The Crime of Induction to Suicide


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Suicide rates in Spain have increased exponentially, in fact, by the year 2020, we can see that there was a total of 3,941 suicides, of which 74% were men. Now, this leads us to ask ourselves, what is Crime? Of Induction To Suicide?

Can one person lead another to commit suicide? Normally we see suicide rooted in psychological situations or disorders, but this is not all, there are also other situations that can lead a person to commit suicide. 

In Spain, the homicide rate is below the suicide rate, therefore, today we will be talking about the Crime of Inducing Suicide. 

The Crime of Induction to Suicide
The Crime of Induction to Suicide

What is the Crime of Induction to Suicide?

It is defined as the act by which a perpetrator manages to convince another person that suicide is an option for some problem. However, it is important to emphasize that the suicide should not have manifested this as an option before. 

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This is a crime that is charged as intentional, it can never be taken as recklessness, since the author of it is taking advantage of a serious situation of the victim, to lead her to suicide. 

On the other hand, it is important to be able to define some terms that seem similar, but are not, among these we can mention:

Cooperation to suicide:

This is not the same as induction, since, in the first, the aggressor is not part of the suicidal act, he only induces the victim to take his own life.

As for cooperation in suicide, there will be positive and direct acts of suicide. 

Homicide spoiled:

In this case, the person affirms to another the necessity and authorization of death, for which reason the latter executes the death of the other person. 

Promotion to suicide:

Last but not least, we have the promotion of suicide. In this particular case, we have to encourage suicide in minors and the disabled, through technological means, be it the web, telephone equipment or social networks. 

What article of the law punishes the Crime of Induction to Suicide?

If we go to the law, we must read the article 143 of the Spanish penal code, which tells us:

  1. “Whoever induces the suicide of another will be punished with a prison sentence of four to eight years. ''
  2. "A prison sentence of two to five years will be imposed on anyone who cooperates with acts necessary to the suicide of a person"
  3. "He will be punished with a prison sentence of six to 10 years if the cooperation goes to the point of executing death. ''
  4. "Anyone who causes or actively cooperates with necessary and direct acts to the death of another, at the express, serious and unequivocal request of the latter, in the event that the victim suffered a serious illness that would necessarily lead to his death, or that produces serious permanent suffering and difficult to bear, will be punished with a sentence lower in one or two degrees to those indicated in numbers 2 and 3 of this article'' (Euthanasia).

How to prevent suicide in minors?

The prevention of a suicide will always go hand in hand with the observation of the minor, therefore, we can advise you that:

  1. Seeking professional help will always be the best way, since they have the necessary tools to define if there is altered behavior and improve it. 
  2. Listening to your child is essential, so take time with them every day. 
  3. Expressions of anger or sadness that are accompanied by phrases like "I want to die" or "everyone would be better off without me" are not just tantrums, there is a clear expression of the minor that can be an alert. 
  4. Physical activities are really good as it helps clear your mind and makes you feel much better. 
  5. Maintaining contact with family and friends is important within the minor's environment, this helps to be able to express themselves and release repressed behaviors. 
  6. Don't see suicide as something far away, sometimes external actions can push your child over the edge. 
  7. All this is a process that can take time, therefore, you must work day after day. 
  8. Check for any type of sign that you notice a problem in the minor's mental health. 

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