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You who are reading us, Are you looking for a sex crimes expert?A specialist in sexual assault or abuse?To the best sexual crimes lawyer?. You are in the right place. Next, we tell you what the different options are to obtain the defense of the best criminal lawyerabuse specialist either sexual assaults

Today we are going to resolve all these issues, with a Firm, whose directors are among the best criminal lawyers in the country, JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, specialists, among other crimes, in sexual crimes, to resolve the following issues: 

When is it considered sexual assault?

According to our expert lawyer, we can consider that sexual assault exists when a series of elements occur: Carnal access, complete, partial or attempted, violence, in addition to the absence of consent on the part of the victim. 

What is sexual violence examples?

By sexual violence, we understand any carnal access or sexual abuse, absolutely non-consensual, in which, in addition to lack of consent, some type of physical or any other type of violence is sometimes produced.

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What are rape crimes?

The crime of rape is the common way of calling what we technically know as sexual assault, which is sanctioned in the criminal code. 

How is the crime of rape punished?

The Spanish penal code punishes the crime of rape, within article one hundred and eighty-nine, with a custodial sentence, imprisonment, ranging from six to twelve years in prison. Reference is also made to the crime of rape, as an aggravated type, in article one hundred and eighty, when an aggravated type is established, for cases in which, for example, the violence or intimidation used is especially atrocious, when several people are involved or in the assumption that the victim is considered especially weak. For these cases, the prison sentence is extended to a ratio ranging from twelve to fifteen years in prison. 

What does article 181 of the penal code say?

Article one hundred and eighty-one of the penal code refers to what is commonly considered the crime of sexual abuse, which is what is called the basic type of this crime. Next, in articles one hundred and eighty-two and following, what are considered aggravated types are prescribed, in which, in the face of objectively more reprehensible conduct, a longer prison sentence is imposed.  

What are sexual crimes? How many types of sexual crimes are there?

To be clear. Each crime protects what is called a “LEGAL PROPERTY”, just as in the crime of murder or homicide, the protected legal asset is life, in sexual crimes, what is protected in “INDEMNITY and FREEDOM.” SEXUAL". Essentially there are two types, the types of sexual crimes. At the outset we can divide them into two groups, sexual abuse and sexual assault.  

How many years of sentence for child abuse?

Sexual abuse, in principle, is sanctioned in articles one hundred and eighty-one and following of the penal code. Now, the fact that sexual abuse is practiced on a minor constitutes, in itself, an aggravated type, which is specifically set out, independently, in articles one hundred and eighty-three et seq. of the penal code. 

How many years of conviction for sexual assault?

It depends on the specific case and the circumstances surrounding it. But as we have seen previously, the most aggravated type of sexual assault can lead to a custodial sentence of up to fifteen years in prison, tells us the expert in this type of matters, JAVIER RINCÓN, director of RINBER ABOGADOS. 

What is second degree sexual assault?

In the Spanish penal code, the degree with respect to all crimes, not only the crime of sexual assault, refers to the degree of participation of the subject in certain criminal acts. The degree of participation of the subject can be in the degree of author, necessary cooperator (which would be the figure of the co-author), and finally the necessary cooperator (which would be the figure of the accomplice). The penal code also refers, by degree, to the degree of consummation of the crime, which can be, attempted, finished or unfinished, or consummated, when the crime has already been completely committed, so to speak. 


The sexual crimes included in our penal code, in articles one hundred and seventy-eight and following. 

In terms of sentences won, successful cases, media coverage, the RINBER ABOGADOS law firm, prestigious criminal lawyers, is at the top of the best lawyers for sexual crimes in Spain, without a doubt. You just have to do a little research on the internet to verify that these brothers are among the best in our country on a criminal level. 

Criminal Lawyer in Sexual Crimes
Criminal Lawyer in Sexual Crimes 3


Now that we know what sexual crimes are, since we have already referred to them, we find it interesting or more interesting to comment on the matter from experts in this matter...  

At the specialist level, the RINBER criminal law firm LAWYERS, It is among the most sought-after and hired law firms, either to defend or, where appropriate, prosecute sexual crimes. They are synonymous with success. To learn more about it, you only have to search about them on the internet, and you will reach the same conclusion as us. They're true specialists in sexual crimes.


The crime of sexual abuse is included in article one hundred and eighty and following of the penal code. 

Without a doubt, if what you need is a lawyer who, on your behalf or that of a family member, prosecutes or defends this type of crime, first consult with RINBER ABOGADOS, at the national level, they are among the top. 


The rate of sexual abuse and sexual assault in Madrid is high. These types of matters, to avoid, in addition to the initial blow, a procedural failure, it is necessary to put them in the hands of true experts in this type of issues. 

There is no doubt that in Madrid we can and do find a team of top-level criminal lawyers. There is no doubt about that. However, being the capital, there are many occasions in which lawyers “from the provinces” leave a “good taste in the mouth” after acting in the courts and tribunals of Madrid. Among the many, we find the RINCÓN brothers, two true leaders within the penal field. 


Child sexual abuse or sexual assaults on minors are included in the penal code as an aggravated subtype of the basic type of sexual abuse, establishing custodial sentences that are more serious than those of the basic type itself. 


The crime of sexual assault is included in the Spanish penal code, specifically in article one hundred and seventy-nine et seq. Our specialist in sexual assaults, JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN, affirm that a 80% of the result of the lawsuit, in a favorable sense, is found in an immediate complaint and a quick medical / gynecological examination, in order to find conclusive evidence, not only of the author of the facts, (that too), but also of the violence used in the sexual assault itself, which is why they advise, (these well-known criminal experts), that it must be reported from the first moment. 


After all of the above, we can only affirm, from our point of view, that the RINBER ABOGADOS criminal law firm is synonymous with good work both in the defense and in the prosecution of this type of crimes. JAVIER RINCÓN BERNAL and his brother MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL carry out criminal matters throughout our national territory, this being one of the crimes for which they receive the most professional assignments. 


The concept of sexual crimes can be perfectly extracted from the provisions of our penal code. Those who attack sexual freedom and indemnity.  


We always tend to compare our country with the countries around us, to know specifically where we are. If those who are at the forefront of the fight against sexual crimes, or perhaps, we are among the last in this incessant fight. 

Finally, we find it interesting that we proceed to clarify another series of issues with Mr. Rincón Bernal, an expert criminal lawyer. 

What is the compensation for sexual abuse?What is the compensation for sexual assault?, and Compensation for rape?

In our legislation, says MANUEL RINCÓN, criminal lawyer, expert in these crimes, there is no compensation assessed for these crimes, but rather we must evaluate the economic scope of compensation for sexual abuse, sexual assault or rape, (as it is of one crime or another), from each case, it cannot be generalized. It is possible that in one case, we can talk about the concurrence of post-traumatic stress, without the existence, (for example), of physical injuries, and in other cases, on the contrary, it is possible that in addition to this post-traumatic stress, there are serious injuries. . That is why the lawyer insists that we must go case by case. 

What are the penalties for sexual abuse?What are the penalties for sexual assault?What are the prison sentences for rape?

Logically, the penalties are perfectly included in the penal code. As it could not be otherwise, the basic types have a more lenient custodial sentence, while the more aggravated figures (the most serious cases) carry with them much more significant custodial sentences. All of this, always without forgetting that, apart from the penalty in the abstract, there are a series of circumstances that modify the responsibility of the subject. We are talking about the mitigating and aggravating circumstances of the crime. In any case, the crime of sexual abuse, in penal Code Spanish is located in article one hundred and seventy-eight and following.  

What are the requirements for sexual abuse?

We understand by requirements for sexual abuse, the elements that make up the type itself, which are objective elements and subjective elements. 

What are the requirements for sexual assault?And the requirements for a violation?

If we consider by requirements, the circumstances for a sexual assault or rape to occur, would be the following, states MANUEL RINCÓN, an expert lawyer on these issues: They are the one hundred and seventy-eight and following articles of the penal code, which They give the keys, but essentially, we are talking about the concurrence of violence and carnal access, which defines this type of crime. 

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