Criminal Cassation Appeal



Criminal Cassation Appeal

To get a closer look, the CASSATION APPEAL PENAL, we have made contact with him best criminal lawyer in Spain, who is JAVIER RINCÓN BERNAL, head of the criminal law firm, RINBER LAWYERS considered, by the vast majority of the media, one of the MOST FAMOUS LAWYERS and INFLUENCERS OF SPAIN, thanks to their NUMEROUS PROFESSIONAL SUCCESSES. 

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It is essential, say JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN, that the CRIMINAL APPEAL, is proposed in exquisite compliance with the requirements for it to be admitted, processed and subsequently estimated. It's no use making a wonderful CRIMINAL APPEAL, that does not comply with the above and remains “at the gates of heaven.” 

Criminal Cassation Appeal
Criminal Cassation Appeal

The common requirements for the admission of a criminal appeal They are summarized in the following:

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Exhaustion of previous instances:

Generally, the criminal appeal It is only admitted when all previous judicial instances in the criminal process have been exhausted. This means that the defendant must have been convicted in a lower court and have exhausted possible appeals in those courts before appealing to the Supreme Court.

Question of law:

The appeal is based primarily on questions of law rather than questions of fact. In other words, the appeal must allege errors in the lower courts' interpretation of the law or application of the law, rather than disputing the facts of the case.

Matching interest:

The appeal must raise a question of cassational or jurisprudential interest. This means that the issue must be of significant importance to the interpretation and application of the law generally and not just to the parties involved in the case.

Specific reasons:

He criminal appeal It must clearly specify the reasons why it is considered that there was an error of law in the criminal process. This may include incorrect application of the law, misinterpretation of existing case law, or other similar legal errors.

Submission deadline:

The resources Criminal cassation proceedings generally have strict deadlines for filing. It is important to file the appeal within the period established by law or court regulations.

Formal requirements:

In addition to the substantive requirements, there may be formal requirements for the presentation of the appeal, such as the presentation of a properly drafted appeal document with all relevant documents and evidence.

If you intend to submit a criminal appeal, it is essential to consult an attorney with experience in your jurisdiction's legal system to ensure you meet all necessary requirements. If you want to consult with the best, we have been very clear about it. In our case, we have consulted with the best, we have consulted with RINBER ABOGADOS. A good criminal lawyer. Success guarantee.  

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