Bullying In Children: What Legal Implications Does Bullying Have?


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The health of our children is fundamental in their growth and in the growth of a better country, however, in recent times the Bullying In Los Niños it has increased in Spain. This is a situation that we cannot allow and that can currently lead to legal convictions. 

Due to this increase in cases, efforts have been made to implement more comprehensive preventive measures at home and in the educational system. We must understand that our son is protected by the law, for this we must know it and continue reading. 

Bullying In Children: What Legal Implications Does Bullying Have?

What Legal Implications Does Bullying Have?

Being the father of a bullied son who suffers from Bullying It is not easy, since no one wants to see their child suffer. Because of this, there are legal means that can help our son not suffer any type of abuse. 

The two main channels you have to eliminate bullying your child are:

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academic channel

Within the educational unit in which our son is, there must be normal for the good coexistence of all. This is the first door that you should knock on, since the teachers and directors of the same should mainly attack the case. 

Any type of aggressive behavior from one student to another must be sanctioned by the educational unit. Regardless of whether they are physical or verbal aggressions, corrective measures must be applied on time, so that the case of Bullying don't get older. 

This leads us to ask ourselves, can the aggressor be expelled? Normally, these aggressors have a repetitive behavior, this due to some type of repressed feeling or unwanted behaviors that have not been psychologically treated. 

Now, we must understand that the victim is the first affected in a case of Bullying, however, it is the duty of the educational unit to seek to give the aggressor the opportunity to improve. 

Although it costs us as parents of the victim, the aggressor is also going through problems that he does not know how to transmit. What we mean by this is that corrective measures will be given to the aggressor first, depending on the type of injury caused to the victim, but if his behavior does not improve, he can clearly be expelled from the educational institution. 

However, this will depend on the conduct of the aggressor and we must say that this medium is for smaller attacks that can be treated by the educational unit. 

judicial channel

So far we have dealt with the field of Bullying as it only occurs in the educational area, although it is the most common, bullying can not only exist there. 

However, the judicial channel not only works outside the educational unit, it is used depending on the level of the aggression. 

As long as the aggression is in the penal CodeRegardless of the age of the aggressor, he will be sentenced, of course, it can be higher or lower depending on his age. 

You can make a complaint if any type of injury to the victim or verbal actions that compromise the mental and physical health of our son is verified. 

The aggressor will be sentenced depending on the crime he committed and his age. If you are under 14 years of age, you can get financial penalties for those responsible or even treatments to improve behavior. 

If the aggressor is between the ages of 14 and 18, the rule can take him as a minor or an adult, depending only on the magnitude of the aggression. This means that you can be placed a criminal or civil sentence. 

What are the alarms to know that our son is suffering from Bullying?

Fear in a minor can lead him to many paths, among them is hiding the situation that is happening, as a way of not aggravating the problem. This means that our son can spend a lot of time suffering from bullying, but not realizing it. 

To know if our son has an aggressor in his educational unit, we must see the following symptoms in him:

Irrational rejection of going to school

Many times our son has been attending school for a long time without incident, in fact, he can do very well in his work, but one day he expresses that he does not want to go. It is common when there is a previous cause, such as tiredness or discomfort, but if the child has nothing, we must realize that they may be the victim of an aggressor. 

This is a fairly common symptom, which is why you must approach the minor in the best way, to avoid rejection.

stay away from it all

The child who is a victim of bullying or aggression, due to his own fear, seeks to isolate himself from everyone, this due to the uncomfortable situation that is happening with his perpetrator. 

Mood swings for no apparent reason

Although fear does not allow you to return the aggression to the victim, there will always be this repressed desire to be able to take revenge or at least defend yourself against the aggressor. This causes the child to have mood swings for no apparent reason.

If you see that your child can be in a bad mood and become disrespectful to you and it is a new behavior, it is a point of alarm that we cannot let go of at any time. 

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