nothing. Furthermore, we cannot leave behind that, as the capital of the kingdom, it is a must for many matters that go to the highest levels, that is, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, and that, for certain matters, the jurisdiction corresponds to the National Court, even when they are matters that are being forged in other capitals or provinces.

With this, we mean that within our Ranking of the best criminal lawyers in Madrid By 2022, you will find law firms, (or rather, LAWYERS), WHICH, although ARE NOT FROM MADRID, REGULARLY FREQUENT THE CAPITAL, VERY REGULARLY, and WITHOUT LEAVING JUDGES, MAGISTRATES and PROSECUTORS INDIFERENT with the that act. 

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Also, we want to advance that the list, as such, has a number one and a last position, but that does not mean that the first is significantly better than the second or the last on the list, not in vain, either of the members of this list IS AN EXCEPTIONAL LAWYER, FROM A PROFESSIONAL POINT OF VIEW, WHEREVER YOU LOOK AT HIM. 

Finally, and to avoid further ado, the list that we offer here is a respectful sample of the lawyers who, in our opinion, in our humble opinion, are part of the best lawyers in Madrid, but we are not even in possession of the absolute truth, nor, as you can understand, is this list capable of being expanded at least beyond one hundred lawyers, since, among more than forty thousand lawyers in Madrid, it is less than understandable that at least a quarter Of them, they are brilliant, and that would be just over ten thousand lawyers, so in reality this list is a bit short. 

We already apologize for not making a more extensive list, but, as that popular saying goes, “THEY ARE NOT ALL THOSE THERE ARE, BUT THEY ARE ALL THE ONE THERE ARE.” 

One last note, for each of the firms or lawyers that we are going to refer to, we are going to cite the reasons why we consider it among the best criminal lawyers in Madrid 2024 in your case the matters for which we have news have stood out. 

Ranking of the best criminal lawyers in Madrid by 2024

Now yes, the list of best criminal lawyers in Madrid What we propose is the following: 

1st.- José Antonio Choclán Montalvo. (Director of Choclán Abogados). 

Named by magazine, as “GALACTIC LAWYER", not in vain, in their list of clients, we find from the former president of the community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, to illustrious clients such as the soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer coach, Mouriño or leader of the GURTEL plot Francisco Correa. From another galaxy. His professional performances never leave anyone indifferent. 

2nd.- Carlos Aguilar Fernández. (Partner CMS Albiñana & Suarez de Lezo office). 

Extensive professional experience in addition to criminal matters, civil, commercial and constitutional matters. He is a top-level penalty killer, who could well occupy the first position, without a doubt. In terms of CRIMINAL COMPLIANCE, he is simply a “GURU”, having implemented these systems in top-level companies. Within criminal law, specialist in economic criminal law, having been a lawyer for MIGUEL BLESA, (Former president of CAJA MADRID. Case BANKIA). 

3rd.- Ignacio Ayala Gomez. (Oliva and Ayala Lawyers). 

Logical founder of his office. It seems interesting, (as happens in the two previous cases, and in the one that follows), to present it, citing some of its clients, as a card of view, which in the case of the first ones on this list, dizzy, impresses, scares, or all of them at the same time. This, without equal lawyer, has as clients, nothing more and nothing less, GOOGLE, and politicians like Pablo Casado, Rodrigo Rato or Iñaki Urdangarín, nothing more and nothing less. He specializes in criminal business law. 

4th.- Christopher Martell. Martell lawyers. (Barcelona).  

Like all the previous ones, a SUPER CLASS. A super battleship. Perhaps, we will finish sooner by citing the matters in which he has intervened or intervenes, and we will finish sooner. GURTEL, PUYOL FAMILY, NOOS CASE, MESSI CASE or NEYMAR CASE. As for celebrities on the payroll, at the same level as Choclán or Aguilar Fernández, without a doubt. 

5th.- Javier Rincón Bernal and Manuel Rincon Bernal. Directors of RINBER CRIMINAL LAWYERS

The client list is ordinary people. Some famous, the exception. They are usually hired in Madrid for very specific cases within criminal law, (day to day). 

Crimes related to CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, Crimes against public health, (DRUG TRAFFICKING), and (MONEY LAUNDERING), Crimes against life, (HOMICIDES and MURDER), Crimes against sexual integrity, (SEXUAL ASSAULTS and RAPE).  

Cases before the POPULAR JURY COURT, (Not in vain, this year they have successfully defended four juries in Madrid with excellent results, one of them, in which a well-known politician was involved), and to a lesser extent, matters before the National audience.   

What differentiates them from the previous ones is that they are highly specialized in the criminalization of people, not companies. 

6th.- Victor Sunkel. Sunkel and Paz Abogados. 

Specialists in criminal law of national and multinational companies. Expert in criminal law related to the commercial field. He develops his professional activity throughout the national geography. Lawyer for many famous people. Discreet and hard-working, together with his partner, Israel Paz, a perfect tandem, mainly for companies and managers. 

7º.- Juan Gonzalo Ospina. Ospina lawyers.  

Among their specialties, matters related to EUROPEAN ARRESTS AND DELIVERY ORDERS, PRISON LAW, ECONOMIC CRIMINAL LAW, GENDER VIOLENCE CRIMES, CRIMES AGAINST ROAD SAFETY and CORRUPTION CRIMES stand out among others. In recent years, his professional work in the aforementioned matters has been recognized in different publications that are more or less recognized at the national level. Cases of success in professional actions related to specialties of his office, such as gender violence, crime against road safety, among many others. Bright promising future. 

Before finishing; It is true that in this list we have positioned, (as we already mentioned), two law firms, one from Malaga, (although based in Madrid), and another from Barcelona, within the ranking of the best criminal lawyers of Madrid 2021, led by the first by JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, (RINBER ABOGADOS), and the second by CRISTOBAL MARTELL, (Martell lawyers), but, as we already mentioned, the presence of these lawyers, (with reference to these three), in the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, turns out to be so frequent, so media-friendly and successful, that we wanted to give them, (at least the fourth and fifth place), a place, since what is clear is that in both cases, they are number 1 offices in their reference cities.  

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