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The best directory of lawyers in Spain


El mejor directorio de abogados de España Nos sentimos muy agradecidos por ser considerados el mejor directorio de abogados de ...

Criminal lawyer, what do you do?


How many times do we ask ourselves what a criminal lawyer does?, and when do I need a criminal lawyer?, a criminal lawyer who...

Speedy trial for crime against public health


Quick trial for crimes against public health Today we have the best criminal lawyers in Spain, who are precisely from ...

12 years in prison for a crime of robbery in Malaga


With the intention of bringing the world of law closer to the citizen, the Malaga criminal lawyers, JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, ...

Quick trial for crime in Malaga


In this article we are going to inform the citizens of Malaga, which are the most common speedy trial ...

The Crime of Induction to Suicide


Suicide rates in Spain have increased exponentially, in fact, by the year 2020, we can see that there was a ...

How can I initiate a legal procedure?


Saber como poder iniciar correctamente un procedimiento legal es importante en cualquier momento de nuestra vida. Sobre todo si somos ...

Crime of judicial prevarication, what it is and how it is committed


Many people do not fully understand everything that is covered by the respective crime of judicial prevarication. Something that is very important...

Amparo Appeal

Amparo appeal before the Constitutional Court


El recurso de amparo ante el Tribunal Constitucional es un procedimiento que tiene como objetivo proteger algunas libertades y derechos ...

How to Find a Good Criminal Lawyer

Best Criminal Lawyer Malaga 2023


Best criminal lawyer in Malaga Who is the best criminal lawyer in Malaga? Well, this could be a monologue...