The Best Criminal Lawyers in Spain of the Last 3 Years


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Everyone can make a mistake, and everyone is entitled to a second chance. We begin this article with a sentence that gives us javier rincon, considered along with his brother Manuel Rincon, one of the best penalty shooters in Spain. When talking about criminal law, the general public tends to think that we are usually dealing with professional criminals and nothing is further from the truth.

Manuel Rincón and Javier Rincón

On this occasion, Manuel Rincon, one of the directors of the criminal law firm RINBER lawyers, (considered the last 3 years within the best criminal lawyers in Spain), tells us that a large number of clients who come to his firm are people who have committed their first crime, the result of a mistake. Not surprisingly, he continues adding, the levels of effectiveness of Manuel Y javier rincon, in ensuring that their clients do not go to prison are quite high.

This above is the result of a professional development that exceeds two decades of professional practice based solely on the exercise of defense of criminal records.

When a citizen makes a mistake and feels the pressure of criminal justice on him, it is normal for him to go to Google, to look for the better criminal lawyer from Spain. Our advice is always to speak directly with the lawyer who is going to defend your case.

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Not with the lawyer who is going to be present on the day of payment of the fees, but with the lawyer, repeat the Rincón brothers, who is going to pilot the ship from launch to port arrival. At the RINBER criminal law firm, they are only Manuel and Javier Rincon those who take charge of all the files, from beginning to end. They do not have, said with all due respect, interns who act as subordinates when it comes to keeping the file, as happens in other firms. In RINBER criminal lawyers, the treatment is personalized and Javier and Manuel are the ones who defend all the issues that are assumed.

Fernando Onega
Javier Rincon with Fernando Onega

Best Criminal Lawyers in Spain 2022

It is enough, to compose in the famous Google search engine, javier rincon criminal lawyer or Manuel Rincon criminal lawyer, so that the Internet user has access to dozens of media files won by both brothers, and numerous interventions on all the television channels from which they are claimed to comment on current and media criminal matters.

Manuel and Javier Rincón, have a channel of Youtube where they upload all their interventions on television, and currently has a section within a television program, known as llega la hora, where weekly they deal with different current criminal media issues, providing their assessment of the defense or prosecution strategy, in relation to the assumption raised.

In another order of things, it is easy to find Manuel Rincón and Javier Rincón, among the lists that are published every year, in relation to the best criminal lawyers in Spain.

Not surprisingly, they have been, over the years, pointed out as the most mediatic criminal lawyers, and effective when it comes to defending a criminal file in any court in Spain.

RINBER Lawyers

When asking both about the secret of the firm's good name RINBER lawyers, and more specifically their own both, almost in unison, answer that the only secret is effort, study and deep knowledge of criminal law, as well as procedural law to achieve the best result for the firm's clients. It is true, and this is how we have verified it live, both Manuel and Javier Rincón personally answer the phone calls that are received in the office, which, in addition to what was previously mentioned, must be combined with a personalized and direct treatment by both brothers.

Manuel Rincón collaborator of Antena3 together Susana Griso in an intermission
Manuel Rincón collaborator of Antena3 together Susana Griso in an intermission

Both brothers add to this particular way of treating clients, direct communication with them when reporting on the future of the files of each one of them. He tells us that the best way for the client to be calm in the defense of his file is for him to be informed at all times, not only of the situation in which his file is located, but also of the path chosen to obtain the best results, this is another of the formulas for success.

It is necessary, to be in the select club of best criminal lawyers in Spain, give more and better than the rest and this means that the client at all times must perceive that his file is the most important in the office, because if his file is the most important for the client, it is for us too, says Javier Rincón.

Every day, Javier Rincón points out, we receive calls from people asking us to take charge of defending their files.

We have no objection to personally attending to anyone who needs us, although it is true that we do not assume the defense of all the people who call us because, unfortunately, sometimes the work done or the time it takes to bring us your file, causes the matter to have little defense.

Making a parallel, Manuel Rincón points out in this case, the criminal file is very similar to a health problem, the sooner you go to the professional to consult, the more possibilities of achieving success there are.

Javier Rincón also a collaborator of TVE's Mornings, along with Maria Casado
Javier Rincón also a collaborator of TVE's Mornings, along with Maria Casado

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