Crime of revealing company secrets


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Crime of revealing company secrets

He crime of revealing secrets of the companyIt is the "classic crime" that is not even known to most lawyers in the country, let alone the public. 

is the disclosure of company secrets, the typical crime, which we believe does not exist for anyone, but for all of us who work in a company, it is there. There are many times, those who go through criminal law firms, people who believe, (or even believe), that criminal law does not go with us, that it only goes with drug dealers and pedophiles, Nothing could be further from the truth. In the "sack" of criminal law, we all enter. 

Crime of revealing company secrets
Crime of revealing company secrets

After this brief introduction, we are going to explain what the crime of revealing company secrets, we are going to give a series of guidelines on it, and we are going to advise you where to go in case you are involved in a legal action related to the crime of revealing company secrets.

Article 197 of the penal code

The crime of revealing secrets, (we refer to the basic type), is included in article 197 of the penal code. Back in the day we raised an article about it, which you can read at this link. Crime of revealing secrets.    

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The reason for commenting on the above is because the crime of disclosure of company secrets, part of the same conception as the basic type of disclosure of secrets, that is, from the idea that what the legislator comes to protect or safeguard is the secret itself, with which, obvious aside, it is interesting to remember that what is not secret, and is revealed, is not a crime. This idea is an essential source of defense strategies against accusations for this type of issue. 

Due to our long history in legal and court information, this type of case often occurs within the insurance sector. Commercial, middle management or manager, who for one reason or another is fired, terminated or simply leaves the company, taking with him or her, that list of clients or insured, (to the case that we raise). Oddly enough, companies have a thousand ways, springs or alarms to detect the leak of their policyholders or customers, and really with the technologies we have today, it is easy to detect this type of leak.

The legal, concrete and specific regulation of this type of crime is found in the article 278 of the penal code. It is within the crimes related to the market and consumers. It is also typified in the article 279 of the penal code.

See if this type of case is common, that the criminal code directly provides for the commission of this type of crime, for their own benefit, that is, the worker who chooses to make the client list his own and benefit from it, for his own benefit. 

The largely forgotten part of this type of crime focuses on the civil liability piece, which is usually, issues aside, more complex than the main civil piece itself. Due to our experience in judgments of courts and tribunals, of this type of issue, we have come to see million-dollar compensation requests, raised by insurers to former workers, by reason of having obtained the list of clients. Let's not forget that it is usually almost the "most precious treasure" for any company. 


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