Best Sexual Assault Crime Lawyer Spain 2023


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Best Sexual Assault Crime Lawyer Spain 2023

Before revealing the ranking to find out who is the best lawyer crime sexual assault Spain, it is necessary to make a brief description of what the crime of sexual assault, for this we have the help and legal advice of the considerate, THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYER FROM SPAIN: JAVIER RINCON.  

At the legislative level, we have witnessed the controversial modification of the crime of sexual assault, (crime of rape and crime of sexual abuse), with what is known as, The law of only if it is if, also known as the "law of consent", is a regulation that establishes that consent to have sexual relations must be free, voluntary, informed and affirmative at all times. This means that anyone involved in a sexual relationship must agree and express their consent clearly and without external pressure.

Best Sexual Assault Crime Lawyer Spain 2023

We must aim for legal sources, (not in vain have we consulted, who leads the national rankings as THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYER IN SPAIN: JAVIER RINCÓN, lawyer specialized in crimes of sexual assault), and tells us that before this legislative change, THE CONSENT REQUIREMENT already existed. 

This law seeks to prevent and eradicate sexual violence, (crime of sexual assault), and is based on the idea that consent is fundamental to any healthy and consensual sexual relationship. In some countries, such as Spain, the law of consent has been incorporated into the penal code, which means that having sexual relations without the consent of the other person is considered crime of sexual assault and is punishable by law.

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In summary, the law of only if is if seeks to protect the right of all people to have consensual sexual relations, and establishes that consent is the fundamental basis for any healthy and respectful sexual relationship.

The sexual consent law focuses on the protection of people against sexual violence and the importance of consent in sexual relations, and is not directly related to the release of prisoners, although as pointed out by JAVIER RINCÓN, lawyer specializing in crimes of sexual assault), due to the entry into force of this legislative modification, there have been releases of prisoners and reductions in sentences.  

However, in some countries, prisoners who have been convicted of sexual offenses may be eligible for parole or reduced sentence if they meet certain requirements. In these cases, protection measures can be applied to the victims, but always within the framework of the laws and regulations in force.

It should be noted that the release of any prisoner must always be subject to the laws and regulations that govern each country, and cannot be directly related to the law of sexual consent.

In it Spanish Penal Code, the crime of sexual assault is regulated in articles 178 and 179. Specifically, article 178 establishes that "sexual assault is committed by those who, without violence or intimidation, carry out acts that violate the freedom or sexual indemnity of another person".

For its part, Article 179 considers as aggravating those cases in which sexual assault is committed with violence or intimidation, which increases the seriousness of the crime.

In both cases, it is considered crime of sexual assault to any act that threatens the freedom or sexual indemnity of another person, whether through the use of violence or intimidation or without it. For example, one can consider crime of sexual assault to non-consensual physical contact or sexual conduct that is carried out without the express consent of the other person.

the penalties for crime of sexual assault they can be very serious, including imprisonment and other types of sanctions. It is important to note that in Spain, consent is a fundamental requirement to have sexual relations, so any act carried out without consent can be considered as crime sexual assault.

The best sexual assault crime lawyers in Spain 2023

Now, we reveal, from our point of view, who are The best sexual assault crime lawyers in Spain

1.Christopher Martell

Christopher Martell
Christopher Martell

At number 1 in the ranking, and due to its relevance in the media today, it would be Christopher Martell, who is the lawyer who has currently appointed the soccer player Daniel alves, to defend his case for sexual assault. 

2. Jose Maria Sanchez

Jose Maria Sanchez
Jose Maria Sanchez

Number 2 in the ranking, due to his seniority and for having taken charge of a difficult legal matter, would be the very veteran lawyer, Jose Maria Sanchez, accustomed to being the center of media attention, when defending José Bretón, sentenced to 40 years for murdering his children. A tough case. 

3. Javier and Manuel Rincon

In number 3 of the best sexual assault crime lawyers in spain, we placed the rincón brothers, (Javier and Manuel rincón), directors of rinber criminal lawyers, considered of the best criminal lawyers in Spain, with offices in MÁLAGA, GRANADA and MADRID, cover the entire country. Humble, accessible, always available and willing to lend a hand, it is easy to find them and consult them on the criminal case that concerns you.   

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