How to choose the best lawyer to face a money laundering procedure?


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Lawyers Specialized in Money Laundering

The shape How to choose the best lawyer to face a money laundering procedure is looking for a specialist in this type of crime. In addition, you must have sufficient knowledge and experience as a defense attorney and a prosecution attorney.

Money laundering is a crime that consists of trying to give legality to money or goods from illegal activities. Trying to hide the origin of goods or money through different financial operations. So that the profits obtained have the appearance that they come from legal businesses.

How to choose the best lawyer to face a money laundering procedure?
How to choose the best lawyer to face a money laundering procedure?

Why do you need a lawyer to face money laundering proceedings?

In Spain, money laundering is a crime against property and the socioeconomic order. Which consists of carrying out certain actions in order to incorporate assets from illegal activities into the legal economic system. 

To demonstrate the commission of this crime, several indications are taken into account, such as an unexpected increase in the capital of an individual. When there are no legal justifications for certain economic operations, among others.

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The sanctions for this offense are found in articles 298 to 304 of the Spanish Penal Codehe. Where they are established for money laundering, even if the crime from which the goods come was committed in another country. 

There is the possibility of establishing a conviction only for money laundering, without the need for a conviction for the crime from which the assets originate. This crime is punished when it is committed by eventual or direct intent, also when it is committed by gross imprudence.

For these reasons it is necessary to hire a lawyer to face a money laundering procedure. These are professionals specialized in this type of crime and are the ones who can exercise a good defense. But you have to consider certain aspects to choose the best one.

Aspects to consider to choose the best lawyer to face a money laundering process

The legal professional specializing in money laundering must comply with the obligation to prevent this type of crimes. This is in accordance with the provisions of the law for the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism. 

Current laws state that lawyers should not participate in or allow illegal actions. But all citizens have the right to a defense when it is an accomplished crime. This is the reason why lawyers specializing in money laundering can work without fear of any penalty being applied.

The aspects that you must take into account to choose the best lawyer specializing in this type of crime are the following:


He lawyer money laundering specialist must have all the academic training required by law. But you must also have experience in resolving cases related to this type of crime, which is very important for the defense or prosecution of a person involved in this type of crime. 

The experience of these professionals can be determined by work done previously. This information can be obtained by consulting social networks, the media or the web pages where these professionals provide their services. 


The lawyer you choose to face a money laundering crime Must have training in national and international law. In addition, they have to know different branches of law and economics, which will be what allows them to offer comprehensive advice.

The success of a lawyer specializing in money laundering lies in his specialization and his preventive policy. This will be what allows you to provide quality advice and make an excellent defense with very good results. Because he has the knowledge and experience necessary to face any procedure and knows every technicality.

communication skills

In a lawyer, good communication is necessary to explain to the client the different phases of the procedure clearly and in understandable language. In addition, you must explain the possibilities of success and possible risks, propose different alternatives and suggest the best strategies. 

The amplitude and certainty of vocabulary are requirements that a good money laundering lawyer. When this professional has good communication skills, he is able to master convincing speeches that are essential in an accusation or defense. 

professional secrecy 

Professional secrecy is one of the main principles that a lawyer specializing in money laundering must comply with. When the professional guarantees the secrecy, he generates greater trust that allows the strengthening of the bond between the client and the lawyer. 

Because only when there is trust does the client speak the truth to his lawyer. 

personalized attention

The lawyer must demonstrate his commitment to the case and offer personalized attention because each case is different and he must not delegate to other people. You must constantly monitor the processes that are carried out in each case. 

The legal professional must show interest and be attentive to each query made by the client. This will give the client peace of mind and build trust throughout the process.

good negotiator 

He money laundering lawyer You must know how to negotiate to obtain the best results to protect the interests of your client. For this, it is necessary that they have sufficient knowledge for the drafting of documents that must be presented in the courts of justice.

They must have valid arguments for the prosecution or defense and know how to negotiate with the judge or prosecutor to reach an agreement that benefits their client. 


The fees of a money laundering lawyer have generated disputes related to the legal validity of the collection. This is because it is money from illegal activities, but they are professionals and their fees must be appropriate to the seriousness of the case. 

It is recommended in these cases that the amount of the fees be established in advance. Also, that it be credited in a way that the fees cannot be considered as a form of money laundering.

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