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Our activity as journalists, specialized in courts, takes us on this occasion to Malaga. There are many trials that as a court newspaper we have covered in Malaga, in the Theatian courts, having been direct witnesses of the professional performance of many lawyers in Malaga, which allows us to advise, from our humble point of view, the that we consider the best criminal lawyers in the city, what are their points in favor and what are those that do not favor them, so that later you can make a decision to resolve the following question: 

Do I want the best criminal lawyer in Malaga?

This is the question we referred to before: The best criminal lawyer from Malaga?. In this article we are going to select several law firms, so that you can contact them. It is also true that there are surely many other very valid law firms that we have missed or forgotten. At the beginning, excuse us, but the truth is that those we recommend, from our point of view, are among the most cutting-edge law firms. criminal lawyers In Malaga. Of that, we have no doubt. Having said the above,… 


At the forefront of the criminal law firms in Malaga we place: 

Rinber Abogados - Best Criminal Lawyers in Spain
Rinber Lawyers – Best Criminal Lawyers in Spain

JAVIER RINCON BERNAL, director of RINBER LAWYERS, criminal lawyer with experience that exceeds 20 years of professional work, specialized in criminal law. Javier is a regular contributor to national television (TVE or A3), where he lends his legal knowledge on current affairs, as well as on local television. If you search on Google for “JAVIER RINCON CRIMINAL LAWYER”, you will be able to see his innumerable professional successes, at the national level, in criminal matters, some of them, very high in the media. 

Are you looking for a lawyer specialized in Criminal Law?

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MANUEL RINCON BERNAL, director of RINBER LAWYERS, brother, partner of the previous one, also counts criminal law as an essential specialty of his professional career. He also regularly collaborates with the television network 101TV, a widely watched channel in Malaga and the province. As soon as you do a search on Google, putting in the box: “CRIMINAL LAWYER MÁLAGA”, you can see how in first position, on the map offered by Google, it appears in first position, with a very significant number of positive comments. It is a fact that supports the successful professional career of this expert in criminal law from Malaga. 

Both lead the prestigious criminal law firm, RINBER ABOGADOS, specialized in Criminal Law. In order to be able to contrast the magnificent fame of this office, you only have to visit internet portals such as: “ELABOGADO.COM”, “LAWYERS365” or the profile of “FACEBOOK” from this criminal law office, to verify the wonderful reputation that both brothers have. 

Apart from these lawyers we can highlight the following: 

The prestigious law firm ROMERO LAWYERS, who practices different specializations within law, including criminal law. The well-known law firm IURIS 5 ABOGADOS or the firm SOCORPIUS LAWYERS, within which there is a criminal law department. 

If we pay attention to the results that Google offers us as a method of locating criminal lawyers, we find several directories of lawyers such as:, LAWYER.ORG, either ELABOGADO.COM (which significantly highlights RINBER ABOGADOS as a successful law firm, as criminal lawyers).  

Once we have explained who, from our point of view, are the best criminal defenders in Malaga, it seems appropriate, let's proceed to... 


From the list of criminal lawyers that we have made, we are going to make a comparison between them, sticking to a simple method. Which ones are dedicated exclusively to criminal law and which also accept cases from other subjects? To carry out this comparison, we have hired a “mystery shopper” company to carry out these procedures for us, giving us the following results. 

From our humble point of view, the best criminal law firms in Malaga are the ones we have mentioned: RINBER ABOGADOS, ROMERO, IURIS5 AND SCORPIUS. 

Finally, we find it interesting to know, How much does a criminal lawyer cost?Well, it is very good to try to find the best criminal defense, but it is no less good to know how much it costs, if they offer partial payment, if they adhere to the book of professional fees of the Illustrious Bar Association of Malaga and other questions, Here we are going to try to clarify... 

What are the fees of a criminal lawyer in Malaga?

Of the criminal lawyers in Malaga that we have mentioned previously, we have made a comparison between these offices, to know, exactly, What are the fees of a criminal lawyer in Malaga?. To do this, we have relied on the services of a “mystery shopper” company to carry out these procedures for us, giving us the following results. 

Of the total calls made, there were offices that claimed to be subject to the professional fee book, but the majority of the offices that the aforementioned company called preferred to discuss the rates in person. And it's normal. To make a budget adjusted to the specific case, it is necessary to know the matter in depth. The details. You cannot make a budget for a criminal judicial matter, like that, without evaluating it. It would be crazy. 

Criminal Lawyer Malaga

How much does a criminal lawyer charge?

That is, the first thing you have to ask our criminal lawyer. How much do you charge?. It may be that it accepts the fee book, it may not. To us, it seems most reasonable that the first thing to discuss with the lawyer is this matter. If so, no problems will arise later. The best thing to do is to sign with that lawyer, what is called, a professional commission sheet, which is nothing more than a contract for leasing services between lawyer and client, so that no surprises of any kind arise later.    

How much does a criminal trial cost?

Not all criminal proceedings (or any other jurisdiction, whether civil, commercial, labor, etc.), are worth the same. This is obvious. In addition, lawyers in each city have their own professional fee book for their association, where minimum charges are established for each matter.

It is no less true that lawyers are not obliged to submit, with regard to their fees, to that book or scale mentioned above, since professional fees between client and lawyer are free. This is why we recommend that, before entrusting a professional criminal matter (criminal trial) to a lawyer, we sit down with him or her to negotiate the price for his or her professional services, since the price is not the same. of a misdemeanor trial than a jury trial. They are diametrically opposite. So, ask without fear.  


It should be noted that, as a general rule, not even lawyers are cheap, and that in this profession, as in the rest, on many occasions, “what is cheap is expensive.” With this, we do not want to justify the disproportionate professional fee rates, far from it.

Neither are those law firms, with “balance” minutes, which later end up surprising because there are fringes of all kinds, and what, in principle was very economical, over time and the passing of the procedures, is full of “ Well, since..”, in which concepts and concepts begin to be added, in such a way that what in the beginning went very well, in the end, turns out very badly. Our advice, as we have been commenting throughout this article, is to discuss with your lawyer what their fees are. We have told you which are the criminal law firms that convince us the most, but please choose the one that you generate the most confidence in. 


As we have already mentioned, there are different specializations in the legal world that lawyers tend to pursue. One of them, the one that concerns us today, is that of criminal law. That is why, throughout this article, we have been telling you which criminal law firms are best for us and the reasons why we should choose them. 

From our humble point of view, the best criminal law firms in Malaga are the ones we have mentioned: RINBER ABOGADOS, ROMERO, IURIS5 AND SCORPIUS. 


From our humble point of view, the best criminal law firms in Malaga are the ones we have commented on: RINBER LAWYERS, ROMERO, IURIS5 AND SCORPIUS.

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